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The folks that brought you the first taste of Croation food in Malaysia with Dubrovnik at Mont Kiara (closed this year) is now operating one of the new outfits at the recently revamped Life Centre – Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar.

Update: this place is permanently closed

Amadeus at Life Centre
Amadeus at Life Centre, check out the wine dispenser

With Mozart playing at the back ground and the tastefully decorated interior, the bistro gives diner a feel of European dining experience, complete by the lovely proprietor – Dina Djumic. The illusion is perfect other than when Dina starts speaking in Malaysian …

Anyway, lets get on to the food. We were invited for the grand opening of Amadeus as well as a food review session a week after to sample some of their unique dishes, hosted by the super friendly Dina.

Spring River's Duck Terrine, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Mussel Rockafella
Spring River’s Duck Terrine, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta,
Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Mussel Rockafella

We started out the night by sharing a few appetizers.

The Spring River’s Duck Terrine (RM 24) was a unique introduction to Amadeus’ food. Duck meat emulsified with fat and pressed together with a few other ingredients almost like pate but much coarser in texture. A little sourish and savory at the same time, a dish that takes a little getting used to but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit.

Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta (RM 16) is something a lot more familiar to the Malaysian taste buds.Grilled capsicum, onions and aubergine topped with melted fetta cheese. The accompanying dips made it complete.

Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Spring River's Duck Terrine
Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Spring River’s Duck Terrine

Fresh Mussel Rockafella (RM 22) is prepared by baking half shell mussels with garlic parsley and bread crumbs. The dish comes with a bit of salad to clean your palette too.

Then there’s Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon (RM 26), cured with citrus and vodka, then wrapped around a chunk of dill cream cheese. The side of salad with vodka and citrus dressing was almost like a cross between Thai and Russian, I’m not sure if I liked it, but the salmon was excellent.

Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup
Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup and Manhattan Seafood Chowder

We sampled the Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup (RMM 16) as well as the Manhattan Seafood Chowder (RM 16). Both were thick, creamy, and full of flavor. The side of baguette toast made them even better.

The mushroom soup was easily one of the bests I’ve had, on par with the one at Favola.  Seafood chowder held up on its own as well, it could probably use a bit more seafood chunks, but at RM 16 a pop you can’t really ask for more.

Rack of Lamb, Schmikel’s Duck Confit
Carlos’ Secret Lamb Rack, Schmikel’s Duck Confit

Our first couple of main dishes were Carlos’ Secret Lamb Rack and Schmikel’s Duck Confit.

The lamb sat on top of a generous portion of smashed potato that looked equally as good as it tasted. They didn’t over cooked the meat either, retaining the juice that makes lamb rack such a delicious dish, we practically chew it down to the bones.

Duck confit though, was pretty average to me. It failed to impress and I thought the meat was just slightly too dry for my liking. The risotto accompanying the duck makes it a full meal.

Hungarian Goulash, Seafood Pasta, Simone’s Fish-e-Tarian Friend
Hungarian Goulash, Seafood Pasta, Simone’s Fish-e-Tarian Friend

Zoran’s Homestyle Beef Goulash (RM 32) was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Tender stew beef with full flavor “sauce” seasoned with paprika and other spices, serves with the same excellent smashed potato too. It was awesome, fittingly the national dish of Hungary.

The pastas served at Amadeus were pretty decent as well, we tried their seafood pasta and another spaghetti dish with a big chunk of perfectly seared salmon on top. These were pretty good pastas for those who prefers the more familiar tastes.

Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes
Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes , baked by Dina herself

Desserts at Amadeus are baked by Dina herself. We tried her Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes, and Sachertorte.These were some of the most delicious cakes, and I suspect mainly due to the fact that they are freshly baked on location everyday. Don’t miss them if you have any stomach spaces left.

Ciki, Shah, KY, Suan, Eiling, Haze (over 2 visits)
Ciki, Shah, KY, Suan, Eiling, Haze (over 2 visits)

As the name suggest, Amadeus Bistro & Wine bar has a full bar and serves cocktails as well as a good selection of wine. They also have a handy wine dispenser that allows easy tasting and ordering of wine by glasses. I took the opportunity to have a couple glasses of Riesling to go with dinner.

some of the foods during the launch of Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
some of the foods during the launch of Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar

We had a great time at Amadeus with excellent food and even better company. I believe this place will be a success, the menu and prices are right, and it is a pretty good location especially for office execs looking for a good dinner & happy hour to some time during rush hours. That being said, it is also a place you should check out over the weekends if you’re looking for that bit of Eastern European flair.

I’m sure we’ll return.

map to Life Centre, KL

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
Life Centre,
No.20 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.15378, 101.70870
Tel: 03-2162 2788

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