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Hidden at this not-so glamorous part of SS2 is a little restaurant that has made a name for itself despite the location (at the dead end from the same road that has New Paris) and the rather odd name – Toast & Roast.

Toast & Roast at the less glamorous part of SS2
Toast & Roast at the less glamorous part of SS2

I was initially introduced to this restaurant from Cheesie, and this is her go-to restaurant due to the location as well as the availability of, in her words, very good charsiu.

So last weekends we finally stopped by this little shop and give it a try over lunch.

glorious char siu, one of the bests in town
glorious char siu, one of the bests in town (this is from a rather “fat” section)

Unlike most other locations in SS2, this place doesn’t suffer from a shortage of parking space. The restaurant itself though, can be quite a bit busy over lunch time, and while charsiu and rice can be served relatively fast, noodle dishes can sometimes take a while to arrive.

The premise is pretty clean, and there isn’t any interior decoration to speak of. It’s a no nonsense old school eatery that just happened to have a pretty modern name.

the roast pork is decent, and I quite enjoyed the sui kao (dumpling) too
the roast pork is decent, and I quite enjoyed the sui kao (dumpling) too

We ordered a medium portion of charsiu (bbq pork, RM 16) and a small portion of siuyok (roast pork, RM 8) to share. Yuki opted another plate of charsiu rice as her main dish while the rest of us went with Hakka noodle (RM 4.50 or RM 5.50).

The charsiu that was served to us turned out to be a pretty fat cut. This suits me just as well as “pun fei sau”, or the half fatty version, but might be too much for some. I love the flavor and the melt in your mouth feel from the fats, it was on par with some of the bests. My only complain is the serving size, for RM 16 you only get some 2 dozen pieces.

then there's hakkan noodle, and you can order single serving charsiu rice too
then there’s hakkan noodle, and you can order single serving charsiu rice too

As for the Hakka Mee, you can opt to have it served either with minced pork or charsiu. Since we already ordered charsiu to share, we chose the former.

The combination of minced pork with that bits of fried fish skin worked well, and I enjoyed the texture of the noodle as well. Of course, everything tasted even better when you add in a couple pieces of charsiu to go with. I wasn’t disappointed.

Horng, Yuki, Kerol, and KY
Horng, Yuki, Kerol, and KY

Oh, then there’s those fried sui kao (dumplings RM1) that’s stuffed with black fungus, minced pork, and prawns that were quite addictive. Do order this as they make excellent appetizer while you wait for those Hakka mee.

Toast & Roast can be a bit pricey, but I do think this is the case of “you get what you paid for”. I don’t mind revisiting this place at least once a month or something. 😀map to Toast & Roast at SS2

Toast & Roast
No. 20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.128346, 101.627866
Tel: 016-682 2249
Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, close on Tuesdays 

Discuss : KY eats – Hakka Mee & Char Siu at Toast & Roast, SS2

  1. I love the char siew here also… my fav!!

  2. Char Siu looks good!

  3. It’s been years almost 5 years since I eat char siew, soon that will be rectified!!!

  4. if only toast & roast offered delivery services, i think i’d be gleefully snacking on their char siu for lunch at the office three times a week! 😀

  5. You are right,toast and roast is at par with the is not is sinfully delicious!

  6. iamthewitch

    OOhh the char siew really looks good and shiny! Heard of this place from so many people.. must give this a try end of the year!

  7. it realy looks good and yummy! its mouth waterly

  8. Delicious food here, totally agree 🙂 I love hakka mee – Ever since I was introduced to this wonderful dish back in Seremban (For the life of me – I can’t remember WHERE in Seremban, any clues – vaguely remember that its near some old POST OFFICE!).

    Anyway, nice write-up, can’t wait to be back in a week’s time to load up on Malaysian makan!!

  9. Hello Mister Uncle KY! How was your weekend, sir? Uncle ah, I got a question…. how come food that taste sooo damn good is also soooo damn bad for your body ah? Take the fatty charsiu and siuyuk as an example….

  10. The roasts look good. Hakka mee kinda pale…but the test is in the eating – can;t judge based on looks alone.

  11. why you tell the whole world about this place? now i have to fight for a seat. ish

  12. Huai bin Mohd

    hmmm…. to have multiple wives or have this..? life is so unfair

  13. Yum yum!! Wouldn’t mind going back there soon!

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