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It’s the season to be jolly! Xmas is just right around the corner and if you have a last minute need to get a sweet gift for someone, reading this post might actually help you out.

Yep, as the title suggest, this is about Royce’s chocolate, and the fine folks at Royce’ gave me 3 boxes of chocolates to sample their goods, just perfect timing for the holidays.

Royce' can be found at TCM, Isetan KLCC, BV, Empire, Gardens, and BIG
Royce’ can be found at TCM, Isetan KLCC, BV, Empire, Gardens, and BIG

Royce’s is a Japanese chocolate maker and confectioner based in Hokkaido, the Northern island that’s most famous for super quality sashimi, crab, and other seafood. The island is also home to very good agricultural and dairy products, thus making it a perfect location for making awesome chocolates.

Coffee Beans Chocolate, Macadamia Chocoate, and Nama Chocolate
Coffee Beans Chocolate, Macadamia Chocoate, and Nama Chocolate

Their creme ala creme – Nama Chocolate, comes in a square little box that is carefully cut into 20 rectangular pieces. It’s made from Ecuadorian cacao bean and carries a prominent characteristics of daintiness and fragrance that’s akin to flowers. That’s how they described it anyway, what I thought instead was that it’s actually one of the best chocolates I’ve tried. It’s subtle, not overly sweet, not overly bitter, but done just right.

You’ll have to taste it to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making this fine food.

Haze and Yuki, my impromptu chocolate models
Haze and Yuki, my impromptu chocolate models

For those who likes a bit of flair, the Coffee Beans chocolate and Macadamia chocolate, among two of their pretty wide selections of product, will more than fit the bill.

The Coffee Beans chocolate started with high quality Arabica beans from Dominican Republic, and coated them with a thick layer of milk chocolate. It’s carries the aroma of coffee, and sweetness of milk chocolate, a perfect blend since I love to have chocolate with coffee anyway. This is a 2-1 combo that works well.

Macadamia is pretty much the best nut you can have, so it isn’t surprising that if you coat them with a generous layer of milk chocolate and then sprinkle with cocoa powder, you’ll end up with something super delicious – Royce’ Macadamia chocolate. The nuts carry a very subtle bitter tang to it, which works very well with the sweetness of chocolate. I like this one a lot too.

You can find locations of Royce’ stores in Malaysia from and their facebook page at

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  1. I think I’ve been quite a good boy this year, so I’m putting Royce chocolates on my list of presents I want from Santa 😀

  2. I might just have a chocolate overdose if someone were to present me with sweet chocolates. But chocolates that are done just right, I can imagine myself liking it.

    I presume Royce makes premium chocolate?

  3. I love the nama chocolates. Was having a gala time munching about 5 or 6 pieces after my Spore run…and another 3 or 4 on the flight home. Comforting food after a good run:D

  4. Inspirational Sayings About Life

    This looks like a great chocolate shop, I’d love to visit sometime!

  5. hey, its just awesome, delighted seeing these chocolates, i had just created an interest to write about this in my blog. thank you

  6. Thanks for the recommendation, will try it out soon.

  7. I like the Royce Nama chocolates too!

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