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Every once in a while, usually on Fridays, we drive out from the enclave of Bukit Bintang to eat at a land far away. For example, Ah Koong Eating House (亚坤纯正西刀鱼丸) at a grand total of 2 kilometers away from the office.

Ah Koong Eating House, Imbi
Ah Koong Eating House, Imbi, plenty to choose from

Ah Koong Eating House has quite an extensive menu of various fishball noodle with different choices of fish, oyster, fish cake, yong tau foo, and more. It is in essence, similar to the likes of B & Best Seafood Noodle and 60s Teow Chew Fishball Noodle, but with even more varieties on offer.

The good thing about Ah Koong though, is that the shop is airconditioned too.

some deep fried goodness as side dishes
some deep fried goodness as side dishes

Ordering at Ah Koong is simple, you proceed to the front of the “stall” pick your choice of noodle/rice/porridge/kuih teow etc to go with your choice of different fish meat, fishball, oyster, and more. There’s also a choice of different soup to go with – dry, tomyam, curry, and clear soup.

curry mee, dried noodle, soup noodle, and oyster
curry mee, dried noodle, soup noodle, and oysters

We ordered some deep fried fish cake and yong tau foo items to share, and I had the fishball kuih teow soup with oysters (RM 14 + YTF price per item), and it was actually quite delightful. A colleague had their curry mee, and another elected to go with dried lou she fun, and each gave pretty decent feedbacks to their dishes.

While the place might have a reputation of being expensive, I found that the price is pretty much in line with other shops that serves similar type of food. Parking at Imbi area can be a drag, but if you’re looking for a bowl of good fishball soup with choices of other goodies to add in, this would be a place to go in KL.

p/s: if you want those with pork lard, head to B & Best instead.

map to Ah Koong Eating Place

Ah Koong Eating Place
Ground Floor No.172,
Jln Changkat Tambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.140039,101.712858
Tel: 03-2143 3477

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  1. Michelle chin

    wah 2 km really far hor

  2. Been to the branch at USJ Taipan. Deep fried fish cake was awesome but I can’t afford so many side dishes hahaha 😆

  3. been to the taipan one when it was 2 shops connecting together and it was crowded all the time 7-8 years back.

    but since then business gone bad and they close it down to only half a shop-lot apparently because many ppl dislike their soup laden with full of MSG. and it was a bit steep too pricey.

  4. Yeah, indeed one of the better ones in KL. Was just blindly barging in without knowing what’s this Ah Koong’s serving when we were there.

  5. wow.. another great place in IMBI road

  6. The price of the dishes is a killer!! I promised that im not going there anymore.

    • Ford_GT: LOL what did you order?!

      • Trying to flashbang memory is a real nightmare, I think fish cakes is one the example dishes.

        • Ford_GT: usually fish cake at these kinda places are priced at around RM 4-5, if I remember correctly.

          • Dude, if you remember there is 1 outlet in Subang Taipan….I banned them forever in my hatelist and instead gasak mee raja in next door Murni Discovery. LOL

            • Ford_GT: seems like most ppl dislike their taipan branch, perhaps that branch wasn’t well run at all then.

              • Ironically, still lots of local ppls going there and complaint about the price afterwards. 😯

              • Ford_GT: oh well fish are expensive these days so if you order one of those pomphrets etc it’s not gonna be cheap anywhere I suppose.

  7. Anywhere you bloeh recommend for fish balls big fan in Klang Valley?

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