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Haze and I both knows how to enjoy a piece of good beef, but unfortunately good beef are usually only available at very up class restaurants (such as Prime or Mandarin Grill); and speaking from experience, those from the more affordable places often disappoints.

Then there’s Las Vacas, a no-frill restaurant and retail that offers prime cuts of beef and lamb at very decent price.

Update Nov 2019: Las Vacas is now only at Mont Kiara.

Las Vacas at Kelana Jaya
Las Vacas at Kelana Jaya

Las Vacas is basically a meat shop with professionally trained butchers and a kitchen. They stock a wide selection of meat and you can either buy raw to grill at home, or dine in.

There’s Angus, Wagyu, grain fed, tenderloin, ribeye, sirloin, lamb shoulder, and even salami, sausages, and burger patties.

grain fed tenderloin and wagyu ribeye
grain fed tenderloin and wagyu ribeye

We went there for the first time a few weeks ago, I ordered a medium rare tenderloin, while Haze asked for her Wagyu ribeye  to be prepared rare. Prices of meat is indicated at the display per 100 gram, and normal cut is usually 280-300 grams, though you can always choose a bigger/smaller portion according to appetite.

There’s a cooking fee (RM 15 if I remember correctly) on top of the price of the meat, and you get a small serving of salad (quite forgettable) and a piece of pretty decent garlic bread on the side.

love that my tenderloin was cooked to perfection - medium rare
love that my tenderloin was cooked to perfection – medium rare

The meat did take a while to get prepared, and I believe it was because they actually let it sit before serving to ensure they are properly moist. There’s Dijon mustard and A1 steak sauce if you like, but I love my steak as is with nothing but basica salt & pepper seasoning to fully enjoy the unadulterated taste of meat.

The result was excellent, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Dinner ended up at around RM 180 including a couple bottles of premium carbonated drinks. Pretty reasonable for what we got, will visit again.

map to Las Vacas, Kelana Jaya

Las Vacas
No.23, Jalan SS5A/11 Kelana Jaya 
47301 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3.095934, 101.604719
Tel: 03-7874 0711
HoursTues – Sunday, 10am – 10pm

Discuss : KY eats – Beef it Up at Las Vacas, Kelana Jaya

  1. KY,
    It almost like in states in San Francisco we have a supermarket called Whole Food which you can get seafood and meats and vegetables and it also restaurant where there are chefs there.
    They cooked any style and way you want or use their own recipes if prefer by you.

    Price is reasonable too. Escargot was great. Yes they got gourmet food too. My friend used to work there as pastry chef now at P.F. Chang.

  2. El Fresco in Jaya Grocer Empire Shopping Gallery also value-for-money…just have to buy d meat or fish from Jaya Grocer and pay them RM6 to cook it for u…hehe =)

  3. mouthwatering thick slab of tenderloin there! if cannot finish, call me, i come help makan! 😀

  4. agree with ulric, El Fresco at Jaya Grocer in Empire Shopping Gallery has that concept and they do a pretty good job. You only pay the sticker price plus RM6 and they cook it for you (meat or seafood) and add a pasta, salad or grilled veggies for you. Great value.

  5. Actually, El-Fresco cooks the meat for free. The RM6 is for the grilled veggies if you want them. optional. Grill Sergeant approves. 😀

  6. Quite a good deal for RM180! Certainly a place to visit when I don’t feel like cooking a steak and Dennis has proven to kill steaks no matter how good the cuts are. LOL.

  7. you should try menate in ampang! but the price is quite high from las vacas.. love the vagyu there!

  8. I concur with the rest KY, give El Fresco a try, i am sure you will be pleased with your dining experience there.

  9. Hey I didn’t know that they have a Lasvacas in Kelana Jaya. I only tried the one in Mont Kiara.

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