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For the best Indian food, it usually takes an Indian to introduce. Not too long ago, over a Friday lunch hour, my most awesome colleague Latha took us on an LRT ride and brought us to Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant for a taste of what she regards as one of the best naan and chicken tandoori in town.

Sri Ananda Bahwan at Bangsar, just behind the LRT station
Sri Ananda Bahwan at Bangsar, just behind the LRT station

Conveniently situated right behind the Bangsar LRT station (you can walk through menara UOB to get there), Sri Ananda Bahwan offers nasi kandar, naan, tandoori, thosai, roti, chapati, and more. While there’s only one Sri Ananda Bahwan in KL, they are actually a chain from up north, with over half a dozen restaurants in Penang, Kedah, and Ipoh.

normal naan with tandoori chicken, delicious
normal naan with tandoori chicken, delicious

After the first visit, Haze and I went there again a couple weeks later, for the two of us, we ordered naan with tandoori chicken and naan with chicken tikka masala.

The naan had that very welcoming aroma, and the dishes were served with proper condiments in mint chutney, curry, lime, onion, tomato, cucumber, and another chutney I can’t name. Both the tandoori chicken and chicken tikka masala was some of the bests we’ve had, exquisite taste that rivals those from “proper” Indian restaurants.

I had chicken tikka masala, fantastic
I had chicken tikka masala, fantastic

We were seated at the air conditioned section of the restaurant (always a plus), and for a change, it is actually clean and comfortable, not an environment you usually associate with mamak outlets.

 The bill came to RM 24.10 with a teh tarik and milo ais. Not exactly the cheapest lunch option but one that is plenty good and definitely worth it in my opinion.

map to sri ananda bahwan at Bangsar

Sri Ananda Bahwan
No.26, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1,
Bangsar Utama,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
3.12821, 101.67818
Tel: 03-2284 4170

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  1. Michelle

    i prefer having banana leaf rice. hehe

  2. I think PJ old town’s banana leaf rice is the best in klang valley…..

  3. Tandoori best!

  4. Do they have banana leaf rice as well? Not really a big fan of naan…

  5. whoa, their website’s pretty cool! got nice chill-out background music & a nice selection of their food photos 😀

  6. Menara UOA la, not UOB LOL

    I personally think this place sucks, can’t stand the food there. Would prefer to eat my own shoe than eat there.

  7. i like the way u took ur own pic in this post~ so diff from the rest 😆

  8. I’ve been here a few times before, but mostly last year when I was sending my ex to the Bangsar LRT to work.

    It’s okay but for naan and chicken tandoori I prefer Ali Maju at PBD. You have to catch them at the right time though (definitely not lunch – too many people).

    The latter is a bit closer to home too. Haha.

  9. so your expression in that picture was about too little food or too much?

  10. priceless that look on your face.. like haven’t eaten in months:P

  11. papitse

    i know this trails away from banana leaf or indian cuisine but you might want to check out the flagship Cameron Valley Tea House in telawi 5 as a nice contrast – they’ve brought the ‘masala tea’ up market a bit with a lovely contemporary dining set up combined with signature Cameron Valley tea and dishes. nice fusion stuff available – with some nepalese influence too. nice place to escape to plus they’re very active with weekly deals on their fb page happy to see Msian cafes connecting with their customers so actively – and we all benefit ! hv to admit i’m a repeat customer – so much so that when the staff see me they immediately yell out – ‘masala tea maam?!’.

  12. Your thanduri chiken very nice

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