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A couple Fridays ago my colleague Angel called me up and asked if I wanted to join them for curry fish head. Now for those who aren’t familiar with Malaysian culture, here are a couple of tips:

  • Friday lunches last for 2 hours
  • we don’t need to be in fear factor competition to eat something like fish head

Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak
Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak

Angel is a Sarawakian and a true blue Malaysian who knows her way around good foods, so when she ajak, I never say no. Plus, on that day I get to act like a pimp and dine with 5 ladies as a bonus. heehee

Anyway, our destination of the day was Peter Curry Fish Head, a smallish restaurant/kopitiam/taichau place that has a pretty limited menu and plenty of customers. But luckily, Angel already called and made a reservation for us.

curry fish head with everything, namyu chicken wings
curry fish head with everything, namyu chicken wings

The curry fish head comes in various sizes and additions, they are:

  • S – 18, 28, 31
  • M – 25, 40, 45
  • L – 32, 47, 54
  • XL  – 40, 58, 65

For the six of us, we ordered a large portion of curry fish head +prawns + squid (RM 54), namyu chicken wings, vegetable, and seafood tofu. We had rice to go with them, of course.

vegetable and seafood tofu
vegetable and seafood tofu

There isn’t actually many other dishes to order even if you wanted, but they are good and they do have all the bases covered.

The fish head was awesome! It was huge and stuffed with plenty of fish head (red snapper I think), squid and prawns. There are also tofu pok, mints, eggplant, long beans, and okra too. It is pretty much a complete meal by itself with a very tasty curry base that actually wasn’t even really that spicy, tho I am sure you can ask for more kick if that’s what you want.

KY, Angel, Debren, Yin Foong, Sarah, Michelle
KY, Angel, Debren, Yin Foong, Sarah, Michelle

The other dishes were pretty good too. The namyu chicken wings were delicious (I made the same thing before, recipe here), and the very plain looking seafood tofu was superb too.

Then there’s the vegetable, which tasted like vegetable (vitamin C quota.. ).

Overall it was a very good meal that might be a little too much for normal days, but for a Friday, bring it on! For the 6 of us, if I remember correctly, the bill came to be around RM 17 or so per person. Not very cheap, but it was a lot of seafood and a good portion of meat. I will be heading there again for sure.

map to Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak

Peter Curry Fish Head
12 Jalan Angsana
Taman P Ramlee,
Setapak 53000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.19243, 101.70823
Tel: 03-4021 5809

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Discuss : KY eats – Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak

  1. Wah, the ingredients pile up so high, they don;t have bigger bowl meh? 😛

  2. the fish head sounds tasty, but i’m thinking that driving back and forth from the city center to this eatery on a friday afternoon would already take an hour! 😀

    • Sean: traffic wasn’t bad at all, we drove from KLCC and it didn’t take more than 20 mins 😀

  3. Michelle chin

    LOL! Vegetable that tastes like vegetable!

  4. Haha, Friday lunches 2 hours, I like. But only for big companies lar. The curry of the fish head looks a bit pale compare to the normal curry look though

  5. wah got so many sizes of servings?!! so canggih

  6. lol at the pimp statement! the food looks good

  7. This is Chinese style curry fish head right?

    How is the sauce? Thick or on the thin side?

    I like how they put in squid and other seafood in. Nice touch. 🙂

    • Huai Bin: the sauce is quite thick, color wise it’s not so great but who cares when it tastes awesome! 😀

  8. Well, may be the 1st time seeing curry fish head with other seafood thrown in. Looks to be an old timer (low jiu pai). Good find.

  9. 😆 The food look nice…

  10. The fish head curry here is really good. I tried it before.

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