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Klang is of course, most famous as the epicenter of bak kut teh, but hidden in this town that is notorious for producing a large number of ah bengs & gangstas is also a one of a kind restaurant that serves very unique pork ribs rice.

The restaurant is Peng Heong Hakka Paikut (or pai kuat in Cantonese, which means pork ribs). I’ve actually covered this place back in the first year of this blog, but since then, the little shack has moved into a big corner restaurant, and the menu has expanded too. So I suppose it warrants a rewrite. 😀

Peng Heong Hakkai Paikut at Klang
Peng Heong Hakkai Paikut at Klang

The restaurant is situated just off Jalan Pasar, and unlike the old location, now there is ample parking. Furthermore, weather is not a factor anymore, the place is clean, well ventilated, and with good hygiene.

The menu is filled with picture and price for every dish, and ordering is done via wireless device from the server straight to the kitchen. If you think Klang is the backwater of Selangor, this might change your mind, might.

the all important pork ribs, succulent and full of flavor
the all important pork ribs, succulent and full of flavor

The star here is obviously the pork ribs. Priced from RM 8 to RM 20, they are succulent, sweet, and absolutely delicious. The ribs are mostly de-boned too so there’s plenty of meat in this plate of goodness. The taste is a bit strong if you have it as is, but with rice, it’s heaven.

chai buih, rice with dark soya sauce, pork tripes soup, asam fish
chai buih, rice with dark  soya sauce, pork tripes soup, asam fish

Other than pork ribs, the chai buih is a must order. Take it as a Chinese version of kimchi, spicy, sour, and full of kick. Over here they have it proper, and anyone who loves chai buih shouldn’t ever miss this one.

The asam fish and pork tripe soup too are of pretty good quality around here, they make very good complimentary dishes and provides a good change of taste.

the drinks usually comes in big bottles to be shared, love the soya bean
the drinks usually comes in big bottles to be shared, love the soya bean

Missing from the photos is the pork knuckle in vinegar that we tried on another visit. It has some of the fattest pork knuckle in arguably the most sourish vinegar “soup” that I’ve tried. I love it!

We usually spend about RM 14-20 per person per visit. Pretty reasonable pricing for what you get, so don’t just go to Klang for bak kut teh ya!

Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Restaurant
No 2, Lorong Gudang Nanas,
Off Jalan Pasar, 41400 Klang
GPS: 3.048, 101.4448
Tel: 019-260 0855, 012-236 9855

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  1. Oh, if this post was last week, then would’ve gone to eat it for lunch since I’m there to change tyres!

  2. iamthewitch

    Oohh I love paikuat!! Especially after being deboned.. perfect to mix with rice! I must learn how to cook these now 😛

  3. foodcrazee

    klang ppl call tht area emporium makan . . . . as thts what it is back in the 80’s

  4. this makes me wonder: if klang is the epicenter of BKT, what is sri petaling (my neighborhood) the epicenter of? maybe nothing really hor 😀

  5. Michelle

    i love chai buih tooo! <3

  6. Now I fancy the chai boi more than the paikuat d. Still I love the paikuat very very ….

  7. I like the combo of the chai buey (salty and spicy and sour) with the pork ribs (sweet and meaty). Perfect!

  8. I love their meat balls, more flavorsome 🙂

  9. Looks very nice! I miss Malaysia food so much 😉

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