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So I was having my haircut at the usual place that I’ve been visiting for the past 8 or 9 years when the hairstylist asked if I wanted to have some lines.

Haze and I thought it was going to be like 2 lines right above my ears, so I gave an OK without any hesitation, and another few short minutes later…

I guess everything went better than expected?

We’ll see if I still have a job come Monday. Oh my…..

my hairstylist Christine and my ... new hairstyle :S

One thing for sure, Christine the hairstylist sure looked very pleased.

If anyone is interested, I can surely recommend this place. Especially if you like surprises. 😀

Discuss : How did I end up with this hairstyle???

  1. Just tell the boss you had a fight with a lawnmower – and lost.

    I looked similar…after my mom cut my hair when I was 8 😡

  2. I wish I can have that….

  3. kimberlycun

    looks even more awesome in real hahaha

  4. That’s some really nice haircut! I should ask my hairdresser to do that next time!

  5. uber-cool! if we start seeing a lot of guys walking around KL with this haircut, we can blame you for sparking a trend! 😀

  6. Tu lah. That’s why I only go to Indian barbers.

    At least no one will pick fights with you at nightspots…

  7. hahaha nice one! please follow up!!!

  8. i wouldn’t dare take this risk.. too funky for my work environment 😛

  9. Like

  10. You are a brave brave man.

  11. The next thing you need to do is wear adidas tracksuits or hoodies and take up MMA classes. That’ll be perfect.

    Imagine if you put in QR code in those lines hahaha!

  12. i hope you still have a job. how mucheee?

  13. Michelle C

    wow stylish man!

  14. MMtalents

    where is this saloon..? I want to go..

  15. omg.. Far out!!!

  16. OMG. it looks even more obvious from the back view… o.O! hahahaha!

  17. wow…that is quite a new look. and it certainly looks good. no wonder the stylist has such a big smile to her face:D

  18. You will end up selling Blu-Ray DVD in SS2. LOL!!

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