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There’s a new diver in town! Haze just did her PADI Open Water certification at Pulau Sembilan, which is a cluster of small islands half an hour’s boat ride away from Lumut. The underwater condition, and thus diving, was subpar at best. Visibility was quite poor except for one of the dives, and there wasn’t exactly a lot of exotic creatures to spot either.

However, for whatever that is lack in diving, the couple dinners we had at the area more than made up for it.

Hai Tien Di Seafood Restaurant, Sitiawan
Hai Tien Di Seafood Restaurant, Sitiawan

On the second night of our stay at Lumut, Haze and I joined our fatty dive master James, together with fellow dive buddy Alan to Hai Tien Di seafood restaurant at Sitiawan with the promise of awesome fresh oysters and yummy seafood.

It was about a 20 minutes drive away from where we stayed at Marina Island Pangkor, and we were not disappointed.

check out the size of fresh oyster there
check out the size of fresh oyster there

We ordered 10 big oysters as appetizer (RM 5 a piece), and just check out their size! They fleshy part of the oysters were as big as my palm, easily the biggest oysters I had.

Coupled with the fact that these creatures were actually alive in the tank prior to being served, they were absolutely delicious. A dash of lime or some Tabasco sauce was all it takes, and try not to make the mistake of putting it in with one mouthful lest you wanna make a full of yourself having oysters spilling out at the corner of your mouth.

Positively tasty.

steamed prawns, they were alive moments ago
steamed prawns, they were alive moments ago

Our biggest main dish was the steamed live prawns. At Hai Tien Di, you get to choose between the “normal” frozen prawns, or the live prawns from the tank. We of course, went for broke and chose the later.

With live seafood, the simplest cooking method is usually the best. This is to preserve the essence of the taste, so for this dish, we have it steamed, as recommended by the operator.

The prawns sliced in halves, and steamed with a bit of ginger, fried garlic, spring onion, light soya sauce, and Chinese wine. It was delightful, packed with that seafood sweetness. At RM 65 this was definitely not cheap, but worth it nonetheless.

fresh oyster, fried vegetable, steamed grouper
fresh oyster, fried vegetable, steamed grouper

A seafood meal is not complete without fish, so we ordered a live grouper, steamed teow chew style (RM 35). It was of course, absolutely fresh and went well with steamed rice.

We also had a plate of vegetable (RM8) to satisfy the vitamin c/fiber requirements. You must always have a serving of vegetable at every meal, no?

we sure did have our stomachs stuffed
we sure did have our stomachs stuffed

The service at Hai Tien Di was pretty good, food came quite fast as well. I can’t say that this is a place that is economical (for a small town), but the quality of fresh/live seafood here was stunning, and those oysters were absolutely delicious.

If you find yourself at Lumut/Sitiawan, this would be a place worth visiting.

map to Hai Tien Di seafood restaurant at Sitiawan

Hai Tien Di Seafood Restaurant
522 Kampung Cina,
32000 Sitiawan, Perak
GPS: 4.190067, 100.684217
Tel: 05-692 4679 

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  1. OMG the oysters are gigantic!

    I thought it looks large on your phone but with Haze holding it as a size reference it looks positively huge. 🙂

    Well worth RM 5 per oyster.

  2. gosh, with so much great seafood, i guess you guys didn’t feel the absence of chicken, beef & pork at all during this dinner, eh 😀

  3. The oyster quite cheap d..

  4. congrats to Haze! So proud of her

  5. bro…any idea on weekend hours n do they serve lunch?

  6. Michelle chin

    the oysters are humongous!

  7. There you go, you’ve done it.

    Next time we go there for seafood the oysters will be RM15 a piece, live prawns will be RM130 for the same amount we had. 😛

  8. So nice gallivanting in Sitiawan!! 🙂 Why the oyster shell looks big but the oyster so smalle geh? 😛

  9. Looks like a sea food lovers paradise ❗

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  12. The food is simply awesome.Worth your every penny

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