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Sometimes, all you need is a quick breakfast that doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes before heading to work in the morning. These are two choices at Imbi market that will satisfy morning hunger in a jiffy, both are cheap, and you can tapao them as fast as you can eat them on location.

Both of these products are of the same family, cooked with a frying pan of sort, with the major ingredient being flour. Of course, they are apom & ban chang kuih.

apom stall at Imbi Market, crispy and crunchy
apom stall at Imbi Market, crispy and crunchy

The apom stall at imbi market is operated by a relatively young guy (for this trade I guess) just right across from Ah Weng Koh Hainanese Tea stall.

I ordered 5 apom (RM 3) for breakfast, and had a portion of pohpiah to go with as well. The apoms were thin, crispy, but not overly sweet. They are thinner than those usually served in Penang, and quite a mess to eat as the crispy part tends to break just outside your mouth. That being said, they’re quite delicious.

ban chang kuih, it's vegetarian too (no eggs)
ban chang kuih, it’s vegetarian too (no eggs)

Ban Chang Kuih is another pretty popular food in Penang that aren’t common in Klang Valley outside pasar malam areas.

While I generally prefer the single serving version, this bigger type is usually the default around KL area. A portion goes for RM 1.20, and two is about the right size for breakfast (especially with a couple half boiled eggs).

This dish is good for those who are on one of those lunar calendar vegetarian diet too. By the way, if you like more of the crispy parts, there’s an option to choose the side slices instead.

Happy eating!

map to Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang)

Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang)
Jalan Melati, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.14340, 101.71664
Hours: breakfast and brunch

One of the trickiest issues pertaining opening a restaurant must be choosing a name for it. At The Steakhouse at Changkat Bukit Bintang, they took the easy way out and gave it the most straight forward name there is.

Fortunately, making up for what is lacking in the name, The Steakhouse manages to express pretty good creativity in the dishes we sampled last week over a food review session. We were left with a rather positive note.

The Steakhouse at The Whisky Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang
The Steakhouse at The Whisky Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

The Steakhouse is located at perhaps the busiest street at night in KL that is Changkat Bukit Bintang. With a capacity of 40 pax, the restaurant is tastefully decorated and provide good privacy for discrete couple dining while able to accommodate slightly larger groups as well.

Service is swift with knowledgeable staffs, and I really like the ambiance there. Of course, we were on an invited food review, so your mileage might vary in this aspect.

Anyway, lets get on with the food!

deluxe chilled seafood mountain
deluxe chilled seafood mountain – lobster, oyster, tiger prawns, tuna sashimi

The session started off with a bang. The Deluxe Chilled Seafood Mountain (RM 158) is a pretty impressive dish, recommended for 2 pax sharing (I think you can easily share this with 4 pax), this big bowl of gastronomic dream comes with half lobster (Maine), tiger prawns, fresh oyters, and tuna sashimi. The seafood were fresh and the lobster especially delicious. Three types of condiments came with it, but they’re plenty good enough to consume as is.

beef carpaccio, shrimp cocktail, air dried Spanish beef ham
beef carpaccio, shrimp cocktail, air dried Spanish beef ham

Following the seafood mountain, we have a host of other appetizers, most of which make excellent beer/wine/whisky companion. We had some red wine to go with these.

Beef carpaccio (RM 32) came with capers and thin slices of parmesan cheese, the taste reminds me of good quality tuna, and the portion is ample to go around.

Shrimp cocktail (RM 28) came with three very good size tiger prawns. I must say that perhaps the oversized prawns dictates that they be cooked more thoroughly, and thus the texture was a bit tougher than what I expected. I probably prefer it to be smaller.

Air dried Spanish beef ham (RM 38) had me fooled, for a moment I thought it was my beloved Parma ham with rock melon. Excellent pork free substitute, those who never try Parma ham due to preference or religion restriction must order this dish.

pan fried duck foie gras, escargot
pan fried duck foie gras, escargot

Pan fried duck foie gras (RM 42) was executed with perfection, while not from the (often higher quality) goose, I really find no fault in this dish. Ciki agrees.

