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There are plenty of people who are from Penang that will tell you that Lorong Selamat char kuih teow is over hyped, over priced, overly crowded, and that there are many better alternatives.

Well, I am from Penang and to heck with all those comments, I still love my Lorong Selamat char kuih teow, and whenever I’m back on the island, it is always one of my must-eat hawker food. The massive prawns is something you almost never find at any other places outside of this famous lorong.

every bit just as good as the "original" lorong selamat ckt
every bit just as good as the “original” lorong selamat ckt

There are two big CKT stalls at Lorong Selamat. The so called “original” one is operated by an aunty who wears a red cap at Heng Huat kopitiam.

Today, we’re gonna talk about the “alternative”, the KTG cafe’s char kuih teow, manned by a dude with massive sun glasses wearing orange polo.

I initially had a bit of a doubt on this stall, but after a few trials back and forth, I believe that they are basically on par with each other – both are excellent and just about as good as CKT can get.

char kuih teow at KTG cafe, Lorong Selamat
char kuih teow at KTG cafe, Lorong Selamat

The CKT comes with three massive prawns, cockles, lapcheong (Chinese sausage), egg, bean sprouts, and of course, kuih teow. The secret ingredients would be the usage of pork lard instead of normal vegetable oil. A plate of CKT goes for RM 7.50. For those prawns, hell ya it’s well worth it for me.

Don’t bother tapao the kuih teow though, anything that is fried with pork lard is best consumed piping hot, and will get a bit too “jelak” when the temperature cools down.

On a busy day, the waiting time can get quite long. For this session, the dude told me (in honest and almost apologetic tone) that the waiting time would be an hour. So I actually went off and ran some errands before returning, and sure enough, our CKT was up next. 😀

Thumbs up for honest operator.

map to Lorong Selamat, Penang

K.T.G. Cafe,
Lorong Selamat,

GPS: 5.417343, 100.324917

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Discuss : KY eats – the other Lorong Selamat Char Kuih Teow

  1. Hi KY, any of these 2 stalls operate in the same kopi shop as the famous loony stratus than noodle shop? Thanks.

  2. Yah this one is really good too, and the siam laksa opposite – noms.

  3. Michelle chin

    lap cheing in ckt sounds unique

  4. wah must try this as well cos the uncle so gaya!

  5. I love the Lorong Selamat CKT too!

    This is the first one I’ve ever tried actually, the cool guy with sunnies instead of the aunty. 😀

  6. Tried it last year. Yeah, sun glasses dude knows how to fry CKT. Now with logo! Gaya nya.
    I also like the ais kacang in that shop.

  7. I prefer Arnold with rayban…. HASTA LA VISTA HO CHIAK.

  8. Funny, was a bit blur and stumbled across this place while looking for the aunty with the red cap. Tried a plate from KGT, and before long we had ordered three more. Absolutely fantastic.

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