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Hidden at the alley just right behind the Honda Showroom at Jalan Imbi sits a hawker stall that has a sign that says See Kee Curry Puff. The stall is pretty old, and the operator even older. In fact, it’s been over 30 years since the old uncle first sells his curry puff at this area (source.)

see kee curry puffs has been around for more than 30 years
see kee curry puffs has been around for more than 30 years

And this was the first time I tried one. After having Ipoh Hor Fun for lunch at Pau Kee just a stone’s throw away, my colleague suggested and bought us some. There’s two types of curry puffs available here, between chicken & mutton, the option was easy. I’ve never tried mutton curry puff.

the mutton curry puff is excellent!
the mutton curry puff is excellent!

The mutton curry puff (RM 1.50) has chunks of mutton nested in potato & curry gravy encased in the golden crispy pastry shell, it was different yet familiar, and made me wonder why isn’t there more places that sells this? A bit more savory and slightly stronger tasting, I love it. The chicken version is said to be top notch too.

Give me this mutton curry puff anytime over Ikea’s version, thank you very much.

map to restaurant Pau Kee

Restaurant Pau Kee
(next to Honda showroom)
off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.145658, 101.715414

Discuss : KY eats – See Kee Curry Puff at Imbi (mutton)

  1. Sifu, maybe you should make the curry puff and show us how it’s made. Does this mean you haven’t tried sardine curry puff yet? One thing I find with curry puff these days is the pastry is flaky, not the chewy type.

    • Kash: yaaa ppl prefer flaky type more these days it seems. and nayyy I have zero experience in making curry puff. haha

  2. mutton curry?!! that’s new. Why don’t someone make foie gras puffs?!!

  3. Yup, mutton curry sounds good indeed, especially in a curry puff. Love the look of the quaint stall. 🙂

  4. A very well hidden gem. We sometimes pop by after Pau Kee to buy the mutton puffs for FIL. Yes the chicken puff is really yummeh.

  5. ooo, i’m usually NOT a fan of mutton at all, but i’d wanna try this! 😀

  6. Think I tried a beef curry puff somewhere sometime ago. But mutton curry puff is the first time. And sounds delicious enough to warrant a try.

  7. It opens till late evening?

  8. Hi, Wow and its been 30 years since I last had a taste of their curry puff. Really very good. I used to eat it almost everyday. Now in another part of town. Too bad.

  9. steadyaku47

    aisehman KY I have been going to See Kee for over 20 years…best in the world!

    Every time I go there I will get at least a dozen mutton curry puffs…three eaten in the car on the way home and the balance eaten before the day is over! Anybody can beat that?


  10. last december I went there, he is not selling there anymore. there was a notice on the stall that he was moved to other place.

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