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Ahhh, bak kut teh, one of my favorite Malaysian foods, so much so that there’s a category on this blog for it. Last weekends I had the privilege of having two bak kut teh brunch in a row, and the second one was this place that I haven’t been before, an old school establishment by the name of Restoran Chow Kiat, at Klang of course.

Chow Kiat bak kut teh at Klang, can't get any more old school than this
Chow Kiat bak kut teh at Klang, can’t get any more old school than this

We met at Ken Rimba (more on that in upcoming post) on Sunday morning and Sam Tan, the executive director of KEN Holding Bhd brought us here to share one of his favorite bak kut teh outlets.

It was only 9:30 am and the place was packed. According to Sam, by 10:30 am or so, some of the better cuts would be unavailable already. While the premise sells bak kut teh in the morning as well as at night, they are run by different operators. The morning session that we tried is said to be the more superior.

steaming pot of bak kut teh, I was sold when I saw this
steaming pot of bak kut teh, I was sold when I saw this

The bak kut teh here is as old school as they come.

There’s no clay pot, no vegetable, no pepper soup, extra mushroom, or any of those other options that purists tend to label as “gimmicks”. Just pure unadulterated bowls of pork (or chicken legs, the little known ingredients in Klang bak kut teh) with just enough of those thick herbal soup.

The only non meat dish you can order is yao char kuay, and to be honest it is pretty average here.

choose your favorite part, finish your bowl of meat, or share with friends
choose your favorite part, finish your bowl of meat, or share with friends

The meat and soup tho, was excellent!

Pork cooked to perfection and so soft you can pry it off the bones just by using your spoon, and the fats? Oh my, they are so flavorful it’s a sin not to have. The soup is thick, packed with herbal goodness, and unlike the similarly styled (and equally delicious) Mo Sang Kor bak kut teh, you can ask for extra soup.

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Choices of meat includes ribs, big bone, small bones, “kawan” (this with plenty of fats, super delicious), stomach, intestine, lean meat, and more. If you love bak kut teh, this is definitely one place to check out. Prices are similar to other establishments around the area.

location map of Chow Kiat bak kut teh, Klang

Restoran Chow Kiat
Jalan Kapar, Kawasan 18,
41400 Klang, Selangor

GPS: 3.05049, 101.448263

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  1. Nice! This is the place Sam wanted to bring us at first but unfortunately they had run out of bak kut teh. It looks awesome! 😀

  2. omg. it’s december already, and i just realized i’ve only eaten bak kut teh ONCE so far in 2012! oh why must chow kiat be in klang instead of, say, sri petaling (my hood). looks great 😀

    • Sean: something wrong with you young man! Gotta have to get you to hand in your Malaysian Chinese card!

  3. What a spread!

  4. always loving a good hot steaming pot of bak kut teh.. nom!

  5. Hello again! =D

    I think I’m in trouble too; it’s been tooooo long since I set foot in Klang. Anyway, I think I may have either seen the shop or eaten there before. I can’t be exactly sure; it does look familiar.

    My acquaintance however swears by the one in Taman Eng Ann. We’re intending to make a trip there if I find myself in Klang again. Any landmarks around this store? Like banks?

    • Ciana: I wouldn’t know about the one at Taman Eng Ann, but this one isn’t terribly difficult to find. It’s right across the famous restaurant called Boston.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi, I would like to know does the shop have any off-day. Thank you.

  7. Greeeny

    Tried this Chow Kiat BKT based on your list of Klang BKT. Really quite good. Managed to reach this place at 12.45 noon and just in time for the last “tai Kiat”. Was the second last customer! Another great place for those who like BKT with “thick” soup
    Thanks for the recommendation . Circling around I also found Nan Fang BKT- that will be for next visit.

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