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As a pork loving guy, there are two types of breakfast that will always make me happy. The first is of course, bak kut teh, and the other? Proper Hong Kong style dimsum.

And when it comes to dimsum, there are plenty of choices to be had in town, but few offers as many variety as Jin Xuan (锦选). Ever since it started operation a few years ago, the restaurant steadily picked up its pace and has become one of the most popular dimsum destinations among PJ dwellers.

and these golden custard buns, heaven!
these golden custard buns, heaven!

Situated at Damansara Jaya right next to the mall that used to be Atria, getting a parking space is usually quite a lot less troublesome than getting a table on weekends. They have, however, a decent numbering system and waiting area under the tent, and with a few opportunistic traders offering fruit rojaks and soya bean drinks around the vicinity, the wait is usually not too tough to bear.

dim sum goodness at Jin Xuan
dim sum goodness at Jin Xuan

Once seated, like all dimsum places, ordering is usually not necessary. Servers carrying various types of dimsum will appear right in front of the table, all you need to do is to pick what you want and start eating.

Like in conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the pricing of each dish is determined by the type of plate used, this removes the need for having the server jotting down what you get on a piece of paper like what some dimsum places practice. Quite a lot more efficient.

some of the fried stuff, the scallop with salted egg is a must try
some of the fried stuff, the scallop with salted egg is a must try

There are a few broad categories of food you can order here. Steamed dimsum, deep fried dishes, various types of bao (steamed buns), porridge/chee cheong fun, and even a few non-dimsum related dishes.

and of course, they have the whole selection of everything dimsum
and of course, they have the whole selection of everything dimsum

Most of the dishes at Jin Xuan that I’ve tried were very yummy, with a few that are fantastic, or if you like – must tries.

To me, the number one item on the list must be their fried scallop with salted egg. I’m not sure if you can get this anywhere else, this is the only place I had this dish and absolutely love it.

The “lau sar pau” is another yummy dish that I always have. Another salted egg based item, but in liquid form flowing out all hot and tasty when you bite it down. yums!

Other commendable dishes are their fried chicken wings, porridge, and the classic dimsum items.

Prepare to spend about RM20 per person and an hour of your morning and I’m sure you’ll start your day on a good note.

map to jin xuan hong kong dimsum restaurant

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant
59, 61, 63, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3.12708, 101.61549


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  1. The lau sar bao is something cannot miss at Jin Xuan!

  2. O.O You eat bak kut teh for breakfast!? That’s heavy man! LOL

  3. wow so many ppl queueing up! i love the custard bun there the most 🙂

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  4. gonna have it this weekend! 😀

  5. ooh, i wonder if there is any eatery anywhere that serves ‘dim sum’ on an actual conveyor belt, a la sushi king. a special conveyor belt that’s kept hot, so that the dim sum stays warm 😀

  6. BKT for breakfast? That’s what my dad did to all of us ten years ago until he discovered high cholestrol.

  7. The first time I heard of lau sar pau! I thought is tau sar pau :p
    Really gotta try the food there soon! Heard so much about it.

  8. Like their dim sum.. Xiao Long Bao.. not bad also!

    • Nikel: yaa it’s not bad, but xiao long bao isn’t one of their strongest dish tho

  9. RM20 no enough for me!

  10. Wah, im saliving looking at those pictures. Have u ever tried Ee Fatt dim sum? they open at night, near pudu market. they have been running dim sum business for many many years.

    • Ven: oOo never tried that one, good ka? 😀

      • i hope they r still good, read mixed reviews nowadays but i have been there many times when i was a kiddo. they only open from 8pm onwards, same row as May King Lum mee

  11. Ooo oo…they have a branch at Puchong Jaya too which is also quite packed in the mornings. Not sure if they have the same varieties as this DJ branch, though. But the lau sar pau….yeah baby, definitely!

  12. I have to have the lau sar pau everytime I eat there!

  13. one of my fav too along with Luk Yu Dim sum (formerly known as Ah Xian) I usually visit the one in Puchong. I have tried their branch in Kuchai but its slightly below par and the queue is also crazier.

  14. Need to wait for an hour? Wow, this seriously must try!

  15. hey bro.. I know this place i know this place… hahahaha.. damn i miss custard bun and dim sum.. the bacon roll is good too, you can try next time? everything with pork is good, dont you think?

  16. OMG! The foods looks so delicious. I wish I was there.

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