Escargot (RM 32) comes in half a dozen per portion and baked with garlic herb butter. Those who sampled find it commendable.

caesar salad with duck breast, scottish smoked salmon, baked portobello mushroom, lobster claw
caesar salad with duck breast, scottish smoked salmon, baked portobello mushroom, lobster claw

Caesar salad (RM 26) here is a slightly more luxury affair than usual with the addition of smoked duck breast. The addition of meat really brings out the flavor of this otherwise rather plain salad.

Scottish smoked salmon (RM 32) isn’t any different from what you usually get from Japanese restaurants, though I find myself looking for wasabi and soya sauce, which is logically absent from a place like this.

I absolutely love the huge portobello mushroom (RM 26), baked with spinach and seafood. What I really want is someone to start making portobello burger with one single massive mushroom as the patty like what I had back in Cincinnati yonks ago, instead of the common version here with many tiny mushrooms.

mashed, chips, and sauteed potatoes
mashed, chips, and sauteed potatoes

Steak comes with a choice of potato on the side. At Steakhouse KL, the choice is between mash, fries, and sauteed potato. Pick either and you won’t be disappointed, but if you chose the fries, you’re going to wonder if this was the recipe McDonald’s had when you are a little kid, they’re fantastic!

chilled & aged Black Angus rib-eye, tenderloin, and striploin, medium rare
chilled & aged Black Angus rib-eye, tenderloin, and striploin, medium rare

And finally, after all sampling almost all the appetizers on the menu, we moved to the beef. Steakhouse serves chilled & aged Black Angus, and chilled Australian grain fed beef. The cuts available are medallion, tenderloin, rib-eye, striploin, and T-bone (only the latter). These are priced from RM 68 (grain fed striploin) to RM 108 (750g of grain fed T-bone).

We sampled tenderloin, rib-eye, and either striploin or medallion. The meat were perfectly prepared and properly rested before being served. It was juicy and full of flavor. I had quite a bit despite stomach being rather filled with the appetizers.

For those who likes their beef with sauce, there’s black pepper, red wine, mushroom, bearnaise, and BBQ sauce to go with. On top of that, there are also five different types of sea salt to season your steak with.

classic Italian tiramisu, baked cheese cake, ice cream, cheese platter
classic Italian tiramisu, baked cheese cake, ice cream, cheese platter

By the time we finished the beef, I was stuffed, but of course, the girls always have a different stomach for desserts, so our hosts brought us some.

Classic tiramisu looked messy but passed the taste test with flying colors. Baked cheese cake is suitably rich. Ice cream came in tall cocktail glasses with at least 5 variations to choose from. There’s also a decent cheese platter for those who insist on another product from cow.

chocolate fondue at the Steakhouse KL
chocolate fondue at the Steakhouse KL

Last but not least, there’s also more than decent chocolate fondue for that touch of romanticism, perfect for those who brought a lady who they want to impress. Reminds me of that time when I did the same at KLCC, sadly that place is defunct.

we certainly had a great time at the Steakhouse
we certainly had a great time at the Steakhouse

We went away rather impressed at this outlet in Changkat. Competition at this street is always tough, but I believe the food here speaks for itself and believe that it’ll be one of the longer serving tenant here.

map to the Steakhouse KL

The Steakhouse KL
No.48, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.14748, 101.70822
Tel: 03-2143 2268
Hours: 5pm to 11pm daily

For those who loves dimsum and enjoys buffet at the same time, I’m sure it must have crossed your mind that someone should really come up with buffet style dimsum.

Well, Dorsett Grand Subang (formerly Sheraton) does just that, on every Sunday and Public Holiday, you can get eat-all-you-can dimsum brunch at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant. We had the luxury of sampling the spread at this five star hotel recently.

Emperor Chinese Restaurant, Grand Dorsett Subang
Emperor Chinese Restaurant, Dorsett Grand Subang

Dorsett is located just behind Sime Darby Medical Centre, accessible via Federal Highway, and while traffic can get a bit ugly during rush hours, you shouldn’t expect any trouble during Sunday/Public Holiday brunch hours.

Interior decoration isn’t the most modern nor overly antiquated, tables and chairs are nice and comfortable, but I’m not too into those carpet on the floor.

