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From time to time, I like to go into a restaurant totally devoid of any idea what is being served there. Last weekend was one such occasion. Haze and I were near Leisure Mall and hungry, we drove around a bit, parked the car, and decided to head into Restaurant K.T.L – which stands for Kwong Tau Lou (光头佬, bald guy)

steamed tilapia and steamed egg are the must order items
steamed tilapia and steamed egg are the must order items

The reason we chose this particular restaurant was that it looked cheap, almost unfurnished, and yet filled with mostly older diners & families. To me, these are a sure sign that good food is available, and it won’t break your wallet.

After seated, we asked for recommendations from the wait staff and ordered a steamed tilapia with tao chio (beans), steamed egg, and a plate of vegetable. Total dishes to choose from was very limited, there’s 2 types of fish (other being haruan), always steamed but with a few different variations, eggs, steamed ribs, and a few types of vegetables. Just as well, makes ordering quite a lot easier.

check out how smooth is the steamed egg, slurps!
check out how smooth is the steamed egg, slurps!

Dishes didn’t come quick, and you have the pleasure of seeing them catch the tilapia that’ll end up on your table.

But when it does, boy, the fish was great! The tao chio sauce was very flavorful and quite a bit spicy too, they even stuffed it full in the fish’s cavity too, a nice touch for sure.

The steamed egg was on a big plate but very thin, and very very soft. Imagine the softest chawanmushi, and this was 3 times softer. It tasted very simple yet awesome, with soya sauce and a hint of sesame oil on it. (I tried to replicate the steamed egg at home the other day and failed miserably)

map to K.T.L at Taman Segar, Cheras

The only let down at the place was the vegetable. Well, it wasn’t bad, it was average, but after the fish and egg, this was slightly disappointing.

The dinner came to be slightly less than RM 20 per person including two Chinese tea. For fresh fish and excellent dishes, it was a steal. Definitely will go there again.

Restaurant K.T.L.
Gerai No.3A, Jalan Manis
Taman Segar
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.088250, 101.743231
Tel: 017-872 7567, 012-308 7311, 014-322 3613

Back in 2007 I wrote a blog post about this char kueh teow place in PJ State, it was the best char kueh teow I’ve in Klang Valley.

A couple years after that blog post, the kopitiam, along with the char kueh teow stall closed down. It was a tragedy, I was trying to look for a replacement go-to char kueh teow since then, a few other places came close, but none gave me that same “wok hei” in a plate of CKT as this stall

best char kueh teow in PJ
Still the best CKT in Klang Valley for me

Fortunately, the very same CKT is now back in PJ State, this time operating in the popular kopitiam next to UOB bank (the kopitiam also has very good roti bakar, seafood porridge, and braised duck at night).

One of my all time favorite char Kuih teow in klang valley, the little stall at the back of the popular Kam Heong kopitiam at PJ state. Operator is the same old penang dude from all those years ago. #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #hawker #charkuihteow #nonhalal #instavideo

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I know it’s the same stall cos I can remember the operator, and interestingly enough he still recognizes me as fellow Penangites who moved to KL. He started operating CKT in this new location after an (I’m guessing unsuccessful) venture into operating a kopitiam.

I'm so glad this CKT man is back
I’m so glad this CKT man is back

The CKT itself is still just as good as I remember. It’s oily, spicy, and comes with all the ingredients you’d expect in a plate of proper CKT – cockles, prawns, Chinese sausage, bean sprouts, and the slightly wider version of kueh teow that is used here.

If you are looking for a plate of good char kueh teow, look no further than this plate of goodness at RM 4. 😀

map to char kueh teow in PJ state

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

So far here’s my favorite video on the Samsung Galaxy S2 site, click play:

This dude is obviously a slash & hack gamer with Fruit Ninja one of his favorite games. Got Samsung Galaxy S2? Can you make a better video than that?

fruit ninja

This is a challenge, accept it at There are other videos and a little “game” you can play too (I wrote about it here)

Submit your video, if you get on as one of the featured video, you’ll achieve eternal fame! (or forever #syoksendiri). Now let me think of an idea that perhaps might not include Whatsapp & Swype, emm…

While I love to eat, I”ve also at the same time, known to be a relatively cheap drunk – ie: it doesn’t cost much to get me drunk. My usual tolerance is about 3-4 glasses of alcohol on a good night.

