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I’m heading to Singapore this coming Monday for the Snow Patrol concert (woohoo!), and thus there was a need to finally renew my international passport that’s expiring next month (the fact that you can’t use it anymore 6 months before expiration date is dumb)

So I went onΒ just to check what I need to get it done, and that’s when I discover that you can actually do it online. Which is quite baffling since we’re supposed to be a 3rd world country and our government services were mostly still operating with 80s mindset – “system down! besok mari!”

passport renewal
a bit of photo editing skills go a long way to save monehh

Anyway, all you got to do is put in your IC and passport number, the system will then pull up all the information from your previous record, and you can edit them if there were errors. Then the process is simple:

  • check to make sure information is correct
  • upload passport photo
  • pay via online banking/credit card
  • choose the immigration office you want to collect your brand new passport from
  • collect after 2 hours

And it was really as simple as that. My faith in Wawasan 2020 is back! Now if every department is half as efficient as these guys…

Pro tip: I just asked my colleague to snap a photo of me using my phone, and then with some pixie dust and magical moves via GIMP I made my shirt dark (a requirement), the background blue (another requirement), and then crop the photo into their preferred dimension.

Pro tip 2: Remember to bring the printed receipt and your old passport and IC to collect the new one. I forgot the receipt the first time so had to go there twice, the 2.1 hour was a lie.

Discuss : How to Renew Malaysian Passport in 2.1 hours

  1. WOW this is informative. And surprised to know that Malaysia has actually come to this level! Now passport renewal is as simple as 1,2,3! πŸ˜‰

  2. OMG!!! We have such a facility??? I clicked on the link to ensure you were not kidding. πŸ˜‰ I rang my mom, my sis, my friends and everyone ….. to read your blog. Thank YOU for sharing!!!!

  3. u mean after the online photo upload n form filled up n pay up, u didn’t get your passport after 2 hours at desired immigration office? then how long does it takes? the truth pls

    • ken: I would have gotten it in 2 hours if I brought the receipt. I had to drive back to get the receipt which made it a bit longer. It’s my fault la actually not theirs. πŸ˜€

  4. Wah, photoshop pro ah! Baju color also changed! πŸ˜€

  5. β€œsystem down! besok mari!” >>>> Best ever,ROFL!!!

    • Kash: that’s very typical isn’t it? lol.

      • At least you could make up your own photo, our country’s embassy in the country I live was a different ball game. The officer informed me they don’t allow the use of own photos. So I went, fill up form everything, then he said he will take the photo. He used his Iphone and took it and charged me €10 for it!!! Best part is tarak resit! Grrrr, masuk pocket the € for him.

        • Kash: hahaha that one a bit kena conned d. REPORT! πŸ˜›

          • How to??? If don’t give then they will delay processing etc, if report, god knows what will they do to my application. Just to ask you, can you feel the microchip in your passport? I can’t feel mine, so I’m not sure if can use for the auto gate at KLIA???

  6. DUN lie to me pls…

  7. 2.1 meh? I did it in less πŸ˜› hahaha

  8. KY, that is quick for renewing a Malaysian Passport. Thai Passport seems to take days to renew it btw.

  9. and i just renewed my passport the old way just a few weeks ago and it’s pretty fast too

  10. Convenient in a way….but bad business for photo shop owners….

  11. πŸ™‚ wah, lu ah neh ho liao. memang boleh lah you!

  12. The last time I did it a couple years ago, it was 2 hours but must come to their office to do it. Then spend the 2 hours hanging around until its ready. Good, now that it’s online no need to hang around.

  13. Can I collect it not exactly the collection date ? as it had a collection date and time in receipt but i not able to collect it in time.

    please reply me asap

  14. What is the resolution and size of the photo file? If the dimension too large how?

    • Garry: it’ll reject if it’s too large, I think within 5 megabyte or something like that.

  15. if i forgot to print out the receipt, where to get the receipt again? i could not find it…><

  16. Agree with your “System down,mari esok”
    This Morning (8am)i went to Duta Immigration Malaysia.. kiosk cant use then go counter ask they say system down..can go other branch do….
    Fine,so i went to Pudu Immigration Malaysia … wait 3 hour and going my turn then i heard they say seluruh Malaysia System down….hari ini tak pasti boleh buat jadi balik dulu…..OMG~!!Malaysia Culture “SYSTEM DOWN”

    If online do how long can collect passport?

  17. They said applicant must go to the counter for thumbprint before the passport will be issued. So, i have to scan my thumbprint when to collect it. is it true? n my passport expired on january 2012, i still have to renew or apply for new one?