Anyway, lets talk about the food instead.

our dimsum spread, of course to be shared
our dimsum spread, of course to be shared

For RM 60++ per person (RM 30++ if you’re over 60, or between 5-12; 5 below eats free), the spread is certainly commendable. There are over a dozen different types of steamed dimsum for your choosing.

The usual suspects are all available, har kau, siu mai, fish ball, phoenix’s claws, ribs, char siu pau, shrimp chee cheong fun, pan fried vegetable pau, steamed chicken wings, and various other types of dumplings too.

This is a pork free establishment, but I must say that the chefs did a fine job in preserving the essence of dimsum taste despite not using pork. The major ingredients here are prawns, chicken, and in a few dishes, beef.

deep fried items, soup, desserts, and more
deep fried items, soup, desserts, and more

If deep fried items is what you crave, they have deep fried prawn rolls with cheese (yes they ooze out!), yam puff with BBQ chicken (instead of pork), sui kok, shrimp dumpling, egg tart (super soft), baked century egg with pickled ginger in pastry, and sesame balls. There is also a decent selection of desserts as well, these include peanut soup, cakes, mango pudding, herbal jelly (my favorite), and Chinese pan-cake.

the wu kok, or yam pastry, turned out to be pretty good despite having chicken and yam as the substitute to the traditionally pork and yam filling.

bean curd, oyster, brocolli, prawns, deep fried fish, noodle
bean curd, oyster, brocolli, prawns, deep fried fish, noodle

Those who want a bit of a departure to dim sum can opt for main dishes as well. While the exact dishes may vary from week to week, there’ll usually be noodle, poultry, meat, bean curd, vegetables, and at least two seafood dishes. I only tried the broccoli and bean curd this session, and was not disappointed.

wantan soup, fried pau, yong tau foo, chicken charsiu pau
wantan soup, fried pau, yong tau foo, chicken charsiu pau

Last but not least, there’s also a “live action” barbecue stall stationed within the restaurant where you can get roast duck, roast chicken, and chicken chasiu, all served with traditional condiments. The roast duck wasn’t exactly the standard you’ll find at places such as Loong Foong or Sunrise, but they are more than decent.

KY, Haze, Umei, Josen, Derek, Chris, & Elaine at Grand Dorsett Subang
KY, Haze, Umei, Josen, Derek, Chris, & Elaine at Dorsett Grand Subang

For those who have a healthy appetite and long for a slow and sumptuous dimsum dinner on a lazy Sunday morning, The Emporer at Dorsett  Grand Subang certainly won’t be a disappointment. I think it is also a very good location if you have guests who prefer a pork free meal. RM 60++ is pretty fair for what you get.

Furthermore, for those with kids, there’s a sort of “day care” activities going on right outside the restaurant, with clown and such to keep your kids entertained while you attack the buffet line.

map to Grand Dorsett hotel, Subang Jaya

The Emperor
Dorsett Grand Subang
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.079211, 101.595999
Tel: 03-5031 6060 ext 1954
Hours: Sundays & Public Holidays 10 am – 2:30 pm

In my book, Lot 10 Hutong is by far the best food courts in Klang Valley, I will miss the convenience of being able to walk there in 10 minutes, we’re relocating the office to a building that’s perhaps more glamorous, but unfortunately a bit too far to be walking to the awesome food choices offered at Bukit Bintang..

Tai Lei Lor Kei pork chop bun stall at Lot 10 Hutong food court
Tai Lei Lor Kei pork chop bun stall at Lot 10 Hutong food court

I almost always order the char kuih teow, Soong Kee beef noodle, or different types of mee at Ho Weng Kee whenever I find myself at Hutong food court, but on my latest visit, I decided to try something else.

So I asked my sometimes lunch buddy Jean for pointers, and she suggested that I should try the pork chop bun at Tai Lei Lor Kei (大利来咖啡室).

signature frill pork bun, and sawdust cake dessert
signature frill pork bun, and sawdust cake dessert

Originally from Macau, the branch here at Hutong enjoys pretty brisk business during lunch hours. The menu revolves around pork chop, but does offer chicken wings and curry fish ball as well. You can have these with rice, bun, or even noodles.

The value set meal for signature pork chop bun goes for RM 13.90 with inclusion of a drink, and on its own the bun costs RM 11.90, certainly within the accepted price range at this part of KL.

