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Claypot chicken rice is one of those Chinese food that is more popular in this region than most parts of China. With the preparation method that involves charcoal and claypot, it is also something that is usually consumed outside rather than home cooked. (though I’ve made similar style chicken rice at home)

A meal involving claypot chicken rice usually takes quite a bit longer than usual due to the time it takes to have the rice to cook, so it was fitting that we went to Huen Kee on a Friday 2-hour lunch break.

Claypot chicken rice at Huen Kee, with charcoal on top!
claypot chicken rice at Huen Kee, with charcoal on top!

Huen Kee has been in operation for well over a decade, and they have a little secret in cooking that I’ve seldom seen anywhere else – by utilizing charcoal from both bottom and top of the pot! This ensures a faster cooking time as well as a more even heat distribution on the rice, brilliant.

claypot chicken rice, pork tripe soup, seafood tofu, vegetable
claypot chicken rice, pork tripe soup, seafood tofu, vegetable

The chicken rice came with a separate serving of salted fish (if you asks for it), and has generation portion of chicken and Chinese sausage in the pretty strongly flavored rice that carries a hint of rice wine.

The aroma that exudes out from the pot as you mix the ingredients had me licking my lips before digging in, and the taste did not disappoint at all, it was one of the best claypot chicken rice I’ve had.

menu and price list at Huen Kee
menu and price list at Huen Kee

Other than chicken rice, we had pork tripe soup (spicy and offer a good contrasting taste to chicken), their signature seafood tofu (above average, but I prefer the one at Peter’s curry fish head), and some oily vegetable (for color and .. vitamin)

The claypot chicken rice is priced from RM 9, RM 16, and RM 22 according to size, and they also sell waxed duck rice, chicken with rice wine soup, and even curry fish head too.

map to Huen Kee claypot chicken rice

Huen Kee claypot chicken rice
59, Ground Floor,
Jalan Yew, Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan 55100
GPS: 3.13392, 101.71664
Tel: 03-9200 1603

Discuss : KY eats – Huen Kee claypot chicken rice

  1. the famous claypot rice 🙂 too bad I can’t travel that far these days…

  2. I love claypot chicken rice. It used to be only available here instead of Sarawak, first time I had it was when I was 12 on a visit over here in Petaling Street.

    This place looks pretty good too. The best thing about claypot chicken rice is the charred rice at the bottom. Ahh…bliss. 🙂

    • Huai Bin: and now there are many sarawakian food here in semenanjung too, like kolo mee and sarawak laksa. This 1Malaysia thing is good 😀

  3. phew, thank goodness the menu has english translations for its dishes! pot wax duck rice sounds like it would be yummy. salty maybe but yummy! 😀

  4. Michelle chin

    i went here when i was 10! was not a huge fan of claypot chicken rice!

  5. hohoho! this weekend i might try this. wheee~!

  6. Mmmmm I LOVE claypot chicken rice!!!

  7. Charcoal on TOP? Now that’s something new. Remember this post from Pureglutton, if I am not mistaken. Good stuff.

  8. Thanks to you, we tried it yesterday. The lady boss even showed us newspapers cutting where article recommending the restaurant food was published in Star papers this month. Yup, enjoyed the food, particularly the seafood beancurb and kedondong drink! Cheers!

  9. yumm reminds me of the clay pot chicken rice at restaurant sorn next to O&S paramount.

  10. My brother and I have been looking for this hainanese chicken rice stall at Bukit Bintang car park opposite KFC. We went there some years back. On our 2nd visit, the car park was gone, and so was the stall. Anyone has any idea where the stall moved to?

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