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There aren’t very many hawkers in Klang Valley that offers the combination of these things in their offering:

  • tastes
  • portion
  • price

The little corner stall at New Yew Sang in Kelana Jaya (also have good Thai food at night) is one of the few that scores in all three areas.

Update 20/5/2019: apparently this stall is no longer here.

Update 25/8/2019: apparently it’s back!

the "siu chau" stall at New Yew Sang, Kelana Jaya
the “siu chau” stall at New Yew Sang, Kelana Jaya

The siu chau (小抄) has been a staple at this kopitiam for ages. Among the dishes offered are fried rice, Cantonese fried (horfun or yin yeong), Thai style fried rice, and loh mee. They open for business for breakfast and lunch, and the kopitiam is usually pretty busy on weekday lunch hours.

Parking situation around the restaurant isn’t the best, but nothing too troublesome for those who don’t mind walking a few steps.

kungfu yin yeong with crispy fried noodle at the bottom
kungfu yin yeong with crispy fried noodle at the bottom

My favorite here is their Cantonese Yin Yeong (廣府鴛鴦 RM 5.50), a combination of horfun and deep fried noodle at the bottom covered in thick broth that is pretty similar to egg drop soup. Prawns, pork slices, and vegetable makes up the rest of the ingredients.

They definitely do a good job on this pretty difficult to execute dish, and for less than 6 ringgit a plate, the portion is definitely more than enough as well.

their fried rice is pretty good too
their fried rice is pretty good too

The standard fried rice is also priced at RM 5.50, and for extra RM 1 you get a beautifully done sunny side top egg. The fried rice comes with pork, prawn, egg, and finely chopped carrots & long beans too. The only way to make this better is if you have some awesome sambal belacan from Penang to go with, but sometimes you can’t ask for too much.

New Yee Sang kopitiam
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

Discuss : KY eats – Yin Yeong and Fried Rice at New Yew Sang, KJ [Closed]

  1. not bad, love all your food explorations. :).. nom nom goodness.

    just recently updated to imotiv too ;), thanks for the heads up here.

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  2. oiiii, the most awesome sambal belacan is from malacca, not penang! heheh 😀

  3. All look so yummy!!!

  4. Hi, the stall is no longer in New Yew Sang Kelana Jaya, do you know his new location? Miss the fried rice so much!

    • Lee: Ahh, unfortunately I don’t, but please do update if you find out!

      • His Indonesian cook and wife helper also missing together…I suspect they went off to open somewhere else. This issue started when MBPJ came and told New Yew Sang to move all their stalls inside within the shop parameters.

        If any of you see them, pls post info. Many thanks!

        • juls: thanks!

          • Hi I have gotten news the kung fu fried rice guy has moved to somewhere near Glenmarie’s Meng Kee char siew area. I am going to check it out today and see if they are really there.

            • juls: thanks, keep us updated!

            • Anthony Tan

              Hi JULS,

              Yeah, me too also a big fan of his fried rice. Do keep us posted ya… a lot of my friends also asking about it….

              Thank you..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

              • The fried rice guy has opened a new shop in Glenmarie called Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan E&O with his Indonesian helper and wife, selling non-pork curry dishes. Unfortunately, he does not do fried rice anymore.

              • Kim: ahh, so unfortunate.

            • So do they sell the fried rice at Glenmarie?

  5. Hey, may I know where has this stall moved to? Visited it few days ago and sad to find out it’s closed

  6. Anthony Tan

    Hi Bee, Hi everyone,
    Issit back at Kelana or Glenmeria? Can anyone share the actual location?

  7. The Indonesian guy and his friendly wife are doing the fried rice and Wat Tan Hor like before at New Yew Sang @ Kelana Jaya. Incidentally, I went to E&O kari kepala ikan @ Glenmarie and really, really enjoyed their roti chanai…Possibly the best roti chanai in the Klang Valley!

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