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When I first heard about My Elephant sometimes last year (or 2 years ago?), I’ve been telling myself to pay a visit. But for some reasons that did not happen until just a couple weeks ago, and boy I wished I had done it way earlier. This place really lives up to all the hype circulating online.

My Elephant Thai restaurant at PJ Seksyen 17
My Elephant Thai restaurant at PJ Seksyen 17

My Elephant is situated at Happy Mansion, on the ground floor of the first of three really old school apartment blocks. The restaurant really does not fit in to the area, but that only adds to its charm. This is just a block from Food Foundary, a place that serves really good mille crepe.

We went at on a Wednesday night, and even then the place was packed with diners. A good sign, the three of us were seated, and then we made our orders. The restaurant is air conditioned, comfortable, and decorated with little ornaments and drawings that looks to be from Chatuchak, but not in a good way.

fish cake, seafood tomyam, brown rice, deep fried chicken
fish cake, seafood tomyam, brown rice, deep fried chicken

We ordered 5 dishes, and had brown rice to go with. I usually dislike brown rice (RM 3/pax), but over here they are rather fragrant and adds to the overall flavor when eaten with the other dishes.

The fish cake (RM 8) was slightly salty and not hiding any Thai “flavors”, a good dish to start.

When in a Thai restaurant, a must-order is usually the tomyam, and over here they serve up a pretty mean bowl. While not overly spicy, the seafood tomyam (RM 20) we was packed with mushroom, prawns, squid and more.

The deep fried chicken (RM 15) is my favorite dish of the evening. They were cut in small chunks with plenty of crispy skin accompanying each piece, and together with strong marinate and curry leaves, man, you have to really try it to realize that deep fried chicken can be this good. I like this more than KFC, and that is saying a lot, I love my KFC.

paku pakis, gai tod gratiam prik thai duck salad
paku pakis, gai tod gratiam prik thai duck salad

The vegetable dish I ordered was paku pakis (fern, RM 15). I first tried fern at Lala Chong with cheesie and instantly loved it. The version here is even better, *yums*

Our last dish was Thai duck salad (gai tod gratiam prik, RM 15). A pretty typical Thai style salad that is sour, spicy, and work your tongue to its limit. We liked it too.

map to My Elephant at Seksyen 17

If you love Thai food and haven’t tried My Elephant yet, pay a visit. For weekends it is advisable to call for booking though.

Remember, consumption of awesome Thai food will leave you wanting more 2 days later, when you feel them coming out. :P

Block C-G4, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.122486, 101.634747
Tel: 0 10-220 1283

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Discuss : KY eats – My Elephant Thai Restaurant, Seksyen 17

  1. Hey that looks pretty good. It has a nice home cooked sorta look to it.

    I actually like brown rice and multi grain rice coz it reminds me of home. It’s all my parents would eat. They don’t believe in white polished rice coz of the relative lack of nutrients. :)

  2. Have you tried erawan yet?

  3. is it halal outlet? saw this resto since last year but havent been to.
    but being to Restaurant Seeri in ss2 (without msg as claimed)

  4. My first time trying fern is in Kuching and I fell in love straight away. Over here in Peninsula, the only place there’s Fern is normally at those Malay rice stall. However, I think I ate some at Kura yesterday, in a bowl of Udon. Nais!

    • JD: ya damn good stuff, bought some from market last weekends too

  5. interesting place, will check this place out soon, yummy yummy pictures and the place look a bit mysterious, cool map btw, i like the artsytouch

    • marcus: artsy? that’s giving me too much credit, haha, thanks.

  6. is it very spicy???
    I can’t really stand it~~
    But, the food looked so nice~

    • xjion89: well u can tell them to tone it down if you can’t take too spicy. :D

  7. CAUTION! the consumption of awesome Thai food will leave you wanting more 2 days later, when you feel them coming out ?!! You are funny ! :P crazy boy.. :P

  8. Ahern.CK

    You should also try their green curry, o~boy that is really good… creamy green curry … I need to get some of it tonite…

    • Ahern.CK: aiyoh you are making me hungry!

      • Ahern.CK

        hoho… luckily i work at bangsar, i can reach there like … let just put it I nearer to the place.

        hoho… going there now… lunch time!!

  9. Haha … why the 2 days later anyway?!!

    But will be going to this place next weekend. Thought the hype has died down and such, but clearly this is not the case.
    Better reserve a place then.

  10. [...] food in this country, and it is this that marks the biggest difference between I’m Spicy and My Elephant, another modern Thai restaurant at Seksyen [...]

  11. my elephant thai restaurant

    thanks for the review and shared it on our fb page, would you care to post this review on tripadvisor too ?

    thanks again

    my ELEPHANT thai restaurant

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