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For nasi briyani lovers who don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg to get a plate of these yummy rice from mamak chains, here’s definitely a place you should check out.

Located right within the heart of financial district at Lorong Bandar 13 just off Lebuh Pasar Besar is Warong Nasi Briyani Tajudin where you can still get a plate of nasi briyani for as low as RM 5. (that’s about the 2 teh ais at those “high class” mamak these days right?)

Nasi Briyani at Lorong Bandar 13
Nasi Briyani at Lorong Bandar 13

Since parking is a bitch at the area, we decided that take away was the best option. Luckily, even though the stall was plenty busy, they are well prepared for big number of tapao orders and we got our 5 packets of nasi briyani in less than 10 minutes.

There are some cozy tables at the lorong where this stall operates, so it is an option to dine in, though not a particularly great idea to do so during peak lunch hours.

chicken briyani and lamb briyani, yum yum
chicken briyani and lamb briyani, yum yum

Chicken briyani is RM 5, lamb at RM 6. I had mine with lamb, and while the size of that one piece of lamb wasn’t exactly big (barely sufficient), it was rather tasty, and certainly worth the price we paid.

The rice was fragrant, and I love the extra couple packets of curry that comes with it, one being the normal curry and the other tasted almost like satey sauce, kinda interesting but it worked. There’s also a tiny portion of cucumber and onion, I guess you can call those vege?

Other than lamb & chicken, they also serve briyani burung puyuh (RM 7), briyani fish/sotong (RM 6), and plain rice with those ingredients.

Happy eating!

map to nasi briyani lorong bandar 13

Nasi Briyani Lorong Bandar 13
Off Lebuh Pasar Besar
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.146794, 101.696255
Tel: 012-265 3653 / 016-602 3737
Hours: 10am – 4pm

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  1. Michelle C

    high class mamak???!

  2. the scary truth: i could walk from my office to this place for lunch and then walk back, but that wouldn’t burn off even half the calories from the lamb briyani! yikes! 😀

  3. i miss this nasi briyani. never ate it here but my ex colleagues used to pack them for me when i had to work thru my lunch hour during my bar council days. i should return and check out my ex colleagues and along the way the ansi briyani. miss the corner shop chicken rice too:D

  4. The price quite cheap. Thanks for your recommendation.

  5. So near my office! Time to get myself some briyani. Can eat two plates here…hehehe

  6. Now you see it, now you dont… (the nasi briyani!) Looks like the stall is very laku .. 🙂

  7. looks good !!! does it open for business on weekend ?

  8. One of my favourite Briyani place in KL since my schooling days and got reconnected back when I was working in KL. Do you know that there’s another stall after this one that has a lesser crowd (and also slightly less variety) but taste wise of the Fried Chicken, is almost the same!

  9. wah you really clean off the whole packet! that’s good – no wastage

  10. I believe they have delivery service. minimum order 10 packets.

  11. malays called this shop ‘Nasi Briyani Longkang’..very cheap & sedap!

  12. Minimum 20 packs for delivery actually

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