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One of the best things about sharing my food adventures on this site is that I do get a lot of good recommendations from readers. From the previous post on the char kuih teow at Mei Sin kopitiam, missyblurkit commented that I should try their nian gao (kuih bakul, 炸年糕, or fried gold cake), and another reader, May, mentioned that I should try the Ipoh kai si hor fun.

A couple weeks later, I did just that.

fried nian gao at Restaurant Mei Sin
fried nian gao at Restaurant Mei Sin

For those who aren’t familiar with nian gao, also known as Chinese New Year cake, it is prepared from glutinous rice and very generous amount of sugar. It is sweet and sticky, and most consumed during Chinese New Year as the name nian gao 年糕 sounds like 年高, which symbolizes a higher (better) next year.

I love it smacked between layers of sweet potato and yam, and deep fried in batter.

nian gao in between yam and sweet potato, superb with coffee
nian gao in between yam and sweet potato, superb with coffee

The end result is a lethal dose of calorie that is crispy on the outside, firm in between, and soft in the middle. This delicacy is best consumed piping hot, it is mainly sweet, and I think goes best with coffee (even better with Vietnamese coffee).

The same stall also offers other deep fried goodness such as sesame seed ball and banana.

I remember having this first time when I was a small kid back in Penang, from the then famous (or perhaps still) stall located right in front of Island Plaza (of course back then there was no Island Plaza) in Tanjung Tokong. This is the first time I had a good one in KL, any other places offering the same thing?

kai si hor fun at Mei Sin kopitiam
kai si hor fun at Mei Sin kopitiam

The nian gao was of course, the dessert. My main meal for the day was the Ipoh kai si hor fun, and as suggested, I tried the dry version.

It was a pretty simple dish, with hor fun (or kuih teow, if you like) served in some combination of dark/light soya sauce with bean sprout, smooth steamed chicken and plenty of fried garlic on top. It actually tasted good, and I bet would be even better if I ask for thigh next time. (mine came with chicken breast, I don’t like chicken breast)

Mei Sin kopitiam at Jalan Melati, Imbi

Restaurant Mei Sin
No. 16, Jalan Melati
Off Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.14396, 101.714768

Discuss : KY eats – Fried Nian Gao (炸年糕) at Mei Sin, Imbi

  1. love their nian gao. theirs still crunchy (the batter) after leaving at some times

  2. the nian gao is oozing out!
    i can have my share sooooon!

    happy cny KY!

  3. Michelle chin

    How come you don’t like chicken breast? I love it!!

  4. delish!! love the way it sticks to the teeth.. have to eat slowly…. 😛 hehe

  5. haven’t had any nian gao yet this year! wait, i’m not sure if i even had it last year! love how it looks like it’s caramel oozing out 😀

  6. wow… love their Nian Gao

  7. wah look at the oozing nian gao… i’m hungryyyyyy

  8. melted nian gao!!! I want to get this!

  9. The nian gao is super even at RM 1.50 a piece! Try the chicken rice if you happen to be there.

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  11. Lovely nian gao… mouth-watering….slurp slurp! 😉

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