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The first time I had pork noodle at Sun Sea kopitiam at OUG was many years ago, it was probably a time before this blog was started, which placed it at.. say, at least 6-7 years ago.

restaurant Sun Sea at OUG, probably the busiest kopitiam around the area
restaurant Sun Sea at OUG, probably the busiest kopitiam around the area

Yesterday I went there again and had the pork noodle for the second time. To be honest, I actually wanted to try the curry mee at the same restaurant (Penang style with coagulated pork blood), but it we were a little too late. So naturally, I picked the pork noodle as my alternative.

pork noodle soup accompanying the dried version
pork noodle soup accompanying the dried version – with prawn & squid too

We ordered a bowl of kuih teow soup, and another dried meehun + mee pork noodle.

The stall was plenty busy, but with 3-4 cooks and over half a dozen people working, the pork noodle didn’t take too long to arrive (as opposed to the basically one man show at the famous pork noodle at SS3 Kean Fatt).

Like the night time counter part at restaurant Hong Cha located just a stone’s throw away, the pork noodle here comes with not only the essential porky ingredients – liver, pork slices, minced meat, intestine, and lard, there are also the inclusion of some prawns and squids.

pork noodle and some poh piah
dry and soup versions of pork noodle and some poh piah

While I find that the seafood does add to the flavor of the soup, and the overall taste of the pork noodle too was rather good, I still think that the Kean Fatt’s version is just a little more flavorful and more “kao”. Then again, over here there’s the choice of having the dry version (that salted minced meat on top was superb), and the huge upside of being served quite a lot faster. (never go to Kean Fatt at peak hours, after 2 p.m. would be best)

We paid RM 5.50 per bowl at Sun Sea.

Haze and KY trolling at OUG
Haze and KY trolling at OUG

In addition, we also ordered two poh piah (RM 4) as a side dish from another stall, it was absolutely average and even slightly too dry. It was light years away from my favorite poh piah of all time at Jonker Street in Melaka, and quite a lot less tasty than the one at the pohpiah stall at Lucky Garden where you can also find very yummy laksa Sarawak.

map to Sun Sea kopitiam at OUG

Restaurant Sun Sea 
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.073945, 101.673234
(close on Wednesdays) 

Olympus E-PL3

Discuss : KY eats – Pork Noodle at Sun Sea kopitiam, OUG

  1. Hey, looks pretty good. I’ve also been craving for pork liver for the longest time. You can order just that with soup in Sibu with your kampua noodles. This looks very promising too. 😀

  2. Ahh, that Sarawak Laksa. My bowl would usually be dry when I’m done. That’s how good it is.

    The Sun Sea and Hong Cha restaurants are apparently run by the same management. But both feel like pork noodle factories, not shops – G*d, the volume! Hope they don’t go the Old Town route, i.e. The Beginning of The End.

  3. Michelle chin

    i miss pork noodles. nvm, only four more days till i’m back!

  4. Hubby love this but I found it so so only 😛

  5. i wonder if the malacca popiah guy is still there! i remember loving his popiah too when i was growing up in malacca, and always loving the chunks of crispy pork lard hidden inside, back when we were kids and didn’t have to care about cholesterol at all, heh

  6. i think u went to the wrong pohpiah in Melaka. The famous one is in jalan bunga raya. the seller dun cut the popiah, so might be a bit messy while eating it, but its worth it.

  7. I wouldnt recommend trying the pork noodles @ Sun Sea in the morning as their soup hasn’t reach its optimum flavour. If you’re there in the morning, try their panmee, its good too! Oh, their nescafe is damn kau!

  8. This establishment and Hong Cha are under the same management. =) Looking at the photos make me drool 😀

  9. You may also try out a very good pork noodle at Restoran Beh Brother at Jalan Alor ( 5 shops away from Wong Ah Wah) stall name 鸿记 opening hours from 4.30pm onwards

  10. Hi,u may come to TAman Connaught and try the same great taste OUG pork noodle wit good and environment.:)201 jalan sarjana taman connaught jz right opp pasar malam and RHB Bank.

  11. My bf birthday is coming soon and he hopes that i could bring him to eat yummy wan tan mee or minced pork noodles. Can you highly recommend me which place to eat ? Thanks you so much.ANy klang valley area will do.

  12. I ate this since I was 12 ? I kinda call this place the legendary Pork Noodle for a while already.

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