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Klang is of course, most famous as the epicenter of bak kut teh, but hidden in this town that is notorious for producing a large number of ah bengs & gangstas is also a one of a kind restaurant that serves very unique pork ribs rice.

The restaurant is Peng Heong Hakka Paikut (or pai kuat in Cantonese, which means pork ribs). I’ve actually covered this place back in the first year of this blog, but since then, the little shack has moved into a big corner restaurant, and the menu has expanded too. So I suppose it warrants a rewrite. ūüėÄ

Peng Heong Hakkai Paikut at Klang
Peng Heong Hakkai Paikut at Klang

The restaurant is situated just off Jalan Pasar, and unlike the old location, now there is ample parking. Furthermore, weather is not a factor anymore, the place is clean, well ventilated, and with good hygiene.

The menu is filled with picture and price for every dish, and ordering is done via wireless device from the server straight to the kitchen. If you think Klang is the backwater of Selangor, this might change your mind, might.

the all important pork ribs, succulent and full of flavor
the all important pork ribs, succulent and full of flavor

The star here is obviously the pork ribs. Priced from RM 8 to RM 20, they are succulent, sweet, and absolutely delicious. The ribs are mostly de-boned too so there’s plenty of meat in this plate of goodness. The taste is a bit strong if you have it as is, but with rice, it’s heaven.

chai buih, rice with dark soya sauce, pork tripes soup, asam fish
chai buih, rice with dark  soya sauce, pork tripes soup, asam fish

Other than pork ribs, the chai buih is a must order. Take it as a Chinese version of kimchi, spicy, sour, and full of kick. Over here they have it proper, and anyone who loves chai buih shouldn’t ever miss this one.

The asam fish and pork tripe soup too are of pretty good quality around here, they make very good complimentary dishes and provides a good change of taste.

the drinks usually comes in big bottles to be shared, love the soya bean
the drinks usually comes in big bottles to be shared, love the soya bean

Missing from the photos is the pork knuckle in vinegar that we tried on another visit. It has some of the fattest pork knuckle in arguably the most sourish vinegar “soup” that I’ve tried. I love it!

We usually spend about RM 14-20 per person per visit. Pretty reasonable pricing for what you get, so don’t just go to Klang for bak kut teh ya!

Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Restaurant
No 2, Lorong Gudang Nanas,
Off Jalan Pasar, 41400 Klang
GPS: 3.048, 101.4448
Tel: 019-260 0855, 012-236 9855

For the best Indian food, it usually takes an Indian to introduce. Not too long ago, over a Friday lunch hour, my most awesome colleague Latha took us on an LRT ride and brought us to Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant for a taste of what she regards as one of the best naan and chicken tandoori in town.

Sri Ananda Bahwan at Bangsar, just behind the LRT station
Sri Ananda Bahwan at Bangsar, just behind the LRT station

Conveniently situated right behind the Bangsar LRT station (you can walk through menara UOB to get there), Sri Ananda Bahwan offers nasi kandar, naan, tandoori, thosai, roti, chapati, and more. While there’s only one Sri Ananda Bahwan in KL, they are actually a chain from up north, with over half a dozen restaurants in Penang, Kedah, and Ipoh.

normal naan with tandoori chicken, delicious
normal naan with tandoori chicken, delicious

After the first visit, Haze and I went there again a couple weeks later, for the two of us, we ordered naan with tandoori chicken and naan with chicken tikka masala.

The naan had that very welcoming aroma, and the dishes were served with proper condiments in mint chutney, curry, lime, onion, tomato, cucumber, and another chutney I can’t name. Both the tandoori chicken and chicken tikka masala was some of the bests we’ve had, exquisite taste that rivals those from “proper” Indian restaurants.

I had chicken tikka masala, fantastic
I had chicken tikka masala, fantastic

We were seated at the air conditioned section of the restaurant (always a plus), and for a change, it is actually clean and comfortable, not an environment you usually associate with mamak outlets.

