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If you love milk, this is a traditional snacks from the Philippines you must try. I make a point to always buy back at least a box of Yema Tower whenever I travel to the Philippines (in addition to pork rind and garlic chips)

Yema Tower from Philippines
Yema Tower from Philippines

Towers of Yema is basically made from evaporated milk. In fact, you can supposedly make this at home by slowly boiling evaporated milk in low fire until most moisture is removed, then perhaps try to shape it ala playdoh style.

The thing is soft, sweet, and carries a strong milky taste to it. I often eat too many of these in a single seating, it’s like a dog/cat treat for human. I can’t imagine it’s terribly good for your teeth though.

this goes very well with coffee
this goes very well with coffee

I also find that this Yema tower thing is awesome with coffee, especially black unsweetened Americano. The sweetness of the treat really compliments coffee real well.

Damn it, I need to find me some Yema Towers.

Aprilia Shiver 750

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve traded in the old faithful RS 250 to a new Aprilia Shiver a couple months ago. I present to you, my Red Italian Lady, my daily driver to work.

If you wonder why some people choose to ride despite the inherently higher risks, ask yourself if you’ve seen a bike parked outside psychiatrist’s office?

Happy weekends!

Discuss : KY eats – Yema Tower from Philippines

  1. next time buy back TWO boxes … cos i want one! 😀

  2. Motorist tends to be psycho because of the jam?

    • JD: haha I guess sometimes.

      • immature

        bike can beat jam, save time and finish all business at work, then beat jam again to go home and got more time to do ‘business’ with the gf maahhhhh… kekekekeke i jealous

  3. yema tower sounds interesting…made from condensed milk…hmmm my April project is to make some condense milk…I wonder if I can extend the idea to making these Yema Tower.

    Love your new ride:D

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