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KFC is always one of my favorite places to be. I remember back in the days when I was a boy, my late dad would bring the family to KFC once a month or so as a treat. It was always a very anticipated event.

A little bit of memory quiz for those who listens to Light & Easy FM (aka old!), do you still remember that KFC was once a sit-down restaurant? Ahh.. the memories.

KFC outlet at Suria KLCC
KFC outlet at Suria KLCC

To this day, I must get my KFC fix at least a couple times a month over lunch. Thus it came as no surprise that I”m always interested when KFC introduces new product on the market.

And this time around I think KFC has hit the bulls eye. I believe the new KFC Chicken Chop is going to be a winner.

KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce
KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce

9 out of 10 times at KFC, I order the Original Recipe snack plate with drumstick and thigh. So what could be better than that?

The original recipe drumstick & thigh chicken ….. BONELESS! This is just sheer genius, which made me wonder why they haven’t taught thoughtΒ of this before.

boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!
boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!

The KFC chicken chop also comes with sweet corn (again, without the corn stem!) and potato wedges on the sides. To top it off, there’s the mushroom sauce too, with chunks of button mushroom in it.

Best of all, this wholesome meal with a Mountain Dew is only priced at RM 9.90. That’s cheaper than some hawker stalls already if you factor in drinks, and you won’t get the clean environment and air conditioning at kopitiam that’s for sure.

finger lickin' good!
finger lickin’ good!

The KFC chicken shop is served with fork & knife too, but nothing’s stopping you from eating without utensils so that you can have that finger lickin’ good experience!

OK, writing this has been tough on my stomach, I think I’m gonna have this for lunch today!

Discuss : KFC Chicken Chop – the best thing ever!

  1. Yup, this is pretty good stuff! I remember their 2006 version this is definately a winner! I love the sweet corn kernals. πŸ™‚

  2. KFC used to be a sit down restaurant??????

    • quaintly: yeap, at least in Penang and maybe 20+ years ago. hehehe, KIDDO! πŸ˜›

  3. Michelle

    I haven’t had kfc for many years… about a decade?

  4. Melissa

    errrr … I’m not quite sure I agree with you on the chicken chop! >.< I had it a couple of days back and the chicken was not fried properly (it was still kind of raw inside), it was dripping with oil hence crunchiness all gone πŸ™ and the sauce only had ONE piece of mushroom in it!

    I was so disappointed that needless to say, I'm not going to try it anymore.

    • Melissa: why so tragic? I had a few times so far and every time it was damn nice! Maybe that particular branch you went to wasn’t properly run.. mind to tell us which one?

      • Melissa

        It was at the Sea Park outlet πŸ™ and I agree with Lydia’s comments below, their standard has been inconsistent across the outlets. I’ve sort of given up KFC for quite a while now, but decided to give it a try ’cause of the Chicken Chop – but mekkkk!!

        If I want my fried chicken fix, I’ll go to Wendy’s πŸ™‚ they haven’t disappointed (yet) hehehe …

  5. I had the KFC.CC 2 times..
    one near Petaling Street and the other opposite Puduraya..
    the thing bout KFC is, it’s not standardised..
    one outlet might give you “bodybuilder” chicken…
    another might serve “refugee” chicken..
    i dont know how to get this message across to the Company..

    • Lydia: it seems like quite a few people have the same thought, they definitely need to make sure the same standards are kept across all branches

  6. Jasmine

    if i’m not mistaken, there’s an online voucher where u can print and show it to any outlet to upgrade your wedges in chicken chop into cheesy wedges. happy eating! πŸ™‚

  7. actually… I’m bringing my wife there for lunch today πŸ˜› lOL!!

  8. sorry but gotta mention this…

    it’s ‘thought’ not ‘taught’… πŸ˜† πŸ™„ agree the chix chop is good!

  9. Agnelius

    This smells totally like an advertisement.

    • Agnelius: it is an advertorial but it is also the best fried chicken! I really do love em!

  10. Can’t spot Redmummy in the post but how come she’s tagged ah? Btw, I had this too, it was awesome!! But the chicken chop would be even more satisfying if it was a little bit bigger? Hahaha, wishful thinking

    • Robb: oh she went there too mah. wishful thinking? never, just buy 2 sets. hahaha

  11. I’m also a fan of KFC, but only the hot & spicy chicken. You know…I like to buy a whole bucket and slowly eat the chicken over 3-4 days. πŸ˜‰

    Haven’t tried the chicken chop though.

  12. See if can get to try it this weekend. Haven’t tried their chicken chop before. Have to agree that not all of their branches is standardize. Some serve puny chicken parts and some not.

  13. “boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!”


  14. You’re right! OR chicken without the bones/dirtying of hands sound like a winner. zomg hungry already! πŸ˜›

  15. Leedon

    KFC used to serve beer in their outlets.

  16. eiling

    wah the chicken chop looks good but wished they would have given coleslaw to go with it.

  17. Well I usually like your website food recommendations till I saw that you liked the KFC chicken chop… i mean..really?!.. I’ve tried it and thought it was.. well, urg, okaaay? the mushroom sauce was thick and tasteless mostly starch and all – I’m sure there’s better chicken chops elsewhere! Or is this an advert?

    • lolwut: yah this is an advertorial, but I really do like the KFC` chicken chop! I’m a KFC fan since young lah. hahaha

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