 The bill came to RM 24.10 with a teh tarik and milo ais. Not exactly the cheapest lunch option but one that is plenty good and definitely worth it in my opinion.

map to sri ananda bahwan at Bangsar

Sri Ananda Bahwan
No.26, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1,
Bangsar Utama,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
: 3.12821, 101.67818
Tel: 03-2284 4170

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Olympics samsung

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And here’s what Jamie Oliver has to say:

The deadline for audition videos is before midnight GMT on April 29th. The competition is open to those who are from UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Thailand

Chef Stefano Merlo hail from the kitchen of the acclaimed Rossini’s at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, and brought with him a unique take on¬†contemporary¬†Italian cuisine at Favola from 15 – 21 April, 2012. There are over 20 menu items to choose from, and available only for dinner. Ala carte dishes are priced from RM 30++ to RM 250++, while a 4-course set menu is available at RM 300 nett per person or 4-course set menu with wine pairing at RM 450 nett.

We were among the lucky few to be invited to the cooking and tasting session with Chef Stefano last weekend.

Chef Stefano Merlo at Favola, Le Meridien KL
Chef Stefano Merlo at Favola, Le Meridien KL

Chef Stefano is a native of Padua in northern Italy and has worked alongside with many highly regarded chefs in prestigious restaurants around the world. This includes Michelin starred Chef Alfredo Russo from “Il Dolce Stil Novo”, and respected Head Chef Toshikazu Tsuji from Enoteca Pinchiorri in Tokyo.

artichokes fritata in preperation
artichokes fritata in preperation

The good chef prepared three dishes for us to sample during the cooking demonstration – Artichokes Fritata, Seafood Risotto, and Milk Risotto with Cherry Parfait.

First, the artichokes fritata, a very interesting preparation of perhaps the most mundane of all ingredients – egg.

  • 12 eggs
  • 100 gram cream
  • 4 stalks of artichokes
  • bread croutons
  • shiso cress

artichokes fritata
artichokes fritata

First, fry eggs with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper but keeping the yolks slightly runny. Transfer the fritata in a blender and blend it with cream till smooth. Peel and clean artichokes and steam in oven for 30 minutes at 90c. To serve, pour 3 spoon of fritata and top with artichoke, crutons, shiso cress and extra virgin olive oil.

The only tricky part is that you need a culinary foam maker to make this fritata, but the result was a breakfast with very unique texture and a familiar taste, it was very nice.

seafood risotto, plenty of bisque is the key
seafood risotto, plenty of bisque is the key

Next was seafood risotto.

  • 140 gram risotto
  • prawns, scallops, seabass, baby squid, mussels, clams
  • 200 gram clam and mussel stock
  • 50 gram butter
  • 50 gram parmesan cheese
  • 10 gram chopped Italian parsley
  • 1 gram lecithin
  • salt

lecithin is used to make foam, and seafood prepared separately
lecithin is used to make foam, and seafood prepared separately

Toast rice with butter and a pinch of salt, then cook with clam and mussel stock till rice is ‘al dente’ (slightly hard in the center). Remove from heat and add two tablespoon of butter, then mix rice with parmesan cheese and chopped parsley.

Pan fry or grill the seafood (one by one as they have different cooking time). Make foam by using the remaining clam and mussel stock mix with lecithin (this can be omitted at home). Pour risotto in serving plate, mix seafood and foam to serve.

seafood risotto, almost too pretty to eat
seafood risotto, almost too pretty to eat

The risotto took some 20 minutes or so to make, and the resulting dish was excellent. It was undoubtedly the best risotto I’ve tried. The generous amount of seafood stock used in the¬†preparation¬†of this risotto made it very rich and flavorful, but at the same time Chef Stefano kept it in check and not overpowering. Exquisite.

milk risotto with cherry parfait
milk risotto with cherry parfait

milk risotto with cherry parfait is a dish that takes quite a bit of preparation and a pacojet to prepare, so I guess it is not very useful to share the recipe here, but if you have a penchant for unfamiliar taste, this dessert is a must order. I love it, but Haze find it unsuitable for her taste. It is milky, and has a texture not unlike porridge, but yet undoubtedly a dessert. Try it!

