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While walking to our original intended target – the pork free food court between Wisma Cosway and Wisma Genting, a few colleagues and I chanced upon this new little restaurant by the name of Siamese Cafe located just behind the interesting Yashi-no-mi Japanese cafe.

NOTE: unfortunately this place has already been closed down

the glorious siamese nasi lemak with everything
the glorious siamese nasi lemak with chicken, squid, petai & prawn

The restaurant has only some 10 tables that sits 2-3 people each, and on the menu there are less than 10 items on offer. This is fine by me, the bigger the menu usually only means the bigger the confusion and time taken to order.

The choices are simple, you can either have nasi lemak, or Siamese mee hun to go with fried chicken, Kristan chicken (a type of thick curry), ikan kembung, assam squid, sambal petai prawn, or kerang (cockles).

there's siamese mee hun too, and those anchovies are darn good
there’s siamese mee hun too, and those anchovies are darn good

Everything is priced at RM 8, except for Nasi Lemak (or meehun) special that comes with squid, petai assam prawn, and fried chicken, that is at RM 10. The set comes with an ice lemon tea, and the sides that includes half a hard boiled egg, peanuts, some potato + onion thing, and fried anchovies.

and here is winnie, as eye candy, nothing more
and here is winnie, as your eye candy

While the meehun tends to be a little on the dry side, the nasi lemak was fragrant and full of santan flavor. The chicken, petai, and squid were all very good too, and I particularly love the sweet and spicy fried anchovies they serve at the side.

The special set is really value for money at RM 10 with drinks. Business seems to be quite brisk at this new place, and I certainly hope this cafe is here to stay.

wisma cosway map

Siamese Cafe
Ground Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur

GPS3.150875, 101.711812

Discuss : KY eats – Siamese Nasi Lemak at Wisma Cosway [Closed]

  1. u r so fast!! the cafe jz started operating this monday i guess…
    i like the peach-like ice lemon tea though :p

  2. One more place having local delights…

  3. RM10 is a steal for that plate of crazy portions, and side dishes! Had nasi kandar at Kayu; small serving of mutton, vege and boiled egg – RM9.70.
    I had to ask twice.

  4. Is Winnie trying to get both cutlery into her mouth at once?! LOL.. very cute:P

    so how does siamese nasi lemak with chicken, squid, petai & prawn compare with regular nasi lemak? as in any difference in taste?

  5. Hi, my office mates and myself tried out this place today after reading yourblog. The food was good and cheap! 😉 Thank you.

  6. The eye candy certainly looks sweet! Great for as dessert! 😉

  7. hey…just curious, winnie looks like my friend’s ex she winnie wong from Valiram group?

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