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Restaurant Teochew Lao Er was discovered pretty much accidentally by us. One one fateful noon over the weekends, Haze and I had initially wanted to go to Wong Kee for some roast pork (best you can find in KL really), but when we reached there, the roast pork had already ran out.

I then recommended that we try Sui Kau mee around the corner, so we drove around in search for a parking space. We ended up right in front of this new-looking restaurant by the name of Teochew Lao Er.

restaurant teochew lau er, at jalan brunei, behind berjaya timesquare
restaurant teochew lau er, at jalan brunei, behind berjaya timesquare

Since fate had landed us right in front of the restaurant, I thought we might as well give it a try. There’s air conditioning, and it was packed, I supposed that can’t be bad for a hot afternoon. We went straight in and took a seat on the first floor.

stew duck, fried grouper skin, stew intestine & pork bell, petai
stew duck, fried grouper skin, stew intestine & pork bell, petai

We made our orders and waited for less than 5-10 minutes when they came. That is the best thing about teochew porridge places (even though this one is sorta new age and a little different), most of the foods are already cooked, and you don’t need to wait for ages before food is served.

For the two of us, we ordered a total of five dishes. On hindsight, that was a little too much, but I just can’t help myself then.

The Teochew red stew duck (RM 10) was pretty generous in portion. It was succulent, soft, and flavorful, went really well with the sweet potato porridge (RM 1.20) for sure.

check out the fried grouper skin, absolutely marvelous!
check out the fried grouper skin, absolutely marvelous!

Then there’s the signature fried grouper skin (RM 8). If you love fish skin, this is an absolute must-try over here. I don’t actually see it served at anywhere else, an absolute delight!  it is served with some soy beans, chili padi, and tomato sauce. I could have only this and porridge and life would be complete.

The teochew stew pork belly (RM 5) and stew intestine (RM 4) came in the same soya based sauce and both were as good as any I’ve tried.

glorious food, to go with sweet potato porridge
glorious dishes to go with sweet potato porridge

The lone vegetable dish we ordered was the petai (RM 8) that was prepared with sambal and anchovies. To be honest, this was an average dish and perhaps not one that goes well with porridge. But four excellent dishes out of five that we ordered? I’ll call that a success!

I want to go back there again, pronto!

map to restaurant teochew lao er

Restaurant Teochew Lao Er
6, Jalan Brunei off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.138866, 101.713132
Tel: 03-2141 5822

Discuss : KY eats – Teochew Lao Er at Pudu, awesome porridge

  1. kimberlycun

    quite cheap and air con…nice!

  2. i don’t like sweet potato porridge

  3. whoaa! this looks 100 times better than the teochew porridge at hutong in lot 10, heheh. y’know i’ve actually never had sweet potato porridge before 😀

  4. Michelle

    Fried fish skin with porridge reminds me so much of hong kong!

  5. Seems like Stew Duck is kind of like Teochew dishes right? Looks good although I don’t really like Teochew Porridge.

  6. The pork belly looks really good but I’m more interested in the fried grouper skin. It doesn’t look fried to me, how do they do it?

    • Huai Bin: i think they fry it before putting all those sauce or something.. not too sure.

  7. Choi Yen

    Read about this restaurant in Chinese papers, the portion of duck was generous or RM10 😯

    • Choi Yen: yeah, seems like they mostly targeted chinese reading masses only, in terms of advertising.

  8. for an accidental fine, that place is quite a gem!

  9. wah this is a good find! I was just craving for porridge and ta da…

  10. Hai KY,

    like to let you know also, both porridge shops had vanished from that place, given ways to constructions; guess one has closed down, and one shifted to few hundred metres further front, but this shop not like last time open daily, they feel like opening, they will open it, let others who follow your blog know this.

    quite a while have not been there, name of the restaurants also forgotten.

  11. Hai KY,

    like to let you know that, further down this road, at Jln. Sarawak?, there is one very popular Hokkian mee stores, rather hidden, along the shops selling the Chicken rice, quite a few there, like Fei PO chicken rice…and etc.

    the merit points- Hokkian mee is not so oily, they used charcoal to cook, stewed it till the gravy seeps through “dailok mee’, if one likes the soggy or more gravy type, this would be the best in town, I believe.

    take note, they start serving around 8pm. , and continue to midnight, closed on Sunday; most to the time one has to wait a minimal of half an hour, depending on the crowd and time.

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