Saturday lunch buffet at Favola
Saturday lunch buffet at Favola

After the cooking demonstration and a taste of all the three creations by Chef Stefano, we were treated with the Saturday Hi-Tea at Favola (RM 88++ from 12pm – 3pm).

The generous spread includes antipasti, salad, dessert, meat, seafood, risotto, pasta, bread, and fresh baked pizzas, and more.

i love the squid ink pasta
i love the squid ink pasta

It was definitely a very fulfilling session with some familiar faces. Read what the others say.

KY, Haze, Evelyn, Suan, Horng, Mei, Josen
KY, Haze, Evelyn, Suan, Horng, Mei, Josen

2 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur 50470

GPS: 3.135631,101.686476
Tel: 03-2263 7753

Hokkaido Ichiba at One Utama and Mid Valley Gardens are two of the latest restaurants to be opened up by one of the largest Japanese restaurant chains in the country – Super Dining.

The group started out with their Raku Zen restaurants at SS 15 and other locations, then ventured into lower end conveyor belt style restaurants in Sushi Zanmai, a Japanese pasta chain in Pasta Zanmai, a higher end hotel-restaurant in Kura, and now, sitting between Zanmai and Raku Zen РHokkiado Ichiba.

Hokkaido Ichiba, One Utama branch
Hokkaido Ichiba, One Utama branch

The menu at Hokkaido Ichiba is rather extensive, there are sushi, sashimi, various bento, maki, ramen, udon, and even small side dishes that you normally wouldn’t find in ordinary Japanese outlets.

California temaki, anglerfish liver, spicy oyster ramen
California temaki, anglerfish liver, spicy oyster ramen

For the two of us, we ordered an oyster ramen, a chirashi sushi, California temaki, and something that I haven’t eaten since¬†5 years ago in Vietnam¬†– anglerfish liver.

The service was pretty brisk on a weekday night at One Utama, and we got our dishes within 15 minutes or so upon ordering.

Hokkaido Ichiba is a bit like an in betweens of Rakuzen and Sushi Zanmai, pricing closer to Rakuzen while quality isn't too far from Zanmai… Tho you do get premium location and nice decoration… #kyeats #japanese #sushi #halal #midvalley

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The California temaki was Haze’s¬†appetizer¬†and reportedly quite tasty. The anglerfish liver though, was a tad too dry for me, though still retaining that distinctive taste that I can only describe as a blend of liver with a fishy (in a good way) undertone and has a texture between that of foie gras and pork liver. If you haven’t tried it before, this is a place to do so in an affordable way.

The spicy oyster ramen was a pretty decent dish as well, spicy and rather flavorful, though slightly lacking when compared to dedicated ramen shops such as Santouka or Marutama. This is perhaps due to the home made ramen used in other outlets, or the amount of effort poured into the making of ramen broth.

chirashi sushi, with scallops, amaebi shrimps, salmon, and ikura
chirashi sushi, with scallops, amaebi, salmon, ikura

My chirashi sushi though, was a steal at RM 30. It has two amaebi (sweet shrimps), hotate (scallops), ikura (salmon roe), salmon, and a couple crab sticks. The ingredients were pretty fresh and I thought it was a very good bowl of chirashi sushi especially considering the price point.

Haze and KY at Hokkaido Ichiba Japanese restuarant
Haze and KY at Hokkaido Ichiba Japanese restuarant

Overall, Hokkiado Ichiba really does find a niche in this pretty saturated Japanese restaurant market. The food is pretty good, prices reasonable (RM 77.70 for everything, including green tea). If you are at One Utama or Mid Valley Gardens looking for reasonably affordable Japanese food and not wanting to fight with the crowd at Sushi Zanmai, this is a place worth checking out.

Hokkaido Ichiba
Lot T-201, 3rd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL.
Tel: 03-2283 1060

Hokkaido Ichiba
Lot LG 101, Lower Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara, 47800 PJ.
Tel: 03-7727 0020