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A couple days ago I went to the Philippines, for a total of one day, with over half the time spent on the road (it was the Friday before Christmas, bad traffic). I messed up big time, I did not even get a chance to eat the famous balut!

If you have no idea what balut is, just take a look at the picture below.

Lovely isn’t it? Yes, I want to noms that down yumyumyum!!

There’s plenty to do at Philippines other than just chewing down balut, of course. The dried mangoes are super awesome, them pork dishes (at Cagayan, the Philippino restaurant at Centrepoint) are delicious, and there’re of course, pork rind and fried garlic I can buy back to Malaysia too!

Heck, there are even diving spots not far from Manila.

You guys will get to suggest and vote for what I do next when I’m there. What a concept right? (and there’s even a surprise for you if I manage to complete the task!)

Other than that, I also have to escape from a dangerous animal, so vote for me and I be your remote control blogger eating everything and anything you ask me to when I am at the Philippines! I need to win the Bloggers without Borders contest from Hotlink Prepaid Data Roaming.

Go here to vote for me and my video ya thanks.

Gotta escape, gotta eat!

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  1. kimberlycun

    i voted i voted for KY my yerrow hero!!!

  2. electronicfly

    Don’t have to go all the way to Phillipines for balut, Cambodia banyak! IMO nothing that special, taste wise. Had a hard time looking at it when I was eating it though. Too much feathers T.T

    • electronicfly: hahaha interesting, didn’t know Cambodia has it too, never been there either :S

  3. I hear there’s also balut over here although I’ve never seen it myself. Heh.

    I’m in a different category – Adventure! 😀

  4. Tan Yee Hou

    I wonder which asshole messed up the timing for you.

    Then after that didn’t want to make payment to us somemore :s

    Till today I still feel guilty for sending you on that trip 🙁

  5. Good Luck.. A vote to you… 😉

  6. ok lah…voted!

    balut’s awesome… 😈

  7. voted, and best of luck bro

  8. Voted ! + U !!!!!!

  9. yeah i want to see you nom that balut!

  10. had a guest post in this.. simply grosssss! I can see why it’s so horrific you might wanna try it :p haha

  11. where did u get that balut photo from?!

  12. check out mine (the guestpost on me blog)

    LAGI GROSS!!! haha

    • ciki: hahaha gross? a lot of food also gross to other ppl maa but we eat them too, fear is but a state of mind! :X

  13. y balut got hair one!! 😯

  14. voted already!!

  15. Voted too. Can tapao some balut back for us ah?

  16. iamthewitch

    What is this? Cendawan become the dangerous animal that you want to escape from? Haha.. so cute lar the video! How to fight like this? 😛

  17. Pretty sure xmas wasn’t a couple of days ago 😛

  18. grossssss!!!!!

  19. Mellissa


  20. […] while back I participated in Hotlink’s Bloggers Without Border challenge and pleaded for vote (with an awesome video of course) to get me to […]

  21. Hi !i’m a filipana living here in malaysia. i’ve been reading reading your blog since last year.there are so many places to visit in the happy that you want to go back.

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