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The area behind Berjaya Times Square is a bit of a time capsule in one of the busiest part of KL. Activities usually starts at around 7:30 in the morning, with various old school restaurants (aka coffee shops) serving breakfast to the early risers.

pork noodle at Restaurant Yuyi, Pudu
pork noodle at Restaurant Yuyi, Pudu

One of the busiest restaurants at the area is Kedai Kopi Yuyi located at Jalan Brunei, a coffee shop I have the privilege of visiting quite a number of occasions.

Whenever in a kopitiam I’m not familiar, my instinct always tell me to order from the busiest stall, which in this case, it’s the pork noodle.

glorious bowl of pork noodle with everything in it
glorious bowl of pork noodle with everything in it

Wait time is actually quite substantial and can be up to 20+ minutes even in the early mornings, but the resulting pork noodle is quite excellent – there’s pork blood, liver, kidney, minced pork ball, intestine, and pork slices; basically everything you could ask for in a bowl of pork noodle. To top it off, the broth is very sweet & savory as well. I love it.

pork blood and kidney, two of my favorite ingredients
pork blood and kidney, two of my favorite ingredients

The pork noodle goes for RM 6 per bowl and you can choose from meehun, meesuah, mee, or vits noodle. Happy eating!

map to Restaurant Yuyi at Pudu

Kedai Kopi Yuyi
Jalan Brunei, Pudu
Kuala Lumpur 55100
GPS: 3.137573, 101.712120

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  1. how to say ‘extra pork liver, please’ in cantonese ar? cos that’s what i want here! 😀

  2. Great to know you’re exploring more and more kopitiam near my work place, haha! Time to give it a try next week!

  3. Ooh, I’ve heard about this place but have yet to visit. Thanks for the review. 🙂

  4. Nice!!! My kind of food…good ol’ kopitiam. Simply the best!

  5. Constance Ant

    there’s one stall at Happy Garden that sells really good zhu yuk fun too! 😀

  6. Never stepped in though we drove pass. OK for everything except blood. Heheheh.

  7. Yong Weng Loy

    Good food..

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