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Every few weeks, we try to spend some time at Cheras with Haze’s siblings. At the same time, we also take the opportunity to grab some good eats around the area. During our previous trip, we had one of the better old school mixed pork porridge at the outdoor hawker area at Taman Cheras.

this porridge guy take no shit from anyone
this porridge guy take no shit from anyone

The porridge stall is right outside 7-11, manned by a lone Chinese operator who takes no shit from anybody, representing a dying breed of food stall owners who takes pride in their dishes and cares very little about meeting extra demands from customers.

If you want extra soya sauce? You’re out of luck. Service with a smile? Hahaha, dream on!

Other than mixed pork porridge (RM 4.50), frog (RM 5.50), shredded chicken (RM 4.50), pork meat (RM 4.50), raw fish (RM 4.50), and century egg with lean meat porridge (RM 4.50) are available here as well.

yau char kuai next stall, perfect combination
yau char kuai next stall, perfect combination

Right next to the porridge stall is the very popular “yuyi” yau char kuai place, usually with a small crowd. While I waited for the porridge, Haze lined up for some yau char kuai.

It was a good 15-20 minutes before we both achieved our missions.

KY, awesome porridge, Haze
KY, awesome porridge, Haze

The porridge itself was delicious, and those crispy deep fried intestine were excellent. Mix it up with those freshly fried yau char kuai is and you reach that sweet spot only two cheap ingredients can bring together, delicious!

Dinner cost less than RM 20 for both of us including drinks, and there are surely more to try  here as well. The char kuih teow stall enjoys brisk business, wantan mee is pretty delicious, and I’ve heard good things about the fried oyster omelet here too.

map to the night time outdoor food court at Taman Cheras

Discuss : KY eats – Mixed Pork Porridge and Yau Char Kuai, Taman Cheras

  1. Looks really good! Though it sounds like the stall operator would glare at me extremely angrily if I tried to be weird and requested a bowl of porridge with extra century eggs, extra raw fish, deboned frog legs and shredded chicken using thigh meat only, no breast meat 😀

    • Sean: haha, I think he’ll be okay, just charge extra for extra ingredients 😀

  2. I super-LOVE porridge! Yummmm!!!!!

  3. not bad.. not bad at all 🙂
    now to find time to drop by there.. 😀 always on a look out for nice porridge stalls, with fresh “eu cha kueh” XD

  4. Yau char kuay is my fave in porridges! Except that its too oily! 🙁 But i super love them regardless hahaha

  5. Don’t quite fancy having the porridge with this vendor as he’s very “chuen”. I rather not looking at his face when ordering coz he don’t like to acknowledge you when you’re talking to him.

  6. One of my favourite hang out place last time during college times….

  7. I wished I know my way around cheras. I’m always lost there. lol

  8. One of my fave places:D The tong sui next to the yao char kwai folks is quite nice!

    And the koh loh yok rice opposite the porridge stall is also good! Must order the ho pao tan too!

  9. I’m from cheras, this is one of the heritage food court that exist dunno when, another place is peel road beside Carrefour, ops Aeon Big that is 🙂

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