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Earlier this month was our good friend FireAngel (we call her ahfa)’s 18th birthday for the nth time, we decided to throw her a somewhat not-so-surprised party at 42 EAST, TTDI.

FA & me with my awesome t-shirt
birthday girl and me with my awesome t-shirt

It was just an old fashion type of evening, hanging out, enjoying some finger foods, and having plenty of Kilkenny draught to go around for everyone. Over here at 42 EAST they serve them in three pints for RM 66++, a rather good deal.

I love the aroma of the dark ale served fresh, something that’s only topped by the awesome company that we had that night.

FA's birthday with Kilkenny
with a bunch of friends at 42 EAST, TTDI

Among the attendees were the familiar faces – Haze, Michael & Li Ling, Lance & Melissa, Horng & Yuki, Suan, Terence & Celine, Sam, Whey Lu, and AhFa’s date – John.

good times, great beer
good times, great beer

I think we should do this more often and not just when someone’s ticker turns up a notch.

We’re gonna have another party real soon, can’t wait!

Discuss : FA’s Birthday with some Kilkenny Draught

  1. ahfa, forever 25

  2. Lucky gal to have such good mates.

  3. Always great to have a bunch of pals for drinks, it keeps us ‘young’!

  4. xie xie everybody for making the effort!
    i was so happy! 😀

  5. WAAHAHAH…love the so called surprise party !!! i don’t see john..mana?

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