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I’ve been working at the proximity of Bukit Bintang for over half a year now, and I gotta say that compared to KLCC, this place has so much more lunch options. One of my relatively recent discovery is this little Japanese ramen shop on the first floor at Wisma CoswayTon Chan.

Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway
Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway

The interior decoration is not unlike other simple Japanese outfit, with plenty of lanterns and empty sake bottles. I spotted a few Japanese dining within, and that was when I decided that this is probably a place worth visiting.

Chasiu ramen with glistering pork & 3/4 boiled egg
Chasiu ramen with glistering pork & 3/4 boiled egg

On my first visit I ordered the Chasiu Ramen (RM 15), since it’s supposed to be a ramen restaurant, they should serve good chasiu ramen, the original stuff.

And what came was a bowl of ramen with five pieces of chasiu that stared at me so seductively it could make a grown man cry. Half of a perfectly 3/4 boiled egg, plenty of green onion, home made ramen, and their light but tasty soup made up the rest of the dish. It was a bowl of good ramen that ensured my return to this restaurant.

rice with pork, rice with chicken & egg, ramen
rice with pork, rice with chicken & egg, ramen

On my second visit with a few colleagues, I tried their braised pork with rice. Served with the same half an egg and a side of soup, the braised pork were seriously one of the bests I’ve had. It was fat, succulent, and super savory. I’m gonna have trouble choosing between this and the ramen.

My colleagues tried ramen and liked it, another ordered oyakodon (rice with chicken and egg) and gave good reviews to them too.

map to wisma cosway

A meal at Ton Chan typically costs somewhere around RM 15-25, but you do get real Japanese food that are different from your typical sushi/sashimi shops.

Give it a try if you’re at the area.

Ramen Ton Chan
Lot 1.18-1.21, 1st Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.150875, 101.711812
Tel: 03-2148 9389

This blog is often criticized by many of my Muslim colleagues and friends for its lack of halal/pork free food content, well, here’s an entry that will perhaps right things a little. (wait, I do have a little less than 30% of my posts in this category, oh well..)

A couple weeks ago I was invited to a classy Malay restaurant hidden in the midst of the city for a food review – Songket restaurant.

Songkek restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Songket restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Songket is actually a type of traditional Malay and Indonesian fabric that is hand woven in silk or cotton, and often with intricate gold or silver threads in them. In short, the restaurant, like the fabric, is one of class and quality.

Anyway, lets get on with the dishes!

satey & cucur udang, otak-otak, begedil
satey & cucur udang, otak-otak, begedil

We started out with appetizers, naturally.

There were satey ayam & daging (beef and chicken satey, RM 18) that is served with peanut sauce and some raw onion, cucumber, and ketupat, just like how they’re supposed to be. The meat were marinated properly, succulent and void of impurities like hard tendon or chicken skin, tasty.

Then there’s cucur udang (prawn fritters, RM 10) in light batter and home made chili sauce with a kick. I was happy that they also serve Northern style otak-otak (steamed fish cake, RM 12) with generous amount of seafood in it.

My favorite appetizer of the night though, has gotta be the begedil (deep fried potato cutlet RM 10) – it is basically deep fried mashed up potato with chicken (or meat). A little sweet, a little savory, and positively brilliant!

kerabu mangga, ayam sambal petai, ayam lemak asam gelugur
kerabu mangga, ayam sambal petai, ayam lemak asam gelugur

Kerabu mangga (raw mango salad, RM 12) is another Northern dish that is very similar to those found in Thailand, certainly appetizing.

I like the way they prepare the petai by splitting them into half and taking away the centre stem for the ayam sambal petai (chicken with bitter beans, RM 28) dish. Personally though, I still think that petai goes better with seafood instead of chicken, but this dish was actually not bad.

Ayam lemak asam gelugur (chicken with tumeric, coconut milk, curry gravy, RM 23) is a light curry dish that I thought could use a little more kick, I suppose this has to do with catering tourists, you should be able to ask for hotter version if only you ask.

nasi minyak, pandan nasi lemak, nasi kerabu
nasi minyak, pandan nasi lemak, nasi kerabu

We sampled 3 types of rice at Songket, the nasi minyak (oily rice, RM 6) goes well with curry dishes, pandan nasi lemak (RM 6) is aromatic with a light pandan taste, and nasi kerabu (rice with herbs and vegetables, RM 8 ) can almost be eaten just by its own. I would recommend any of these over the normal steamed rice.

ikan siakap masak manis, pucuk paku goreng, kari udang raja
ikan siakap masak manis, pucuk paku goreng, kari udang raja

Ikan siakap masak manis (sweet style barramundi, RM 60) definitely tastes like a traditional Malay dish, the fish was fresh, and tomato, chili, onion, and other ingredients complimented the seafood perfectly, I like it.

