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Last week we found ourselves at Cheras looking for a place to fill the stomach in the morning. Searched the web a bit and decided to head to Taman Midah for something which I can’t even remember. Didn’t manage to find the place, and ended up at this road side shack by the name of 陈记缅档 (Chan Kei Noodle Stall).

Chan Kei noodle stall at Taman Midah
Chan Kei noodle stall at Taman Midah

I basically followed the conventional wisdom that if a place is packed, it can’t be bad. So we parked the bike and waited for a minute to get a vacant table.

Business at this noodle stall was brisk, and they seemed to offer quite a variety of noodle dishes. Haze ordered asam laksa (only available on Sundays), and I asked for a bowl of curry mee.

asam laksa and KL style curry mee
asam laksa and KL style curry mee

The KL style curry mee came with plenty of fat, juicy cockles, slabs of fried pork skin, tofu, bean sprouts, and rather fragrant sambal. While I still prefer Penang style curry mee, this one did not disappoint. It was as good as any central style curry mee I tried.

Asam laksa from here got the seal of approval from Haze as well, having all the necessary ingredients working well together.

This place is another old school stalls that kept dishing out good food over the years, I think we gotta go back there to try other dishes next time.

map to Taman Midah noodle stall

Jalan Midah Besar,
Taman Midah, Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.10188, 101.732857

Discuss : KY eats – Curry Mee & Asam Laksa at Taman Midah

  1. Living in Cheras for so many years didn’t realize this hidden gem. I’m speechless, lol.


  2. I just want to say…

  3. on a surprisingly cold & rainy-wet morning like today, a bowl of curry mee might be the best thing 😀

  4. Riding around sure is handy to look for good food!

  5. It’s the busiest stall in the morning here… Did you try their specialty drink – Hainan tea?
    From, a fellow Tmn Midah resident 🙂

    • ch3ryl: yah indeed it’s the busiest stall, I guess I’ll have to try their signature drink next time!

  6. Asam Laksa at Tmn Midah Cheras – what is time open for business ? any phoneno to contact?

    • Ivy: I don’t have their phone numbers, but it opens in the morning for breakfast till probably around lunch time.

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