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It’s been a fantastic diving trip to Anilao, the Philippines for myself and Haze over the past few days. The place is a heaven for macro and muck diving, with so many little critters going about the ocean floor minding their own business.

While it’ll take a while for me to process and pick some of the better photos from the trip, here’s a pair of porcelain crabs I shot on the 10th dive (out of 11) of the trip.

a pair of Porcelain Crabs from Anilao

These two crustaceans lived on an anemone, sharing home with a family of clown fish. This is just one of the many wonderful underwater scenes that you just gotta see for yourself.

More posts on Anilao coming up soon!

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Discuss : Porcelain Crabs from Anilao

  1. oh. i thought can eat one, that u brought back as makan2

    • Suanie: not everything is about food! I’m a bit more.. sophisticated than that. :P

  2. great shot, though i also can’t help but be curious about whether these porcelain crabs taste good. especially the ones filled with roe, heheh :D

    • Sean: well the problem is that they’re only about 2-3 cm across, haha.

  3. mmmmm…….. Chili Porcelain Crabs


  4. lovely pic…shall i add another resolution to my 2013 list? to learn how to dive….

  5. What a great picture! I don’t think I’ve ever seen porcelain crabs but they’re beautiful!

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