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One of my regular weekend brunch places is restaurant O&S at Taman Paramount. According to a friend, most, if not all the hawker stall operators in this restaurant were originally from Penang, and thus if you’re looking for some good Penang style hawker food, you can’t go terribly wrong here.

The prawn mee (hokkien mee in Penang), laksa, and Penang style prawn paste chee cheong fun are all pretty famous here, but one that somehow managed to escape my attention for the longest time has gotta be this kueh teow soup stall.

kueh teow soup at restaurant O&S
kueh teow soup at restaurant O&S

I actually discovered the kueh teow soup place by accident – while walking towards my table after ordering prawn mee, I spotted some coagulated blood in a bowl on the stall counter. I told myself I gotta give this a try, and I did just last weekend.

Penang style kueh teow soup is pretty rare at Klang Valley, this is only the second stall at PJ area that I know, the other being the one at Soon Lee Coffee Shop at PJ Old Town.

kueh teow soup with coagulated blood, intestine, chicken, and more!
kueh teow soup with coagulated blood, intestine, chicken, and more!

I ordered the kueh teow soup with extra pork intestine and coagulated blood. This is on top of fish ball, fish cake slices, and chicken meat that comes with the soupy concoction. Of course, some fried lard cubes, green onion, and fried garlic serves as the finishing touch of this dish.

All for RM 5.50, can’t say it’s a bad deal at all.

check out these proper ingredients :D
check out these proper ingredients 😀

While the fish balls aren’t nearly as good as the one at PJ Old Town, the coagulated blood were awesome, and intestine super soft and tasty too. The soup further enhanced by that bit of lard, and overall you have a bowl of proper kueh teow soup anyone from Penang would approve of.

You can choose between kueh teow, yellow noodle, or meehun, so brace yourself among the crowd at O&S and give this a try ya!

map to restaurant O&S, taman paramount

Restaurant O&S
Jalan 20/14,
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.107713, 101.624919

Discuss : KY eats – Kueh Teow Soup at O&S (coagulated blood!)

  1. ohhh, din know o&s got kuey teow soup.
    always hunt for the char kuey teow and chee cheong fun. ahh, din notice this. ><

  2. Long time haven’t tasted coagulated blood. Don’t know if still can tahan the taste. The Kway Teow Teng do looks good! 🙂

  3. proper ingredients! hahaha… i wanted to go there too but it’s always very crowded leh!

  4. i don’t recall kuay teow th’ng has coagulated blood in it… chicken meat? not pork? is authentic ktt supposed to be like this?

    but then, i only have my fix at sri nibong cafe, sg nibong.. never compared with other shops..

  5. My fat % has gone up more than 30%. I can’t even fit into my old gowns! But I suck at wall/rock climbing. ~_~

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