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We need garlic in stir fry vegetable, in steamed fish, with soya sauce as garnish, in marinated lamb, etc etc.

Peeling and dicing garlic though, is a chore that I personally don’t enjoy, and doubt many of you do. It is one pre-cooking preparation that I want to get over with as fast as possible, and I think after months of intense cooking, I have found the fastest steps, so here goes!

4 steps in dicing garlic

Peel & dice garlic in just 4 steps!

  • take the whole bulb of garlic, and chop off the root portion with a cleaver
  • using the same cleaver, press individual bulbs till it deformed slightly
  • the previous step loosen the skin, now you can peel them off easily
  • chop away!

Here you go, now you have enough garlic for probably anything you want to cook for the day!

Cheers and happy cooking!

Discuss : How to peel and dice a whole bulb of garlic in 4 steps

  1. i don’t know, i find all that chopping and all very relaxing and therapeutic…

  2. Ooo…actually i like chopping garlic ^^
    sometime i do the 1st step and pop it in the oven with olive oil+pepper+salt. As for step 2, since u have a clever do like Yan! WHACK IT! ^^

  3. hohoho! that’s what I do to.. Except, most of the times, I don’t press down the garlic with the big knife. I slam it on them. 😆

  4. i hate the process of garlic peeling, i usually slam the cleaver on the cloves and cut off the stem of each individual clove (tedious) … but i enjoy chopping garlic though, ie after cutting of the stem..

  5. Michelle

    that’s exactly how i do it too!

  6. isnt it the usual way, i.e. slam the cleaver onto the garlic to make it easier to remove the skin?

  7. at least chopping garlic won’t cause tears and weeping, unlike onions, rite 😀

  8. that technique is neat & easy… i always have difficulty in peeling & chopping onions..

  9. how to lose garlic smell from hands in 1 step? tip please!

  10. I don’t like chopping garlics at all! My hands end up sticky and urghhhh.

  11. but u have chop off some half of the garlics like that…hehee

    • Selina: no la just the root part that’s all, a bit only, worth it I think! hehe

  12. geez.. i would never have known if you didn’t show me. 😛

  13. When you start to enjoy peeling, dicing, chopping….(without using the latest kitchen gadget, just a simple chef knife) that is when you start to cook with your heart and soul.

  14. wah thank you for the tip – chef KY! haha

  15. I know how to peel in two steps.. use big knife and smash it real hard.. then peel.. but the garlic will not look like garlic anymore 😛

  16. Juli Dream

    I like the aroma of the garlic so I use it in most of the dishes that I prepare.This tips are really great 😉

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