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I’ve been working at the proximity of Bukit Bintang for over half a year now, and I gotta say that compared to KLCC, this place has so much more lunch options. One of my relatively recent discovery is this little Japanese ramen shop on the first floor at Wisma CoswayTon Chan.

Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway
Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway

The interior decoration is not unlike other simple Japanese outfit, with plenty of lanterns and empty sake bottles. I spotted a few Japanese dining within, and that was when I decided that this is probably a place worth visiting.

Chasiu ramen with glistering pork & 3/4 boiled egg
Chasiu ramen with glistering pork & 3/4 boiled egg

On my first visit I ordered the Chasiu Ramen (RM 15), since it’s supposed to be a ramen restaurant, they should serve good chasiu ramen, the original stuff.

And what came was a bowl of ramen with five pieces of chasiu that stared at me so seductively it could make a grown man cry. Half of a perfectly 3/4 boiled egg, plenty of green onion, home made ramen, and their light but tasty soup made up the rest of the dish. It was a bowl of good ramen that ensured my return to this restaurant.

rice with pork, rice with chicken & egg, ramen
rice with pork, rice with chicken & egg, ramen

On my second visit with a few colleagues, I tried their braised pork with rice. Served with the same half an egg and a side of soup, the braised pork were seriously one of the bests I’ve had. It was fat, succulent, and super savory. I’m gonna have trouble choosing between this and the ramen.

My colleagues tried ramen and liked it, another ordered oyakodon (rice with chicken and egg) and gave good reviews to them too.

map to wisma cosway

A meal at Ton Chan typically costs somewhere around RM 15-25, but you do get real Japanese food that are different from your typical sushi/sashimi shops.

Give it a try if you’re at the area.

Ramen Ton Chan
Lot 1.18-1.21, 1st Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.150875, 101.711812
Tel: 03-2148 9389

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  1. Awesome! Another pork friendly ramen outlet! It looks really good bro. 🙂

  2. PINKPheng

    I used to have my lunch here as well back in my KL days. It was pretty good. How about trying Matsuba for their ramen as well. There’s one in Hartamas and my Japanese friends love the ramen in that place too.

  3. woot, did you draw that map yourself? i like it, simple but accurate 🙂
    Thanks for sharing KY

    • Isaac Tan: haha of course, map is my thing 😛

      • maybe need your help draw a map to go my house for my wedding invitation card.. hehe 🙂 Am having headache on how to lukis lukis 🙂

  4. Chasiu and 3/4 cooked eggs…what more can you ask for at a ramen shop! Have to pester my lunch gang to go there one day…

  5. have you tried the marutama ramen in fahrenheit 88? awesome also! 😀

  6. GUESS WHAT, I went to this place 2 days after my friend told me how good the ramen she had in Japan that night and I insisted to have pork rame here. I havent been here after so many years I r esigned from my previous company. And that night I reached reached there 9.15pm and they told me closed!! arghhhhh!!! Now I must make the trip back to try the pork ramen !!

  7. KC Wong

    U can also pay a few bucks extra to substitute the ramen with freshly made ones…

    I especially like their Kitakata ramen…except it doesn’t come with the chasiu 🙁

    Their pork tonkatsu is also nicely done…except nowadays there’s a juicier version at Tonkatsu in Pavilion 😀

    • KC Wong: yah i tried the freshly made ramen yesterday and it was great! Tonkatsu will be on my radar then. hehehe

  8. oh my fav jap restaurant….or i should said 1 of my fav ‘pork’ place around KLCC/BB area…

  9. Yeah, Bukit Bintang is a food heaven when come for lunch options. I used to work there before and I can have different meal everyday from simple cheap lunch to more Japanese lunch option. Do find out for the varieties in Pasar Petang in Jalan Tengah every Friday 😉

  10. […] Prices are around RM 20 including taxes. Another good pork ramen place nearby is Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway. […]

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