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Valentine’s day is an occasion I loath, and I believe that a lot of guys probably share the same sentiment. Restaurants are packed, traffic is terrible, and plants are mutilated for the sole purpose of the male human species trying to impress its female counterparts.

It is terrible.

But like the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” goes, sometimes you just need play the game.

However, that does not mean playing the game just like everyone else, a little bit of effort and some thoughtful planning is all that it takes to have a memorable Valentine’s Day.

as a bonus, they serve tomyam there!
as a bonus, they serve tomyam there!

On Valentine’s Day, I took Haze for a prawn fishing session. While this appear to be quite a weird activity for Valentine’s day, prawn fishing is quite special for us. It was what we did on our first date.

I initially wanted to go to the very same place at Selayang, but since that particular place has ceased operation, we went to Tropicana Prawn Fishing center instead (GPS: 3.133312,101.601144).

a piece of chicken liver can net you a lot of prawns.. if you're skilled
a piece of chicken liver can net you a lot of prawns.. if you’re skilled

For a couple hours we sat there and… caught 1 prawn per person. That worked out to be something like RM 50+ for the two prawns. (RM 15 first hour, RM 12 subsequent hour per fishing line). Not exactly an economical to get prawns if you are a noob like us. The “pros” can easily get 10 times as much in the same time frame.

Oh, by the way, Tropicana Prawn Fishing center also serves Thai/Malay food. We ordered a bowl of tomyam to share and it was really spicy and kao, perhaps we’ll try having dinner there or something one of these days.

Now those two prawns are in the koi pond. How was your Valentine’s Day?


Discuss : Valentine’s Day at Tropicana Prawn Fishing

  1. how big are the prawns!! i tried looking for them in the pond but couldn’t see them lol

  2. Hey, sounds fun! I didn’t have any plans for Valentine’s and the date was sick so…standard commercialized movie and dinner. Which people do any other day of the week anyway. Haha.

  3. maybe someone should start an annual occasion where the GF has to take the BF for a romantic dinner & give him a gift of gadgets or something. make it August 14 and call it Valentina’s Day 😀

  4. Haha.. the prawn is so so expensive like lobster!

  5. Prawn fishing, an exciting activity to do! And to avoid the Valentine crowd, cook at home.

  6. iamthewitch

    Alamak! I thought you caught the prawns and ate them on the same day.. but they’re in your pond now? 😛 Too cute!

  7. lol i heard that prawns die from their injuries after u fish them out so might have been better to cook them instead of putting them in ur pond 😛 if u and haze are on the lookout for a new place to prawn fish… i personally like the one in kota damansara 😀 lots of prawns all the time, i get so many bites even though im such a noob and cant catch them when they bite 😛

  8. Michelle chin

    I had my mom’s fried lo shu fan> hehehehee

  9. wah how romantic. that’s an idea!

  10. rsa certificate

    How sweet! Lovely couple.

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