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Hello and selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim friends.

To me, Bulan Puasa is always the best time to get yummy Malay food in great variety that you otherwise would not find in a single location – the ramadan bazaar that pops up everywhere and lasts only until Hari Raya.

pasar ramadan kelana jaya
pasar ramadan kelana jaya at Jalan SS 6/1

The first pasar ramadan I went to is the one at Kelana Jaya. The bazaar is situated opposite the small Giant at Kelana Jaya on Jalan SS 6/1. When we reached there at around 6 pm on Sunday evening, the place was already jam packed with a lot of people. My best estimate is that there were at least 50-60 stalls offering just about every Malay food you can imagine.

rendang, curry, kuih, keropok lekor
rendang, curry, kuih, keropok lekor

There were a few stalls offering beef rendang, lamb curry, or chicken curry to go with nasi kukus (steamed rice). We bought a packet of beef curry for RM 4 with easily enough tender meat to feed 3 full grown cats.

Coconut and sugar cane juice were going for RM 4 per jug too, and they are fresh and 100% without any additives. I doubt you can find better tebu for this price, I used to pay RM 2 for a small cup, or worse, those dried sugar cane drinks.

nasi tomato, lemang, roast lamb, ikan cencaru
nasi tomato, lemang, roast lamb, ikan cencaru

The ikan cencaru goes for RM 5, 6, or 7 depending on size, and the uncle gives some extra sambal during packaging too. We bought one, and regretted not to have bought more. We also tried satar (in banana leaves with ikan tenggiri fillings, RM 2.50 for 4), RM 1’s worth of keropok lekor, chicken wings (RM 1.50 per piece), a very good beef murtabak, a some kuih too.

nasi ayam goreng, satar, sotong bakar
nasi ayam goreng, satar, sotong bakar

Lucky for us, there’s another 3 more weeks or so to go before bulan puasa ends, I still have quite a lot to try – the whole roast lamb, fried chicken, mee soto, laksa, sotong bakar, and more. yums.

pasar ramadan kelana jaya, map

Jalan SS 6/1
Kelana Jaya, PJ
GPS: 3.104714, 101.601595

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  1. Thanks for this post! Now this is the nearest bazaar to where I am staying, though having this headache already wondering how to go home straight after work …..

  2. PINKPheng

    you are making me hungry…………….

  3. The nasi tomato… <3

  4. Stanley Chong

    Indeed a must visit location. It make me so hungry!

  5. Michelle chin

    just look at the rendang…… *drools*

  6. I normally went to Section 14 one. Is it this pasar bigger than Sec 14?

  7. a great spread.. please run MORE!

  8. the stuffed cencaru looks yummy, but i confess that i usually avoid pasar ramadans because of horror stories about traffic crawls in the area, heheh

    • Sean: haha yah can be pretty scary, I usually go on weekends and try to get there earlier

  9. i still have not made my way to any pasar ramadhan!

  10. yay!..i like bazar ramadhan… 😛

  11. Going back to Malaysia for Raya this year! Thanks for sharing this!

  12. dekat tak dengan LRT Kelana Jaya ??

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