    • Don: yep you’ll have to collect it yourself and do bring your thumb. I’m not quite sure how the procedure is if your passport is long expired.

  18. I have been given mixed messages re duration for applying for renewal of passport. I was told Pudu was the fastest. Having read through the comments, I am unsure exacty how long the process take. Does Pudu office still exist?

    • Julie: I don’t think the Pudu office still exists…

      • Hi there, my sister just renewed her passport in Pudu the other day, it was ready for collection after one hour and she was off to catch her flight.
        Hope this helps. I’m going to renew mine in Pudu soon.

  19. Hi. I tried to renew online today but the system asked to go to the jabatan imigresen.
    No longer can do online meh?

  20. Hi may i know whether we can collect it later than 2 after a week or something?

  21. Hi,
    May I know what colour code you use for your background? I am using GIMP but can’t seem to get the right shade. Thanks.

    • ML: I’m not sure what code that is, you can use the color picker to get the same color though

  22. Haha me 1st time trying. So dont know how to do.

    Btw, someone said the background should be from light (bottom) to dark (top). Did yours have slightly different shades?

  23. The photo should be in what type of file? Jpeg?

  24. Just to update that I got my passport within 2 hours. Best!!!

  25. locoroco

    Announcement :

    As per Malaysian Passport Photographs Specification dated 29 April 2013, as per the requirement set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Malaysian passport applicants r required to produce White Background Photo.

    The requirement was implemented in stages by respective branches, the earliest was Putrajaya as of 8 Apr 2013. As of today 28 May 2013, all branches adhered to the new specification.

    Sample Photo

    Implementation date of branches

    Not surprisingly,

    The new requirement is “TOO DIFFICULT” to be updated in the main page :

    And even the Online Passport Renewal page still asks for a Blue Background as of today:

    Prof locoroco

  26. For the past 2 days, I’ve been to few immigration office for passport renewal, namely kelana jaya, shah alam, putrajaya, pudu, and also the subang terminal branch. Due to a new system being implementing since months ago, stability is very much affected and resulted in frequent Offline. AS of these few week, one can no longer get the passport renewal done in One day. Forget about the 2 hours promise. Kelana jaya branch required 7 days for processing. Some other branches need 3 working days.

    Beware, the subang terminal branch published in Immigration official website ONLY for “Aktivity : Pintu Masuk Udara”, the Passport processing unit closed long time ago LOL.

    Also, the online application service is temporarily down for peninsular malaysia processing until further notice as of 7 May 2013.

    Before u proceed to renew ur passport, strongly suggest u all to visit the ‘Announcement’ link in the main page for latest update so to avoid hassles.

    Announcement on Main Official Page:

  27. There is another important point to note regarding the exact location of our main Putrajaya Immigration office for passport processing, if u happen to use your smartphone gps app such as waze to navigate, don’t be too excited (like what I did) when u searched the address and discovered the following match:
    “Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Precinct 2,Putrajaya”. Nope. That’s not the place u wanna go.

    The search key to use is “Komplek Komuniti Precint 15”. This is the ‘special building’ dedicated for passport processing in putrajaya. Not the “Main Imigresen Putrajaya” building in Precint 2.

    And the distance of Precint 15 from Precint 2 main office is 6KM + if u r lucky enough to find a direct route lol. Else, u circle around and around, would end up like 10KM+ only reach the Precint 15 building.

    Anyway, the place, they called it Pejabat Pasport Putrajaya, Aras 1, Bangunan Chancery Place, JLN Diplomatik 2, Presint 15, putrajaya.

  28. Typical Malaysia. Spend millions/billions building something, then geniusly destroy it, usually through lack of maintenance.

    “The Immigration online application service is temporarily disrupted. Applicants are advice to go to the nearest Immigration office to make their applications or enquiries.”

    Maybe they just want to fark everyone over because of the elections.

  29. my passport expired on 7th January 2014. Can I go to Singopore on 25/7/13 without renew passport?

  30. Unfortunately, the online renewal system is down now. Have to do it the old fashioned way…long queues and waiting…Bahhhhh

  31. If my both my thumbprints cant be used for a scan, can i use my other fingers? Please answer.

  32. Oh ok thanks anyways. Just asking, has there been any cases where people with either bad thumbprints or chronic skin conditions for example old people who cant get their passports done?

    • Daniel: I’m not aware of that, I’m sure there’re alternative ways to handle this for people with no hands etc.

  33. Wow! what a wonderful blog you have. Renewing a passport, information, costs, and resources for renewing is nice and easy.

  34. moazam ali

    I request pls. Make easieset work permit

  35. Thanks for the awesome tips. But sad that this online service has been suspended at the moment πŸ™

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