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Being from Penang where pan mee is not common, this is still one hawker dish that I have yet fully embraced. I guess same can be said for most from central region with regards to Penang style curry mee or even koay chap.

dry "mala" pan mee with chili sauce
dry “mala” pan mee with chili sauce

So I was a little bit apprehensive when Winnie suggested that we give this a try (since the lunch gang of Terence, Horng, and I all felt that our wallets gotten too light). After trying, I went back there again a few days later, it was very good!

This particular pan mee place is located at the ground floor of Wisma Cosway, just across the street from Pavilion. The tables are sprawled along the corridors below and behind the escalator, and they are rather popular with the rat racers over lunch, and often times you have to wait for an empty spot.

with anchovies and lard too!
with anchovies and lard too

There are a few versions of pan mee to choose from – dry, soup, mala (麻辣) dry, mala soup, and so on. My favorite is the mala dry version. The chili sauce here is closer to traditional pan mee chili (unlike the dry chili at superkitchen or kin kin), but they are really really super spicy (do ask for extra serving, usually the portion of chili is very small).

The soup that came with the noodle is a bit underwhelming, but the dry noodle itself was superb when you mix in the chili. The combination of super spicy chili, anchovies, pan mee, black fungus, and of course lard in that dark sauce is perfect.

map to wisma cosway
map to wisma cosway

If you’re around the area on weekdays looking for a good bowl of spicy pan mee, look no further than this place at Wisma Cosway. The whole thing is less than RM 5-6 including drinks too!

Ground Floor Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.150875, 101.711812

Discuss : KY eats – Dry mala (麻辣) Pan Mee at Wisma Cosway

  1. looks like it’s hearty enough to energize us for the rest of the afternoon at work, but not too heavy to make us sleeeeeeeeepy 😀

  2. Being from Penang like you, I still cannot fully acquire the taste of pan mee, LOL….looks like this place is worth to check out.

  3. Michelle

    Kinda scared of dry pan mee now. Had so many MSG bomb incidents with them.

    • Michelle: well if you cook at home for dinner, when going out can have a bit more MSG.. average out. 😛

  4. i think i should give a try on their dry pan mee…their soup pan mee is not so good

  5. Pan Mee, I like. Especially with lard being used!

  6. 没有花椒,叫什么麻辣?


    • khang; i think the definition of the original taiwanese 麻辣 and what we expect here are already totally different things. I do agree to your description of 麻辣 though. 🙂

  7. Promet Ah Lim

    So sorry, as an enthusiast for Pan Mee & has been working in surrounding Wisma Cosway for > 15 years, I would like to say that, the Pan Mee at Ground Floor of Wisma Cosway is not tasty at all. The main failure are: (i) soup got no taste & (ii) the side sambal is totaly a failure (sambal is very very important to eat together with Dry Pan Mee).

    But the place is always full of customers on lunch time due to its strategic location, value for mony & big portion.

    If Im not lazy to walk, the Best Pan Mee at surrounding area should be the one behind HSBC Bank (But someone said it just shifted to new location rcently) or Jln Alor’s.

    • Promet Ah Lim: perhaps my pan mee tasting skill isn’t exactly great, I shall try your recommendation next time :D. I do like the sambal though, and agree that the soup isn’t good (which is why I always order the dry version)

    • Lim : there are 2 young men took over the biz since last year & there are great improvement in the pan mee & food serving time…. i can have my lunch in less than 20 min now besides the high crowd. my favourite is the dry mala & mala soup with egg

  8. Someone from Aker

    No taste AT ALL!Please be honest and do publish the food that you “really” feel good to recommend,else i will feel that the pan mee boss alrdy give u recommended fee help to publish his pan mee,hehe…

    • Someone from Aker: taste is personal and I happen to like this one, I wish that the boss gave me a fee too. lol.

  9. alicia

    wasnt very lucky the first and only time i had their dry pan mee. found snail and baby roach. told the uncle, and he had the nerve to charge me 1/2 the price. before i manage to take a picture, he quickly take away the bowl.

    diarrhoea the whole night. ugh.

    • alicia: waa that’s very bad, next time just snap pic first. I’ll be careful, thanks for sharing.

  10. Alicia : The uncle was the ex-boss. Now the boss is 2 young men who took over the biz since last year & there are great improvement in the pan mee. my favourite is the dry mala & mala soup with egg as well as they new curry chicken

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