My favorite dish of the day though, has gotta be pucuk paku goreng (stir fry wild fern, RM 12), the texture of fern and its taste are something that can’t be substituted by another vegetable. Chili, garlic, shallots, and a few shrimps made up the rest of this fabulous dish. This is a must-order.

For those who wants the ultra luxurious dish, there’s the kari udang raja (king prawn in curry, RM 75). The prawns were definitely huge, and there were some eggplants to go with in the rich, thick, curry.

rusuk panggang (chargrilled marinated short ribs)
rusuk panggang (chargrilled marinated short ribs)

Rusuk Panggang (chargrilled marinated short ribs, RM 60) is dish not to be missed by any meat lovers. The marinate as well as the grilling were perfect. As a result, the ribs were really tender to the point where you can cut it just by using the spoon. The flavor too were absolutely marvelous. Best of all, this is served with the same begedil that I really like.

durian tiramisu, sago gula melaka, pandan pudding
durian tiramisu, sago gula melaka, pandan pudding

Then it was time for desserts.

For the durian lovers, you must not miss the durian tiramisu (RM 15), rich, creamy, and full with that unmistakable durian aroma that will probably prevent you from taking this to your hotel room.

The sago gula melaka (RM 10) is a classic, with plenty of sago swimming in coconut milk and palm sugar beneath it, another rich dessert. Pandan pudding (RM 10) is well, a pandan infused pudding with palm sugar. After the other two desserts, this one came across without much excitement for me.

traditional dance, KY & Haze at Songkek restaurant
traditional dance, KY & Haze at Songket restaurant

Songket is not just about food, if you stay a little longer on Mon-Sat, by 9pm there are traditional dance performances of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and native origins. A pretty cool show especially if you happen to have foreigner friends.

The prices at Songket is definitely a little on the high side, but the food quality, ambiance, and all the extras that were thrown in definitely make this a place worthy of a visit especially if you’re looking for fine Malay cuisine.

map to songkek restaurant

Address:Songket Restaurant & Bar
29 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.162557, 101.714998
Tel: 03 2161 3331


I remember many years ago, Pizza Hut used to have some sort of buffet deal. For a set price you could eat as many pizzas as you can, and access the salad bar and soup too. As a teenager at the time, a bunch of classmates and I went to the branch at Penang Gurney with the mission to “beat” the deal and get the best value.

In between pizzas, we would go to the restroom and arm wrestle on the toilet bowl or started doing push ups. The idea was to spend more energy so that we could “get hungry again” and eat more.

I think most of us ended up over full and could barely walk, that was a piece of Pizza Hut memory that I always remember.

Pizza Hut Kota Damansara
Pizza Hut Kota Damansara

While the buffet deal is long gone, Pizza Hut hasn’t stopped giving good value to diners. The already very good pricing just got better with the Pizza Hut 50% Off Promotion. A bunch of us were invited to the showcase of this promotion a few days back.

The promotion is simple. Every weekday there are two items on the menu that are 50% off, and each customer are entitled to order ONE of the two discounted item. In another word, if two of you go on Monday, one can order the chicken wings and the other the pizza and both items will be on 50% off. Same great quality, only half the price.

Lets look at the line up from Monday to Friday.

Monday Promotion

To steer away from Monday blue

  • Hawaiian Chicken Personal Pan Pizza – RM 4.50 instead of RM 9.00
  • 4 pcs of WingStreet – RM 3.75 instead of RM 7.50

Pizza Hut Tuesday Promotion

Thirsty Tuesday

  • Meatball Bolognaise – RM 5.25 instead of RM 10.50
  • Assam Boi Fizz – RM 2.45 instead of RM 4.50

Assam Boi Fizz is the best seller at Pizza Hut, and my personal favorite too! Jelly, lime, assam, I love it!

Pizza Hut Wednesday Promotion

Wake up to Wednesday

  • Super Supreme Personal Cheesy Lava Stuffed Crust Pizza – RM 6.75 instead of RM 13.50
  • Soup of the Day + Garlic Bread – RM 3.25 instead of RM 6.50

The soup comes with garlic bread too.

Pizza Hut Thursday Promotion

It’s Thursday, just one more day to the weekends!

  • Island Supreme Personal Pan Pizza – RM 5.50 instead of RM 11.00
  • Tropical Fizz – RM 2.45 instead of RM 4.90

This is one of my favorite pizzas here, with pineapple, onion, crabstick, tuna, and thousand island sauce too, very rich and very yummy!

Pizza Hut Friday Promotion

And it’s Friday, woohoo!

  • Creamy Cabonara – RM 5.25 instead of RM 10.50
  • Garlic bread – RM 1.50 instead of RM 3.00

a bunch of bloggers at Pizza Hut

To me, Pizza Hut is always a place where a group of friends come together to enjoy hearty food and basically have a good time, and that is indeed what we had over the session. Hey, that’s a 1Malaysian crowd too! 😀

The promotion is for the whole day on weekdays and not just for lunch time ya, so go have some! By the way, you can check out the TV Commercials too.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to score a couple tickets to Deadmau5 LED Concert at Sunway Lagoon. To be honest, I was almost giving up the passes for someone else initially, then I went on youtube to check out Deadmau5.

