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MTV World Stage is back again, this is the 3rd year in a row that Xpax brings MTV World Stage to Malaysia.

The concert this year will be held at i-City, Shah Alam with all new line up of – Thirty Seconds to Mars, the new international sensation Neon Trees, Korean pop group Beast, and our very own Pop Shuvit. If past year is any indication, this year’s party will be another pure entertainment pleasure.

Before we talk about how you can get your passes to this awesome concert, lets look at the line up a little closer.

Thirty Seconds to Mars:

Fronted by Jared Leto, singer/actor. If you’ve seen Fight Club, you’ve seen Jared Leto, he’s that blonde guy that got his face really whacked. Little did I know that he is also a rock star. Check out their current hit Kings & Queens on the youtube video above.

Neon Trees

An alternative band from Pravo, Utah, with their first hit single “Animal” (video above) that has over 10 million views on youtube. Check it out.


South Korean band made up of 6 members and originally named B2ST. Their first mini album had over 20,000 in sales.

Hit single “Fiction” :

Pop Shuvit:

Our very own and one of Asia’s premiere Hip Hop act. They’ve worked with international acts such as My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects, The Wu Tang Clan, and more.

Latest single:

With these line up we can expect a concert that will surely never disappoint.

MTV World Stage 2011

Now the most important question is, how do you get a free pass to this gig, right? Well there are more than one method:


First, check out

From 16th June till 15th July 2011, just reload with Xpax, U.O.X. and S.O.X. & stand to get 2 passes! Just follow these simple steps:

i. Register by sending MTV to 28881
ii. Wait for confirmation SMS of successful registration
iii. Reload RM50 (cumulative)
iv. Receive a mobile voucher for redemption of 2 FREE passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011™

The passes are available on a first come, first serve basis and while stocks lasts only.

Facebook Challenge:

Go to, “like” the page and join the contest.

i. Select the act that you’re most excited to see
ii. Come up with a creative reason why you think that act rocks.
iii. Get as many people as possible to “Like” your creative entry.

The top 5 entries with the most “Likes” will be given 2 free Xzone passes to the event for an exclusive, money-can’t-buy experience.


Record your most creative scream of “I want to go to MTV Worldstage!!” to stand a chance to win 2 FREE normal passes to MTV Worldstage 2011.

Dial *52925 and scream your lungs out!

Channel X Promo:

Go to to find out about “I Want to Meet Neon Trees” Promo and “I Want to Go to MTV Worldstage!” Promo too.

Good luck and hope you get your way to MTV World Stage 2011, it’s gonna be a blast!

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  1. Somebody need to wheel me there. I dunno who, I m not pointing fingers but somebody have to do it. 😎

  2. Shasha Elya

    I’m going! i got two free tickets from XPAX! why does MTV World Stage being held in malaysia for three years in a row? Why don’t they go for singapore or Korea?

  3. selling MTV WORLD STAGE 2011 passes. please call 013 368 7992 if interested 😀

  4. i got 2 pass for 2011 MTV World Stage Xpress Lane… RM150 each… Interested??? Call or sms 0143380297/0174818684

  5. Ken Yang

    MTV World Stage 2011 tickets for sale @ only RM70 each.

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  8. WORLDSTAGE TICKETS SELLING AT RM 60 EACH. Call 017-2153102 (Nash). can be picked up around sunway/pj/subang/d’sara/shah alam area. hurry!

  9. Ken Yang

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  10. Ken Yang

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  11. wtf became an advertising billboard -_-

  12. cool….missed it last year.

    look for more info at this website

  13. 2 X-Zone tickets for sale. Pls contact 012 291 5802. Tq.

  14. Ken Yang

    MTV World Stage 2011 tickets for sale @ only RM58 each !

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