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Hidden at Taman Desa is a pretty special place, a little shack with the name 大众烧肉 (Japanese BBQ) that seems like it was lifted from one of those Chinese kungfu series of the 80s. A place where the protagonist grabs a few bites while casually kicks about fifteen person’s butt.

Within the small shack there were a few tall tables and benches, and around the area, more tables are available al fresco style. This Japanese BBQ place is a fair weathered restaurant, while there are some areas under the roof, capacity would be quite limited during rainy day, which unfortunately, would also be the best times to have BBQ around here.

small and quaint set up, charcoal fire, alfresco dining
small and quaint set up, charcoal fire, alfresco dining – perfect ambience

We were introduced to this place by Terence and Michelle (who speaks Japanese), and decided to pay a visit several weeks ago to check out what the fuss is all about.

On a weekend night, the place was fully packed. We had to wait for some half an hour before a table was available, and another 15-20 minutes before the busy waiters bother to start taking our orders.

he Genghiskhan lamb, pork ramen, and mixed vegetable
the Genghiskhan lamb, pork ramen, and mixed vegetable

Most items on the menu consists of raw meat, but for those who want to lace their stomach while waiting for food to be cooked, they serve 3 types of ramen (RM 10 each), and steamed rice is available at RM 3 per pop too. Kerol tried the ramen and reported that it was acceptable, if not underwhelming.

After we ordered our raw meat, a charcoal stove is set up between the two tables we were seated. Our first dish to go on the stove was Genghiskhan lamb (RM 20), which reminded me a little bit of bulgogi but with chunks of lamb instead. it was pretty tasty and went well with steamed rice, but portion was a little small.

various pork including three layer pork, pork liver, beef short ribs, pork tongue
various pork including  pork belly, pork liver, beef short ribs, pork tongue

When our meat finally arrives, we finally realized that “small portion” is a pretty consistent issue here.

Pork belly, shoulder loin, inside leg, neck and big intestine are priced at RM 10 per plate, while tongue, throat, liver, heart, stomach, and small intestine at RM 6 per plate. The slightly bigger plate beef short ribs was RM 15.

We didn’t order steak (RM 25) or beef brisket, ribeye, tongue (RM 10 each) though, so can’t comment on the portion.

here's four more other types of pork, including belly, shoulder loin, neck
here’s four more other types of pork, including belly, shoulder loin, neck

The meat could take a bit of time to grill, but the result was mostly positive, with the pork belly especially superb! Those layer of pork fat in between the meat were succulent and yummy (if you don’t mess up and over cooked it lah).

I’m pretty partial to the leaner cut of meat, and pork stomach (tripe) was a bit too tough to chew after grilling, I guess that’s a part of pork that’s best left stewed or cooked in soup.

we only had one stove for seven of us though
we only had one stove for seven of us though

Dining at Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ can be pretty cool, there isn’t another place that let you grill your pork with charcoal fire in that rustic environment anywhere in Klang Valley that I’m aware of.

The problem though, was that of price and service. If you really want to have a satisfying dinner, expect to dig in quite a bit to your wallet and spend at least a couple hours there.

Yuki, Horng, KY, Kerol, Michelle, Ah Chan, Ruby, Haze
Yuki, Horng, KY, Kerol, Michelle, Ah Chan, Ruby, Haze (saw BangsarBabe there too)

While I am probably never going to be a regular customer there, it’s a cool place to be once in a blue moon (they do serve pretty cheap beer, including Asahi). We also took the idea and made our own pork BBQ, I’ll share that on this space soon. 😀

map to Japanese BBQ at Taman Desa

Japanese BBQ
Center Court Plaza Faber,
Jalan Desa Jaya Taman Desa
Off. Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.1065905 , 101.6783134

Discuss : KY eats – Japanese BBQ at Taman Desa

  1. I love it except that it’s a bit far for me (us)..

  2. I’ve tried this eatery. It is nothing fantastic, nothing to shout about.
    Since the meat is not marinated, would have expected the dipping sauce to be more flavourful, but it wasn’t. Portions are small too. The Genghis Khan was alright. I prefer korean BBQ.

    • Winnie: my gf claimed that the meat was perhaps marinated, that could be true but very minimal I guess. yah, a bit too expensive for me as well.

  3. This is my all time fave place>.< A lil mahal but I love the idea of not cleaning up sometimes.

  4. ah.. i know this place and the chef.. but sek em pao one.. the portions so small end up eating RM250 for 2 people.. so really have to have deep pockets if you’re gonna eat till full! Better to have supper there, after an earlier dinner otherwise pokai! LOL

  5. wah a good find. I’m just a little surprised with the whole set up of this place. Really look like a “tai pai dong”

  6. i like your blog because your review has been fair, if it’s good, it’s good, if it’s not, well, just say it. because other people might also feel the same. ha, anyway, eating here seems not “worthy” lo. im still hoping to try the seafood mee in penang which u blogged about. looks very yummy.

  7. Wwow… i’m a big fan of bbq and if they’re happened to be done in rustic street style no frills enviroment, I likey! the portions do seem….really small. I’m afraid my fiance will punch me to the moon if i ask him to bring here. He’s not a fan of paying $$ for small portion / mediocre but high price kl food.

    SAD but I still want to try even once after seeing your pics!

  8. The first time I visited this place I thought it’s so old-school and the food is not bad at all. But yea, prices a bit steep and portion is kinda small. On another note (not related to food at all), the boss is a hot Japanese and very buff 😛

  9. thats kinda priceyyy for that portion.. would prefer yakiniku anytime !!

  10. I think this is rather expensive. We had something similar in seri petaling over the weekend. It’s called Kanpai. Rm35++ all u can eat. Also using charcoal to grill those meat.

  11. I never tried this place but the boss is the same as Sanuki Udon in Taman Desa. Sanuki has charcoal grill meat on sticks for RM2

  12. Silent Arrow

    It was raining and the waiter all looks at us and didn’t help us at all to move the table. End up my friends and I move the table by ourself. And the food they serve to us is very small portion BUT for those Japanese peoples is with big portion. We only take 4 plate of beef and 3 tiger beers,try to guess how much is it. IT’s RM 91.00…………..what the fuck~!!!
    bad service and bad attitude plus the price is very expensive with a very small portion. FUCK YOU~~~!!!Japanese BBQ @ Taman Desa!!!!!!!!
    NEVER EVER will go back to there again~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And peoples please don’t go there and don’t introduce your friends or relative to there, it’s REALLY REALLY not WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silent Arrow: Yeah, this place is way too expensive and service too slow. It was pretty delicious but ultimately I don’t think is a place worth going for most people.

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