5 minutes later I knew that this is a party I couldn’t miss! Thank you BRANDTHINK and Carlsberg Malaysia for the passes!

KY & Haze at Deadmau5, Sunway Lagoon 2011
KY & Haze at Deadmau5, Sunway Lagoon 2011

Here’s a photo to .. well, document the fact that we were really there!


There were a couple DJs on stage prior to Deadmau5, and luckily there were pretty good bringing up the crowd to the raving mood too. However, I do kinda feel a bit bad for the DJ prior to Deadmau5 when people started chanting “We want Deadmau5, we want Deadmau5!”.

Haze and I decided to squeeze to the front of the stage for some hardcore raving when Deadmau5 came out, and it was intense! The video above was taken using my newly acquired Sony Ericsson Arc, I hope the short video at least conveys the mood of the party. (sound was a bit broken cos I guess it was too loud for the phone’s mic to handle)

The full LED stage was impressive! It was literally like if have a giant LCD screen and drap it all over the stage in 3D. Something you have to be there to appreciate.

Michael, Li Ling, Haze, KY, Kim & Gareth

Deadmau5 himself also worked the crowd very well, and of course, we had a great time and a good session of sweating of course.

Remember the previous post on ESPN Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch that I went to? Here’s the “official” video of my longest pass attempt.

This was done in only one take, of course I did it conservatively with no fancy moves. After all I was wearing the Malaysian jersey and one should not embarrass the national symbol, right? hehe

football crazy longest pass

Remember to participate and be on TV! Your video will be featured on TV as well as Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page too. Make it happen!

This is easily one of my favorite dishes from mom when I was young. Every time mom made her signature chicken rice, I would take a second serving. I think if she had made this more often, perhaps I’d be 6 foot tall and weigh 80kg with pure muscle (or more likely, same height with extra 20kg fat)

awesome home cook chicken rice with chinese sausage
awesome home cook chicken rice with chinese sausage

The ingredients are quite close to claypot chicken rice, but with a few extras that you typically wouldn’t find at hawker center.

While it does take a few extra steps to prepare, this isn’t a dish that is difficult to make at all, or have ingredients that are hard to source even if you aren’t reside in Malaysia (and crave for that claypot chicken rice). Here’s the recipe.

home cook chicken rice ingredients
home cook chicken rice ingredients – chicken, mushroom, chinese sausage

The ingredients (for 2 pax):

  • cooking oil
  • 1 quarter chicken (thigh & drumstick)
  • 2 Chinese sausage (lap cheong)
  • mushroom of any type
  • some garlic
  • dark soya sauce, soya sauce, salt
  • rice wine (optional)
  • shallots  & spring onion for garnish

fry the rice and ingredients, then continue in rice cooker
fry the rice and ingredients, then continue in rice cooker

You do need both a frying pan and rice cooker to make this dish, but no, there’s no clay pot or charcoal flame needed in this case.


  • debone and chopped chicken into bite size
  • heat up 2-3 table spoon of cooking oil, then fry chicken & diced garlic till chicken not pink
  • add sliced Chinese sausage and mushroom into the pan
  • add 2 tablespoon of dark soya sauce and continue frying for another 2 minutes
  • add half a teaspoon of salt and a few shakes of soya sauce (a bit of rice wine if available)
  • add rice and fry for a coupe minutes longer
  • put everything in rice cooker, add 1.3 cups of water and complete cooking in rice cooker as you would cook normal rice

prepare the condiments - fried shallots and spring onion
prepare the condiments – fried shallots and spring onion

While waiting for the rice to cook, prepare some fried shallots and chopped some fresh green onion as garnish. They will greatly add to the overall flavor and texture to the chicken rice dish.

One or two stalks of green onion and a couple shallots would be enough.

haze enjoying the chicken rice with radish soup
haze enjoying the chicken rice with ABC soup

The result is two plates of absolutely delicious home cook chicken rice prepared only in around one hour or so. The dish is best accompanied with some clear soup (ABC, radish soup, etc). Optionally, you can also add some salted fish on top, I would if I had some good quality ones to go with.

kolony sign near Pavilion KL

By the way remember the Kolony post I wrote a few weeks ago? As of writing there are 1,717,481 members already! The infection is going strong.

For those who missed the previous post, Kolony is a social network that is accessible from anywhere and everywhere without needing to own a smartphone. Any mobile phone with SMS capability is sufficient.

Do check it out at their website for more info –

On another note, there’s the new Xpax plan that gives even better value – 28 sen for 10 mins call within network or 5 mins to other networks. 1 sen sms within network and 5 sen out of network, on top of that, you get free Koinz to use for Kolony too! Check em out ya.