Recently I got to find out about something curious, something they called the Society of One.

One in itself can mean a person, a unit, a team, the first whole number, a kind, a category, an instance, and of course, it is also a series.

What is One?

While you might have guessed what is One all about right now, there’s still the initial question – Society of One. What is the Society of One?

It is a collection of individuals dedicated to the One, and to join the Society of One, you must first pass a test. A test that requires you to prove yourself steadfast, and your task is to break the code.

Should you be able to prove yourself as the chosen one, you will get all-expense paid trip for two (2) to Munich, Germany to meet the One.

Munich – the inner city

I mean, man, a trip to Munich, where the BMW museum is located. I’ve never been to Europe myself so if I am able to win this, it’ll be one heck of a trip.

You know what else is in Munich? Bavarian food! Bierwurst, black pudding, liver knodel soup, and German beer… Yums.

BMW 1 series

On top of all that, there’ll also be the unveiling of one of the most anticipated cars this year. The above pic is what I can get from the video (by pausing a lot of times), looks to be a beauty but it’ll be interesting to see the specifications and the car’s performance. After all, BMW is all about the driving experience. I can’t wait.

society of one

So, the question is, do you want to get to Munich? Do you have what it takes? go to

Oh, by the way, other than the first prize to Munich, there’s these:

2 x Second Prize:

  • Experience one week with the One
  • 2x VIP passes to the launch of the One
  • Membership to the Society of One

7 x Third Prize:

  • 2x VIP passes to the launch of the One
  • Membership to the Society of One

Consolation Prize:

  • 1x Exclusive merchandise
  • Membership to the Society of One

Weekly Prize:

  • 1x Exclusive merchandise

Good luck!

The Society of One
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