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Economy rice (or mixed rice) is a dime a dozen, you can find them at every 3rd kopitiam in the country. More often than not, they are just what the name suggests, an economical way to have a few dishes and rice to fill up your stomach.

In another word, they are usually not exactly exciting.

That’s the run off the mill economy rice place, then there’s this Baba’s Nasi Lemak place at SS2’s wai sek kai.

SS 2 wai sek kai, a place with dozens and dozens of food stalls
SS 2 wai sek kai, a place with dozens and dozens of food stalls

While the name is a bit misleading, this super busy stall is in fact, closer to an economy rice outlet than a nasi lemak place. There’s those ‘buffet’ containers with various different dishes, and more people actually order usual steamed rice instead of nasi lemak.

So why is this place special?

Well, the short answer is that it’s super delicious!

here's maybe half of what they cook up everyday
here’s maybe half of what they cook up everyday (except Thursdays)

There are usually over 2 dozen dishes to choose from at Baba’s nasi lemak, and they aren’t always made with very economical ingredients. Here you’ll find some of the more “up market” dishes like “kao yok”, prawns, steamed fish, and even mantis prawns.

I’ve tried more than 10 different dishes from there thus far, and every single one of them was superb. Never too salty or too sweet or too anything, it was always just right.

As the name suggest, the cooking style is closer to Nyonya cuisine, which means you get a good mixture of spicy dishes and those prepared with traditional Chinese food methods.

and every plate is arranged precariously, macam pro!
and every plate is arranged precariously, macam pro!

The operators also seems to take their food very seriously. Every dish is meticulously placed on the plate, with appropriate amount of sauce on the rice.  I mean, when it looks good, you’ll feel more appetizing too kan? Just check out the photos above for some examples.

The down side is though, with the amount of dishes offered and knowing that they’re all super tasty, this economy rice is often not very economical for us. Picking 4 good dishes with rice can sometimes come close to RM 10 per plate.

Yah, it can be a bit pricey, but we kept going back, and judging from the rather long queue every time we were there, quite a lot of people shares the same sentiment. Maybe you should give it a try too? 😀

Happy eating!

map of SS 2 wai sek kai

Baba’s Nasi Lemak
SS2 Wai Sek Kai (hawker center)
Jalan SS 2/61
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.118491, 101.620787
Hours: daily from 7pm, closed on Thursdays

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  1. Drops of Contentment

    I agree, this is by far my favourite chap fan stall too! Every dish is so tasty. The only downside is the price, but you pay for what you get la 😀

  2. Constance Ant

    chap fan is our weekly staple lunchy! since we are poor students can’t possibly afford pricey lunchy all the time!

  3. Yeah, this is the place I’ve been going to since a couple of years ago. Heh! I’ve tweeted and Instagramed it countless times coz of the queue – on busy nights you have to wait at least 30 minutes to reach the front.

    The stall beside is none to happy about it I reckon. 😉

    The other chap fan stall at the same place (Loong’s Kitchen) also offers prawns, nicely sliced steamed fish e.g. “more premium ingredients” but their opening hours seem a bit erratic nowadays.

    Yup, the prices a bit steep but the auntie and the younger lady serving it does it with such panache and it’s so good that it’s worth it, despite queuing under the hot and humid SS2 food court.

  4. wow it’s really pricey but at least the presentation is good and the dishes are more special than the normal chap fan stalls right?

  5. oooo, i want! i wonder what time they tutup kedai every nite. midnight? sometimes i get supper cravings for gravy-flooded rice 😀

  6. SS2 has loads of eateries, used to enjoy going around it.

  7. Mike@logcabinsinwales

    For me, those dishes looks so healthy and delicious. I see beans, meat and other veggies which is perfect for a traveler like me. I thinks the price is right!

  8. Wowwww!!!! I love nyonya!!! Will certainly be spoilt for choice at this place. Love the presentation. RM10 for 4, ok lah… After all, it’s nyonya… Petai, paku…assam prawns…slurpssss!!!! Yum! Yum!

    • suituapui: haha, ya, especially paku and assam prawns, you don’t often see those in chap fan places

  9. eh the type of dishes is a lotttt! 😀 nice one and easy to find the place.

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  10. Being new to KL, I did join this queue out of curiosity and had a decent plate, but thought the price was quite steep for what it was.

  11. Memang pro … arranged for photography instead of piled up like a mess. And I spied PETAI!

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