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Pan mee is one of the few underrated hawker dishes originated right around here in Klang Valley that has seen some revival as of late, most notably due to chili pan mee places such as the famous Kin Kin pan mee, and restaurant Super Kitchen (which I prefer largely due to better service).

Hock Thai restaurant, at the less glamourous area of SS 2
Hock Thai restaurant, at the less glamourous area of SS 2omb

While I occasionally enjoys chili version of this dish, the true pan mee connoisseurs will always tell you that to taste the real pan mee, you need to get back to it’s origin and have the good old fashion hand peeled version.

The quest for good old school pan mee brought me to this relatively obscure row of shop lots at SS 2 that is situated somewhere behind the Bomba building and Tropicana City Mall – a corner kopitiam by the name of Hock Thai Seafood Restaurant (they serve seafood tai chao at night)

dry and normal soup version of pan mee, with hand made noodle
dry and normal soup version of pan mee, with hand made noodle

I met Michael there and we ordered both the dry and soup version of pan mee (RM 4.50). The ingredients aren’t fancy, you get the usual pan mee leave, flavorful minced meat, crunchy fried anchovies, slices of mushroom, and those sweet potato leaves.

What is special here though, is the hand made noodle. The pan mee was very soft and smooth, almost bordering the texture of koay chap yet unmistakably pan mee. It was positively delicious, the soup that comes with weren’t overly salty either, just subtle and flavorful. Furthermore, the chili paste that is served as the condiment was not a disappointment either.

This was one pan mee that I actually enjoyed eating without overloading the dish with chili.

Michael ordered an extra bowl of kolo mee
Michael ordered an extra bowl of kolo mee

Update 2021: Aubrey kolo mee & Sarawak Laksa is no longer here

A quick check on foursquare revealed that the Sarawak Kolo Mee (RM 5) too is recommended. We ordered a bowl to share, and sure enough it was another awesome choice. The thin noodle reminds me of angel hair spaghetti and I love the mixture of minced meat and deep fried garlic with the taste of char siu oil in it. Would definitely come again for this too.

If you are a fan of traditional pan mee or kolo mee, Hock Thai kopitiam is definitely a place worth checking out.

map to Hock Thai restaurant, not far behind SS 2 Bomba

Hock Thai Seafood Restaurant
Jalan SS2/103, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor 47300
GPS: 3.12653, 101.62593

Discuss : KY eats – Pan Mee and Kolo Mee at Hock Thai, SS 2 (behind Bomba)

  1. ooo looks like i’ll have to give this a try 😀

    • suanie: i think you’ll like it! call me along ahh gonna try other stuff there 😀

  2. Kolo mee looks pretty authentic and yes, I eat it with char siew oil too, it’s the only way to go.

    Does it come with chilli slices in vinegar? 😀

  3. suertes

    Traditionally, pan mee was considered home cooking, not appropriate for serving to paying patrons. But not so nowadays. Go to Seri Kembangan and you’ll find plenty of stalls that operate out of private homes.

    • suertes: well, traditionally I guess most dishes are home cooked. :/

      • Suertes

        Fried hokkien mee (black), wantan mee and the like are considered restaurant dishes. Chinese have a long, long tradition of eating out

  4. wah… my daily meal over there!

  5. Kolo mee sure looks good!

  6. omg! KOLO MEE!!or as i call it,mee kering!!!
    have tasted various swak kolo mee at semenanjung,but none taste quite as good as i remember it back home.hopefully this one u recommend is good. hehe

    • Clive: try this and let me know if it’s really that good, I am not from Sarawak and don’t really have a “benchmark” if you get what I mean 😀

  7. i wanna munch on some kolo mee too 🙂 it’s really good as compared to many eateries out there

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  8. one of my fav lunch items.. sarawak kolo mee.. and or tomato noodles! hehe

    • ciki: tomato noodle? interesting, i should try it sometimes 😀

      • Tomato kueh tiaw too!

        It’s one of the things I miss about Sarawak, if you don’t specify otherwise, “wet” kueh tiaw is usually cooked in tomato gravy. It’s tastier than it sounds! 🙂

  9. Agree! Real Pan Mee should be the hand peel kind. Does this one has chewiness? I love those kind. Pan Mee which is flatten by machine are a no no for me.

    • Anonymousmich: I love the texture, you should try it. I don’t think machine’s involved but I could be wrong. It was very good tho

  10. annoinimost

    KY, Your map should not be SMK Taman SEA…its SK, a primary school.

  11. rachying

    You should try the Claypot Lou Shu Fun behind it next time… It’s nice too! It has pork balls in it!!

  12. Looks like a must try…Den can have the kolo mee while I opt for the hand peeled pan mee.

  13. KY, if you’re a fan of pan mee (i am :D) do try the one in Lucky Garden @ Bangsar – i forgot the shop’s name but it’s the same row as secret recipe. There are two shops, one at the corner and one in the middle, go for the middle one and the pan mee stall inside there is AMAAAAAZING.

    • Claire: I think I know where you’re talking about, will give it a try one of these days. The renovated shop right?

  14. Hey KY,

    Here’s another shop selling Kolo Mee in town.

    News is the owner is from Kuching and they serve authentic Kolo Mee. They even make their own noodles!

    Try the Sarawak Laksa as well. It’s really good.

  15. Hi KY,
    I have been looking for a good photo of a pan mee and found yours. Wonder if it is okay to use yours and link it to your site here? Thanks for the info will go over to this place one day. For me it is the chilli which determines my pan mee is good or not and this one looks so good!

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