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Bak Kut Teh has always been one of my favorite Malaysian food, and hence it has a category all by itself on this blog. After some two dozen different places covered (more if included those not worthy for sharing), I’m still far from tired of bak kut teh, and today I want to tell you about Nan Feng, where you find the best dried bak kut teh anywhere.

Nan Feng bak kut teh at Klang
Nan Feng bak kut teh at Klang

The restaurant is situated in the heart of Klang and first introduced to us by our Klang ahbeng friend – Zess. The only guy I know who actually eats bak kut teh some half a dozen times a week, if he says the place is worthy, I won’t bet against.

The restaurant has a typical bak kut teh place set up, with the chef and stall right at the entrance and tables placed both indoor and out, with water kettles strategically placed within arm’s reach.

yep, clay pot goodness, both dry and wet versions
yep, clay pot goodness, both dry and wet versions

Other than the traditional clay pot “soup version”, this place also serves dry version of bak kut teh. One that is cooked by reducing bak kut teh soup, dark soya sauce, and enhanced with dried chili, okra, and sometimes dried cuttlefish.

If you come to Nan Feng, this is a must order, they serve the best dry bak kut teh I’ve ever tasted.

chicken feet make a surprise appearance, with plenty of pork of course
chicken feet make a surprise appearance, and you never waste bak kut teh soup

We usually order both versions of bak kut teh when we are there.

The soup has a very strong herbal taste and sweetness of pork flavor in it, typical of authentic Klang bak kut teh (as opposed to Teow Chew version which is usually clear and milder). I was informed that the soup first served in the clay pot is the most “kao” version of all, and those “extra” soup that you ask is from a different pot and usually slightly less flavorful, though honestly they were all excellent to me.

fried shallots adds a lot to the oily rice served here
fried shallots adds a lot to the oily rice served here

While at Klang, you should also consume bak kut teh rice like how they do it here – with fried shallots. This isn’t something familiar to me either, I usually only have fried shallots with prawn mee, but I’m liking it. The shallots really added an extra dimension and gives the mixture of meat and rice some crunchiness.

I’ve also been told that the pork intestine soup (peppery type) is awesome here. The only problem is that they usually run out by maybe 10 am, so we’ve yet to try that.

Yuki, Horng, Haze, KY, and Kerol, we stuffed ourselves silly
Yuki, Horng, Haze, KY, and Kerol, we stuffed ourselves silly

We usually spend around RM 10-13 per person around here, and never left unsatisfied. If you’re a fan of bak kut teh, especially dry bak kut teh, don’t miss out this place.

map to Nan Feng Bak Kut Teh, Klang

Nan Feng Bak Kut Teh
49, Jln Raja Bot,
41400 Klang, Selangor
GPS: 3.0521, 101.448601
Tel: 016-278 5525 
Hours: early morning till 2+pm

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  1. i wonder if they will wash the stoves with so much of those spilled sauces.

  2. I miss the Klang bakuteh the other day was in Klang….har…

  3. Wah, 10am already finished selling the intestine soup!!! Can I join you on a porkylicious makan trip some day please?

  4. I’m already planning to come back for good soon.

  5. i initially misread what you wrote as ‘fried bak kut teh’ instead of ‘dried.’ and now i’m thinking i’d wouldn’t mind trying fried BKT 😀

  6. klang is so far away. ><

  7. I love the dry version only when it had sufficient of the dry cuttlefish. Some places in Subang too kedekut with it.

    LOve the amount of sauteed onions on the rice! Awesome maximus…can go carbo loading with lots of BKT soup:D

  8. Wah! Makanan lazat. Apa itu nasi minyak? Does it taste like chicken oily rice? How come Kerol looked so garang? Is she worried someone will take her BKT away? LOL!

    • Meng: there’s some similarity but not exactly the same, and kerol is sometimes a bit siao. haha.

  9. Cindy Tong

    wow i never tried having my rice with fried shallot..the aroma and crunchiness…

  10. i want some chicken wing~~~~~~~ 😛

  11. Hi.
    is bkt a Malaysian dish (invention)? or is it eaten in other countries too?

    • johannes: yah it’s a Malaysian invention I believe, and getting ever more popular these days, you can find it at other places too but not so common

  12. ps
    me and my kidds love it!

  13. The person serving the customers here is rude and had to wait long. Tried the dried version and it was good.

    • Subbiah: Sorry you had to endure that, our experience was almost always good there, perhaps cos the boss is familiar with us.

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