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Restaurant O&S is one of those kopitiams that is always too hot, too humid, and too difficult to get a parking space. Yet despite all these “problems”, it is arguably the busiest kopitiam probably in the whole of PJ.

Over here, sharing a table is a norm, and most of the time you’ll have to wait for a few minutes before you even get to do that. If you want comfort and personal space, don’t bother going there, but if you’re looking for good food, this is where you belong!

yong tau foo at restaurant O&S
yong tau foo at restaurant O&S

On my last visit we had the beef noodle and yong tau foo.

The yong tau foo here is self served. You line up, get a plate, choose your favorite ytf, then give it to the lady who would cut them up and add soup + spring onion for you.

The tofu is smoother than baby’s butt,  I never miss them. I haven’t had a disappointing piece of ytf from here, ever. Pretty reasonably priced as well.

yummy beef noodle, one of the underrated stalls here
yummy beef noodle, one of the underrated stalls here

The beef noodle at O&S is perhaps one of the most underrated stalls. I was introduced to this by Haze, who absolutely loved the broth (very sweet and flavorful). Meat, tripe, beef ball, and a few slices of radish completes the dish, and it would have been perfect had it come with tendon.

The beef noodle is only RM 5.50 to RM 6.50.

Haze and KY enjoying brunch
Haze and KY enjoying brunch

Other yummy dishes at restaurant O&S includes the prawn mee, laksa, kuih teow soup with coagulated blood, and more!

map to restaurant O&S, taman paramount

Restaurant O&S
Jalan 20/14, 
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.107713, 101.624919
Hours: morning till lunch 

OK, here’s a chicken chop recipe that’s so simple and versatile even the most amateur of kitchen warriors would have no problem preparing it. Best of all, it’s far healthier than the deep fried variety you get at “western food” stalls, and easier on the wallet too.

homestyle chicken chop
get your friendly chicken seller to cut the thigh & drumsticks in one piece

A useful tip – go to your local wet market and get the chicken seller to prepare chicken chop cuts for you. They are professionals and can do it within seconds (takes me 10x as long), and you also get the leftover bones that you can use as soup stock.

So here are the ingredients I use, and there’s a great flexibility here.

  • two pieces of thigh + drumstick, cut in chicken chop style
  • 2 table spoon oyster sauce
  • 2 table spoon dark soya sauce
  • a pack of king oyster mushroom
  • 1-2 yellow onion
  • 1/4 cauliflower
  • pepper and some rosemary (optional)
Mushroom and cauliflower can be substituted with other items – carrot, leek, capsicum, and tomato are all great choices.

fry for a bit before putting everything in oven
fry for a bit before putting everything in oven

Cooking instructions:

  • marinate the chicken with dark soya sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper. Feel free to add some rosemary too. Let this sit for at least 15-20 minutes
  • heat up the grill pan, and pan fry the chicken with minimal usage of oil for 1-2 minutes on each side
  • place the mushroom and vegetable around the chicken and shove everything into the oven (start heating it at 175C during the pan fry process)
  • bake for 20 minutes, remove and sprinkle some salt on the vegetables
  • serve while hot

a bit of capsicum would have given the chicken chop better color, oh well
a bit of capsicum would have given the chicken chop better color, oh well

And there you go, a meal for two that is easy to prepare, rather healthy, and positively delicious! I make this about once every couple weeks, and each time with different side dishes (vegetables). You can actually do the same with pork as well, though I usually make namyu pork chop instead.

Happy cooking and do check out other recipes.

A few years ago I came very close to heading to Western Australia for a vacation, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, that plan got axed, and I eventually went to Melbourne a couple times a year after that. The experience at Melbourne was very positive, a first rate place where people are friendly, food are good, and places are beautiful.

After a bit of research and going through, I now believe that the trips to Australia would have been quite a bit more awesome if I had gone to WA instead.

There’s simply just so much more that’s on offer. Especially for someone who loves both the allure of city as well as the great outdoor.

city of Perth
the city of Perth

The city of Perth is a beautiful city and is often marked by its friendly and laid back environment that visitors like. After all, vacations that are hectic never appeal to me. If I want to have a hectic lifestyle, I can just stay put.

For those who love a dose of good retail therapy, this Western Australian city does not disappoint. Gucci, Prada, LV, Tiffany & Co are all on King Street. For bargain hunters, there’re also the Harbourtown Factory outlets in the city.

Shopaholics covered.

making friends with the wallaby
making friends with the quokka on Rottnest Island
the Greenhouse, Fremantle prison tour

Perth is full of quirky surprises too, a prime example is the Greenhouse located at busy St Georges Terrace right in the city. The exterior of the wall is lined wild strawyberry plants. I’d love to be there when the plants start to fruit. What a sight that will be.

The port of Fremantle is a lively fishing boat habor and one of the best preserved 19th century portscapes in the world. The historic Fremantle Prison, Maritime Museum, and Round House are among the tourist attractions.

Of course, never miss the chance to meet Australian creatures when you’re in Western Australia. Rottnest Island is one of the very few places where quokkas can be found. These little marsupials are the size of house cats and look a bit like a cross between rodent and kangaroo, too cute.

