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I discovered Restaurant Sing Kee in most unconventional way – while riding my mountain bike for the purpose of waist management (beats running IMHO, you get a bit of adventure thrown in), I found myself at Sungai Way and saw this restaurant that was full of people.

If a restaurant at an old neighborhood is packed, it is usually good, and many weeks later, Haze and I decided to pay a visit for dinner.

Sing Kee at PJ Sungei Way
Sing Kee at PJ Sungei Way

Sing Kee is just like any “tai chau“, with a huge variety of dishes on the menu. The specialty here though is their asam fish, a dish that we noticed on more than half the tables.

Since it was our first time here, I asked for the server to give us her recommendations. We ended up with asam fish, squid with salted egg yolk, and a plate of vegetable to go with two steamed rice.

the glorious asam fish - tilapia
the glorious asam fish – tilapia

It did take a while for food to be served, but at least the home brewed loh hon goh drinks accompanying our wait were plenty good.

Our food arrived.

The asam fish (RM 21) was almost a balanced meal by itself – steamed tilapia with brinjal, long bean, lady’s finger, onion, tomato, and red chili all in an asam soup base that strikes a perfect balance of sourness and hotness. The fish were done perfectly too, and despite a generally inferior species when it comes to taste, preparing it in this method clearly removes any muddy tastes that we sometimes associate with tilapia.

It was really one of the best asam fish dish I’ve tried thus far.

squid with salted egg, vegetable for vitamin c quota
squid with salted egg, vegetable for vitamin c quota

Our second dish was the squid with salted egg (RM 22). A dish not recommended for the weak hearted (or those with high cholesterol for sure). It was another win, squid that still retains some chewiness coated with generous amount of salted egg and breading for that extra savory taste. The only problem with it was that the portion should be for 4 pax, not 2.

Then there was the vegetable, which tastes like any normal vegetable dish. Nothing to see here.

Haze and I were positively satisfied
Haze and I were positively satisfied

If you’re looking for old fashion tai chau and a good plate of asam fish, you can certainly do worse than Sing Kee. I’m going to visit this place again when the asam addiction strike. Will try other dishes too.

P/S: I later found out that this is also one of Kerol’s favorite place, she is a picky eater.

map to Sungai Way Sing Kee

Restaurant Sing Kee
No. 28, Jalan SS 9A/16
Sungai Way New Village
47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.086855, 101.62206
Tel:  013-217 7260, 012-380 3918

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Discuss : KY eats – Asam Fish at Sing Kee, PJ Sungei Way

  1. that looks like a big dish of asam fish. but if the gravy is good (and it does look good), i reckon nothing is too big ~ just need to order a few bowls of rice:D

  2. Yo! Back from Oz and looks like i missed ALOT! when u guys cooking for us again?! hahahah 😛

  3. Looks good! I’m always looking for a good tai chow place. I love asam fish. I’ll usually go for Chinese style steamed ones but this one makes me crave for it right about now. Heh.

  4. I don’t like tilapia. Can they serve assam with other type of fish?

  5. Two bowl of rice with asam fish… 😉

  6. looks like a tasty meal, but would you need to ride an extra five kilometers on your bike to burn those calories? 😀

  7. Hi KY, wow, must be a delicious meal. Can’t wait to try it when I get back from the Emerald Isle. Just for your information, I watched a program about carp fishes here because for Polish people, they eat carp for Xmas instead of turkey. And the way they remove the earthy smell from the fish is to let the fish be in clean water for 3 days, so that the fish will naturally clean out it’s system. So, I guess since all the fresh water talapia are kept in tanks over there, that’s why there is no muddy smell. Just food for thought for everyone reading!

    • Kash: ah, true, and there are tilapia that’s kept in sandy bottom pond instead of muddy pond too, maybe that helps as well.

  8. Asam fish.. make my tummy now ‘screaming’…

  9. iamthewitch

    I love restaurants that we discover unexpectedly! Feels like finding a treasure. Lol! I love Assam fish too, definitely wouldn’t mind visiting here for that 🙂

  10. There is a restaurant at menjalara, kepong serve good Asam fish too 😉

  11. there’s quite a few nice restaurant at Sungei way I realised.

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