Then again, those who are regarded as connoisseur does not necessarily eat a lot, audiophiles aren’t someone who must have their music super loud, so why must a “good drinker” be one that drinks a lot? To me, it should just be one who knows how to enjoy their alcohol, be it beer, spirit, whisky, or tapai (ok maybe not the last one :D)

FA, Michael, KY & Haze at Craft Brews
FA, Michael, KY & Haze at Craft Brews

Having said that, I don’t consider myself at all skilled in alcohol tasting, I can’t describe the subtle hint of chocolate aroma or certain type of truffle smell in some aged whisky, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like. In another word, like most everyone else, I assume.

A week or so ago I was invited to  Craft Brews at Kota Damansara for their Rogue beer launch – there were altogether 8 types of beers, with four available on tap and the other four in bottles.

my favorite fried roast pork is awesome as always
my favorite fried roast pork is awesome as always

The Rouge beers come with weird names – Brutal IPA, Mom Hefeweizen, Chocolate Stout, Dead Guy Ale, Juniper Pale Ale, Mocha Porter, OREgasmic Ale and Hazelnut Brown Nectar.

I can’t pretend to remember the tastes of all the 8 beers I’ve tried (of course some only a sip or two), not taking notes did not help either, but I remember I don’t care much about Chocolate Stout (still love my Guinness).

The Hazelnut Brown Nectar really does carry a hint of hazelnut aroma in it, slightly sweetish at the end and quite drinkable, if not tasted a bit unconventional.

8 types of Rogue beer, plenty to go around
8 types of Rogue beer, plenty to go around

The memory on other beer were a bit of a blur, though I remember enjoying most of them, and especially like the Dead Guy Ale, creamy and richer in flavor.

Oh, and there were food too. Craft Brews still serve one of the best tasting fried roast pork out there, I took quite a few helpings. The teriyaki style sausage were yummy too.

Haze and I also won a couple t-shirts (XL in size, WHY!?) in beer pouring contest after being push up the “stage” by host of the night – Linora.

It was a fun night, good beer, good food, and great company in Michael, FA, Deep and the like.

Craft Brews
Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.161031, 101.613761
Tel: 03-7722 3000

It’s been a while since I last wrote about any movie on the blog, and even longer since I watched any local movie on the big screen, but last night I went to the cinema and caught Nasi Lemak 2.0, and you should too.

nasi lemak 2.0

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is directed by Namewee, a name that should be familiar with every youtube generation that resides in Malaysia, his is (in)famous for quite a few music videos – Negaraku-ku being the more prominent one.

I’ve always thought about Namewee as a person who has a talent and definitely passionate about the country. However, he also struck me as a person who sometimes uses his talent in not a particularly great way to voice out what he has to say.

This movie changes some of that perception for me.

Firstly, the plot (pulled from wikipidia, skip if you do not want/need any potential spoilers)

A young chef, Huang Da Xia (played by Wee Meng Chee) struggles to get his restaurant business going. The reason his restaurants rarely gets customers is because he cannot adapt to the “localized” cooking his patrons are looking for. However, contradicting his unpopular cuisine, he is also well-known as “Hero Huang” in the local neighborhood where he carries out good deeds in helping the community (e.g: Filming videos and putting them on his Youtube account.) until he met Xiao K (played byKaren Kong) who asked for his help. Xiao K’s father, owner of a famous chinese restaurant, is fighting with her aunt for the ownership of the restaurant. After some complicated discussions, they decided to hold a contest to see who can cook the best chinese dish. Desperate to get his life and the restaurant business back on track, Chef Huang decided to help Xiao K. Huang seeks help from a mysterious hawker stall lady (played by Adibah Noor), who summons him to embark on an extraordinary journey of his life. During this self-enlightening experience, he will also meet many “local heroes” each lending their support to help him re-discover his roots and the real hidden message of “Nasi Lemak”.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is a comedy on the surface, but the heart of the movie touches on lives in Malaysia that most Malaysians can relate to. This is truly a 1Malaysia movie that is undoubtedly Malaysian and sends a strong message about our identity.

There were at least half a dozen languages used in the movie, and I’m quite sure that most everyone will have to read the subtitles somewhere along the way, so don’t feel bad if you don’t speak/understand Cantonese, Tamil, or even Malay, you will still get  (most of) the jokes. Knowledge of current affair and political landscape of the country helps too (like the hidden meaning of “diam lah”).

Certain direction of the movie, such as the repeated “funny” actions of certain characters could have been done without, but otherwise Nasi Lemak 2.0 hits the spot pretty good, even with it’s ultra low budget and crap quality special effects.

If you haven’t catch the show yet, go watch it! I genuinely enjoy the movie and I believe most of you will too!