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Look at the weird and wonderful 3D picture below, they aren’t the latest hairstyle for clowns. Instead, these are 3 possible representations of the three-dimensional structure of the protein triose phosphate isomerase (source: wikipedia)

protein structure

OK, so they are protein, but what has that got to do with me, right?

Well, protein is the building block for our cells. It plays a huge role in repairing body tissues and contributes to having better skin, nail, hair, as well as producing essential hormones that stabilizes our emotions. Yes, it is also used by body builders to add mass (muscle cell repair). In short, YOU NEED PROTEIN.

For the weight watchers, good news, protein also makes you feel full longer and more energized.

typical breakfast - 2 eggs, some breads, coffee

Alright, how much do I need?

Well, each individuals have their needs based on age, size, and level of activity. But to make it simple, nutritionists devised a simple method of calculating your daily protein requirement by a simple formula:

BODY WEIGHT (kg) x 0.8

And if you don’t want to make that calculation, the recommended nutrient intake for Malaysia is as follow:

  • Children: 17-32g protein
  • Adult Male: 59-62g protein
  • Adult Female: 51-55g protein
But if you’re 100 kg, you’ll have higher requirement than another adult who is 50 kg, you get the gist.

that's a lot of meat here

The next question is – where and how do we get our daily protein intake?

Well, protein is found mostly in meat, fish, eggs, and soya based products, but the challenge though, is to have enough of them to meet the daily recommended requirement.

Check out the “even I can understand” graphic below:

nutrition information

So, an  easy example is egg. Each one has about 6 gram of protein. You can have 7-8 eggs a day (don’t do it), 3-4 cheeseburger, or maybe about 6-7 hot dogs a day to satisfy your protein needs. I once heard that a friend’s friend has about a dozen eggs a day to try to build muscle, that didn’t end up very well I think.

 Amway Nutrilite products

So, how now?

Well, this is where supplements come in. NUTRILITE Protein is an easy and convenient way that provides 8 gram of protein in a single serving. It’s neutral in flavor and hence you can basically add it to any drinks or food.

Other than the nine essential amino acids that helps body’s digestion, NUTRILITE Protein also contains additional benefits of soy isoflavones. As a 100% plant based protein formula, it is also safe to consume for pretty much everyone.

Check out the video above, and the following sites for more information on NUTRILITE Protein.

This product is available through Amway distributors nationwide as well as 20 Amway shops located across the country.

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  1. why so weird this post.. sponsored post ar?

  2. ooo, looks like a good way to get our daily dose of protein without any pesky fat butting in 😀

  3. Nutrilite, Herbalife, and all those MLM proteins are seriously overpriced. Better get those whey protein used by bodybuilders. 8g of protein per serving is too low for the price per gram of protein. For people who can’t take whey protein, there are also cheaper soy and egg based protein powders available.

  4. am taking the green tea protein powder daily. Kinda prefer that one over the other flavours. Gotta drink it cold and quick or else the powdery feel starts creeping in. Hehehe.

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