The pork chop is surprisingly succulent and not entirely too oily, with the portion being rather huge as well. Without any accompanying lettuce or cucumber, your tongue might yearn for a bit of green after a while, but it will definitely put a smile on any carnivores.

enjoying my pork chop bun, and jean with jealous eyes cos she had sore throat
enjoying my pork chop bun, and jean with jealous eyes cos she had sore throat

As for the accompanying drink, I chose their Macau milk tea and was not disappointed. The other must-order item if you find yourself at this stall is their sawdust cake dessert. The cake isn’t exactly a cake but more like a slightly hardened tiramitsu with very fine grind peanut, it was very delicious.

I guess I’ll have to drive/ride to Hutong next time, which I think most likely will.

map to Lot 10 Hutong

Tai Lei Lor Kei at Hutong food court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang

GPS: 3.146462, 101.711758

Between the car you drive and the road exists four contact patch that makes up to roughly the size of an A4 paper. Now think about this a little bit more.

Your car weighs more than a tonne, and the rubber holding it on the road is probably not even larger than the monitor you are staring at right now, and those rubber has to work when it’s 40 Celsius under the hot sun, or heavy rain, under intense braking, crazy sweeping corners, and somehow hold up for tens of thousands of kilometres.

Which is why I always consider tyres as one of the two most important components of the car (the other being the brake, but that is another topic for another day).

Michelin Primacy 3ST media launch event
MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST media launch event

If you haven’t noticed already, I am quite a bit of a motoring enthusiast, and was more than happy when I got myself into the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST media launch event to learn a little more about MICHELIN’s latest offering and what sort of technologies are packed into these unassuming and often under appreciated components of the car.

Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Beltran Yturriaga showing us the goods
Managing Director of MICHELIN Malaysia, Beltran Yturriaga showing us the goods

First, a little background of the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres.

It is a result of 10 years of preliminary studies on tyres that travelled more than 1.3 million kilometres, followed by 18 months of design & development. This latest set of rubber is developed exclusively for the Asia Pacific region’s demanding roads (we don’t have the best roads, do we?) and weather conditions.

The result is a tyre that lasts 25% longer than it’s predecessor, the MICHELIN Primacy LC, 8% quieter than leading competitors, and brakes 1.6 meters shorter in wet condition than its predecessor (Based on TUV Rheinland (Thailand) wet braking test report).

I think these are all very important features you would want in a set of tyres. The Primacy LC was already a very highly rated tyre by reviewers, the 3 ST managed to improve basically every aspect of it. As explained by Beltran Yturriaga, that is the essence of MICHELIN Total Performance, no compromise.

the all new Michelin Primacy 3 ST, with myriad of different technologies
the all new MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST, with myriad of different technologies

To achieve these, there are a few pretty interesting technologies built into the new Primacy 3 ST. I find them pretty interesting, regardless if you’re a tech driven person:

  • EvenPeak Technology: by having greater variety in sizes and position of the thread blocks, noise generated from the tyre is spread out in greater frequency, making no peak sound and thus providing a more comfortable ride. The analogy is like playing a symphony instead of banging the same few keys on a piano.
  • CushionGuard Technology: with shock absorbing sidewalls and supple FlexMax compounds, keeping the ride smooth, steady, and comfortable.
  • FlexMax Technology: treads adapt to to irregularities of road surface as FlexMax chamfer prevents the tread block from distorting and losing contact pressure under the centre of tread blocks. Maximum rubber contact with the road.
  • StabiliGrip Technology: using self-locking bands within the small grooves of the tyre to minimize block deformation, improve handling and cut through water in wet condition.

Click to view the  video demonstration on all these technology.

PC with headphones, keeping the noise out as the Primacy 3 ST would
PC with headphones, keeping the noise out as the Primacy 3 ST would

The tyre also went through a 6-month testing period with a local fleet management company, and the response from the limo drivers thus far has been very favourable, with most says that cornering stability is improved, and the car is definitely much quieter and more comfortable than before.

So if you’re looking for a new set of rubber for your ride, I think this is one that should definitely in your short list. The new MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST is available in 16” to 19” sizes and priced from RM 480 MSRP, which is the same as its predecessor.

Do check out MICHELIN Malaysia facebook page too.