Coral Coast
Coral Coast, and yes that’s a dolphin

A couple hours north of Perth is a scenic stretch of coastline by the name of Coral Coast. If sand surfing, wind surfing, four-wheel driving, or feeding dolphins are your thing, this is the place to go.

Near by there’s also Lobster Shack, a popular tourist attraction in Cervantes where visitors get to tour the lobster farming facility (and order some to go, of course)

At the top of the picture collage above is the famous Pinnacle desert that is formed over million of years. At spring time (August to October), the weather is milder and there are wild flowers blooming at the moon-scape like terrain, a uniquely beautiful place.

whale shark at Ningaloo Reef
whale shark at Ningaloo Reef

For me though, the one thing that I would cherish most is probably the chance to dive with whale shark at Ningaloo Reef. These magnificent creatures usually visit the reef between April and July each year. They’re only the largest fish in the ocean, and the number one marine creature I want to dive with right now.

I dive with manta rays & mola-mola in Bali, but whale sharks? That’s a whole different category altogether.

wine and dine at Margaret River

wine and dine at Margaret River

Just 3.5 hours away from Perth is Margaret River, often considered as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Western Australia’s gourmet offering, definitely the place for people who loves good food.

The area is perfect for growing grapes, and accounts for 30% of Australia’s premium wine production. This is a result of its Mediterranean climate and pristine environment.

Winery hopping, anyone?

Australian delicacies at Margaret River
Australian delicacies at Margaret River

The restaurant in premier Margaret River boutique hotel Cape Lodge is placed in the top 10 hotel restaurants in the world by respected travel magazines. Now that’s a place I want to visit. They also offer cooking classes as well, very tempting.

festival and events at Western Australia
festival and events at Western Australia

For those who loves festivals and events, here’s the list of what’s happening at the region in 2012, do take advantage of the events and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 1 to 19 March
  • Telstra Drug Aware Pro Margaret River 19 to 26 March, Margaret River
  • Fremantle Street Arts Festival 7 to 9 April, Fremantle
  • Margaret River Wine Region Festival 13-16 April, Margaret River
  • Busselton Festival of Triathlon 4 to 6 May, Busselton
  • Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival 25 to 27 May, Exmouth
  • Truffle Kerfuffle – Southern Forests Food Festival, 16 June, Manjimup
  • Picasso to Warhol: Twelve Modern Masters 16 June to 3 December, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

south western australia

This post illustrates but a very small sample of what Western Australia has to offer, visit for everything that you need to know for the very promising vacation destination.

Visitors who purchase Perth/Western Australia Package at the MATTA Fair from 16-18th March will receive an Extraordinary Deals booklet worth up to AUD 2,000 in savings and a Western Australian gift pack. Be sure to check out those deals at MATTA Fair.

There is also information on for the facebook generation, and for those who uses smartphones, you’re in for a treat:

Western Australia apps are available!

For Android:
For IOS:

This post is brought to you by Tourism Western Australia.

So I was having my haircut at the usual place that I’ve been visiting for the past 8 or 9 years when the hairstylist asked if I wanted to have some lines.

Haze and I thought it was going to be like 2 lines right above my ears, so I gave an OK without any hesitation, and another few short minutes later…

I guess everything went better than expected?

We’ll see if I still have a job come Monday. Oh my…..

my hairstylist Christine and my ... new hairstyle :S

One thing for sure, Christine the hairstylist sure looked very pleased.

If anyone is interested, I can surely recommend this place. Especially if you like surprises. 😀

For nasi briyani lovers who don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg to get a plate of these yummy rice from mamak chains, here’s definitely a place you should check out.

Located right within the heart of financial district at Lorong Bandar 13 just off Lebuh Pasar Besar is Warong Nasi Briyani Tajudin where you can still get a plate of nasi briyani for as low as RM 5. (that’s about the 2 teh ais at those “high class” mamak these days right?)

Nasi Briyani at Lorong Bandar 13
Nasi Briyani at Lorong Bandar 13

Since parking is a bitch at the area, we decided that take away was the best option. Luckily, even though the stall was plenty busy, they are well prepared for big number of tapao orders and we got our 5 packets of nasi briyani in less than 10 minutes.

There are some cozy tables at the lorong where this stall operates, so it is an option to dine in, though not a particularly great idea to do so during peak lunch hours.

chicken briyani and lamb briyani, yum yum
chicken briyani and lamb briyani, yum yum

Chicken briyani is RM 5, lamb at RM 6. I had mine with lamb, and while the size of that one piece of lamb wasn’t exactly big (barely sufficient), it was rather tasty, and certainly worth the price we paid.

The rice was fragrant, and I love the extra couple packets of curry that comes with it, one being the normal curry and the other tasted almost like satey sauce, kinda interesting but it worked. There’s also a tiny portion of cucumber and onion, I guess you can call those vege?

Other than lamb & chicken, they also serve briyani burung puyuh (RM 7), briyani fish/sotong (RM 6), and plain rice with those ingredients.

Happy eating!

map to nasi briyani lorong bandar 13

Nasi Briyani Lorong Bandar 13
Off Lebuh Pasar Besar
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.146794, 101.696255
Tel: 012-265 3653 / 016-602 3737
Hours: 10am – 4pm